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In the condition Osteoporosis your bones become weak and brittle that make then so vulnerable and easy to fracture.  This condition usually affects the area of hip, spine or wrist. In our body, bones are continuously replaced and broken down, since it is a living tissue. But, when formation of new bones stops and loss of old bone.

Osteoporosis can affect women and men equally but older women after menopause are at highest risk. The condition can be controlled by the healthy diet, exercises that bear the weight, effective medicines.

Causes of Osteoporosis

At young stage of the life rate of breaking down of the bones is less than rate of formation of the new bones. After the early 20s, this process gets slow down. At the age of the 30, all the people reach at their peak bone mass.

Depending on the bone mass attained your risk of causing Osteoporosis changes. Higher the bone mass, lower the risk to cause Osteoporosis.

Lack of hormones like estrogenic or androgen in women and men respectively is also a leading cause of the Osteoporosis.

Age related changes in the endocrine functions, absence of weight-bearing exercise and lack of intake of calcium and vitamin D lead to this condition.

Overuse of corticosteroids i.e. Cushing syndrome, lack of muscle use, thyroid problems, bone cancer, genetic disorders, consumption of certain medicines, and low calcium in the diet can also cause Osteoporosis.

Risk factors:

There are risks factors that increase the risk of developing the condition of Osteoporosis. The factors can be age, lifestyle choices, medical conditions and various treatments.

  • Sex: Women are at higher risk than men to develop osteoporosis
  • Age: With the increasing age. The risk of this health increases
  • Family history: If your family members or parents have suffered from Osteoporosis then, you may cause the same
  • Body frame size: Small body size may contribute to low bone mass and due to this condition, Osteoporosis can occur

Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Measurement Bone density: The bone density can be measured especially of the hip and spine. The test is performed with the help of machine. The machine is of low levels of X-rays that gives the proportion of minerals in the bones. With the help of density report the doctor can diagnose about the condition of Osteoporosis.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

The condition Osteoporosis usually shows no signs or symptoms in the early stage. Gradually after the bones gets weakened it shows symptoms as mentioned below:

  • Back pain
  • Loss of height
  • Stooped posture
  • Easy fracture in the bones
  • Neck pain
  • Spinal compression fractures

Treatment for Osteoporosis

Alendronate is an active component used in the medication used in the treatment of OsteoporosisMerck Sharp & Dohme, a leading pharmaceutical company that offers a popular brand medicine Fosamax. It acts by slowing bone loss. It maintains strong bones and reduces the risk of broken bones.

Didronel is an effective medication that relieve from the pain caused by different health condition. Etidronate Disodium is an active ingredient used in this medicine. Allergan Pharmaceutical company, a well-known pharmaceutical company that offers this pain relief drug. It lowers the speed of bone loss and keeping the bones strong and less likely to break.  It can also be used to reduce bone pain from this disease.