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Smoking Cessation

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S. reported that cases of Smoking are declined to 14%. It is very healthy for the Nation’s health. But it is leading preventable cause of death in the country.

Smoking use can lead to nicotine dependence and serious health problems. Smoking Cessation greatly helps to reduce the risk of causing serious health problem. The condition requires repeated treatments. There are several effective medicines that can help you to quit smoking. You need support from your family members. Heavy smoking leads to death.

Causes of Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation is hard and may require serious attempts. After withdrawal of symptoms, stress, and weight gain people start smoking again.

There are several causes that can make people smoking dependent.

  • Genetics: The habit of smoking may be inherited from your family. Eventually, the person addicted to smoking
  • Home and peer influence: If a person grown up in the environment where smoking is a daily habit, he/she may attract smoking. Due to this, children get addicted to it
  • Age: If the person started smoking in young age then, there will be more chances of addiction
  • Depression or other mental illness: Someone suffering from depression, mental problem, or personal problem may start smoking heavily
  • Substance use: People who drink alcoholic beverages and consume illegal drugs are high risk of smoking addiction

Diagnosis of Smoking Cessation

Your doctor may ask you questions or have you completed a questionnaire to get a sense of how dependent you are on nicotine. The more cigarettes you smoke each day and the sooner you smoke post awakening, the more dependent you are.

Knowing your degree of dependence will help your doctor determine the best treatment plan for you.

Symptoms of Smoking Cessation

Smoking contains cancer causing chemicals and other harmful substances. These can negatively affect your health. Nearly half of the heavy smokers lost their lives. Heavy smoking can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and COPD.

Harmful effects of the Heavy smoking are mentioned below:

  • Lung cancer and other lung diseases
  • Heart and circulatory system problems
  • Diabetes.
  • Eye problems
  • Infertility and impotence
  • Pregnancy and new born baby complications
  • Cold, flu and other illnesses
  • Weakened senses
  • Teeth and gum disease
  • Physical appearance
  • Risks to your family

Treatment for Smoking Cessation

Varenicline Tartrate is an active component used in the medicine Chantix. This medication is an effective solution for the treatment to quit smoking. Pfizer Pharmaceutical company, a leading pharmaceutical company offers this drug. It is a partial agonist of the alpha4 or beta 2. It is used in the therapy of smoking cessation. This drug works on alpha3/beta4 and weakly on alpha3 beta2 and alpha6-containing receptors.