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There are many diseases affect Men and Women differently. Sometimes, different health conditions show different symptoms according to the gender. On a biological level sex may affect the diseases. Usually, same disease might be present in both men and women differently. Symptoms of the health conditions are depending on the response to the condition from the gender. It might be different. So, diseases are different for different gender.

There are 13 common health conditions that affect Men and Women differently as mentioned below:

  • Heart Disease: It is reported that in U.S. Cardiovascular disease is the top most disease to kill people. Mortality rate in higher in women than in men due to underdiagnosis and undertreatment. Although risk factors are same for both Men and Women. Percentage of causing heart attack in women is also more than men


  • Hypertension: 85 million people are affected due to high blood pressure in the U.S. each year. Increase in the number of patients is due to processed food and excessive salt, data revealed by World Health Organization.  Hypertension is more common in young as compared to young women. Due to lifestyle and eating habits it affects men and women differently


  • Breast Cancer: According to about 12% women in U.S. develop breast cancer in her lifetime. But men also get diagnose to breast cancer, which is worse than in women when it gets diagnosed


  • Stroke: Risk factors like high blood pressure, family history of stroke, and high cholesterol are common in both men and women. But, some risk factors like, birth control pills, being pregnant, using hormone replacement therapy, having frequent migraine headaches, and having a thick waist, a common trait in postmenopausal women are unique in women. This might be the reason that it affects men and women differently


  • Diabetes: It affects 30.3 million population in the U.S. But women are more likely to cause diabetes than men. According to the experts, HDL is higher females and that might be the main cause behind the gender disparity


  • Hair Loss: Men are more likely to experience hair loss than women. It might be because of sex hormone testosterone. Usually, women have hair loss after the age of 30, but men experience it before it


  • Acne: This skin condition more likely experience by both men and women. But men have more acne than women because of hormone testosterone and sebaceous glands. Women usually take the treatment for acne


  • Autoimmune disorders: 50 million people in the U.S. are suffering from the Autoimmune disorders and 75% of them are women. Most commonly disorders are such as systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and primary biliary cirrhosis


  • Skin cancer: This type of disease found more in men than women. It is because men don’t focus on skin, or apply sunscreen, more likely to wander outside in open chest or back. Due to these habits’ men causes skin cancer than women


  • Osteoporosis: 54 million people are affected by the Osteoporosis. Women are mostly affected by this condition than men. Estrogen protects bone density in women, after menopause the level of estrogen hormone decreases. So, women get more affected by this condition


  • Depression: Women are emotional than men. Some genetical and hormonal factors contribute women to fall in this condition more than men. It is difficult to diagnose depression in men, because men find different thoughts to occupy them.


  • Multiple Sclerosis: It this condition central nervous system is affected. It is observed that, women are more likely to have this condition. About 3 to 4 times more than men.


  • Psoriasis: It affects 100 million worldwide. Women are mostly affected by this condition. Women often show less confidence, higher level of stress, and show greater loss.


Treatment for Men and Women health Problems

There are different treatments are available for different health conditions. The treatment can differ according to the gender also. Some of the best medicines for Men and Women offered by trusted brands are mentioned below.