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When our muscles are affected with spasm, we need Muscle Relaxation. Muscle spasm is painful and occur abruptly. If it is not resolved after stretching of the muscles, call immediate medical attention and consult the doctor. Muscle spasm can be of different types like skeletal spasm and smooth muscle spasm.

You might experience muscle strain, or pulled muscle. It occurs when your muscle is torn or overstretched. This condition is a result of overuse, fatigue, or improper use of a muscle. Strains are most common in your lower back, neck, shoulder, and hamstring.

Causes of Muscle Relaxation

There are different causes like muscle cramps, muscle spasm, or muscle strain that need Muscle relaxation. There are some common causes as mentioned below:

  • Straining or overusing a muscle. This is the most common cause
  • Compression of your nerves, from problems such as a spinal cord injury or a pinched nerve in the neck or back
  • Dehydration
  • Low levels of electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, or calcium
  • Not enough blood getting to your muscles
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain medicines
  • Getting dialysis
  • Not warming up properly before physical activity
  • Poor flexibility
  • Poor conditioning
  • Overexertion and fatigue
  • Slip or lose your footing
  • Jump
  • Run
  • Throw something
  • Lift something heavy
  • Lift something while in you’re in an awkward position

Diagnosis of Muscle Relaxation

Diagnosis of the muscle problem is relied on the cause. Some Muscle spasm or strain can be diagnosed on own.

The doctor usually asks about medical history, your daily routine, etc.

The doctor will give you a questionnaire on the details of the condition like, when did it occur, how long it last? Is it happening first time? etc.

History of recent illness, consumption of medications, herbal remedies, or food supplements might also help to diagnose the condition.

Other information that is helpful includes understanding the general health of the patient and

Symptoms of Muscle Relaxation

  • Sudden onset of pain
  • Soreness
  • Limited range of movement
  • Bruising or discoloration
  • Swelling
  • A “knotted-up” feeling
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness

Treatment for Muscle Relaxation

Methocarbamol is the active ingredient used in the medicine that used in the treatment of muscle relaxation. Robaxin is a popular brand medicine, which is composed of this active component to treat this given condition. Auxilium Pharmaceutical, one of the trusted pharmaceutical companies that offer this medicine. It works by reducing the messages of pain in the body and slows down the nervous system. This effect of Robaxin relaxes the muscles and provides pain relief.