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If a person addicted to alcohol, it became difficult to save that person from alcohol. Alcoholism is a condition made by that person for him/her self that makes difficult for their surrounding also. Experts have tried research on factors such as genetics, sex, socioeconomics or race may lead someone to this condition. But this will not be a single cause. There are some psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors leading to Alcohol Dependence. The addiction is a real condition that can cause damage to the brain and neurochemistry. So, a person with the addiction to alcohol cannot control actions.

There are different ways that can show alcoholic addiction. The severity of the condition of the person may depend on the quantity of the alcohol the person consumes in a day. It may differ from person to person. How often one must consume alcohol and how much to be known is must. These are the main concern. Addictions mean someone relies on the specific substance and cannot hold back for a longer time without consumption of the same.

Causes of Alcohol Dependence

Causes might be a genetical problem, sex, race, or socioeconomic problem. When a person cannot control its lust for alcohol, become an Alcohol Dependent.

Diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence

There are no specific tests are available to diagnosing Alcohol Dependence. The condition can be observed based on how often the person drinks the alcohol and how much quantity the person consume every time.

Symptoms of Alcohol Dependence

Mostly it is difficult to recognize. Because it is easily available everywhere and accepted in many cultures. It is prestigious or partying thing for most of the people.

So, it is difficult to conclude on the addiction. There are some symptoms through that we can come to the conclusion of the Alcoholic dependence as mentioned below:

  • Frequency of use and increased quantity of consumption
  • Absence of “hangover” symptoms and high tolerance towards alcohol
  • Arising need to drink at appropriate timing or at workplace
  • Always seek places where it can be easily available and avoiding where it is not available
  • Seeking relationships ad friendships where drinking alcohol can be easy
  • Very fewer contacts with loved ones
  • Hiding or lying about alcohol consumption
  • Became fuel to work in everyday life
  • Lifestyle becomes lethargic, depressed moods, or other emotional abuses
  • Professional or personal problems start

Work on the habit of drinking alcohol before it takes over your life. It will get worse you avoid it. If you treated it early, you may find a safe life without suffering from the insurmountable consequences of the alcoholism.

Best way to deal with a person with an addiction is an approach that person in a supportive way. Avoid arguments over an addiction or shaming them or making them feel guilty. It tends them to become more resistant to help.


Campral is one of the popular brand medicines composed of active component Acamprosate calcium. It works by restoring the natural balance of chemicals in the brain. It is a must to quit alcohol before using this medication. It is manufactured by the trusted pharmaceutical company, Forest Labs.

Similarly, Disulfiram is an active component used in medicine Antabuse, which is a proteasome inhibitor. It is approved to stop alcoholism. This medicine has been manufactured by the top pharmaceutical company, Odyssey Pharm.

Revia is a popular brand medicine actively blocks the feel-good response to alcohol causes. It contains active component Naltrexone Hydrochloride that might help reduce the urge to drink and prevent excessive alcohol consumption. The leading pharmaceutical company, TEVA Canada pharmaceuticals offers this medicine.