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When your airways become narrow, swell and leave extra mucus, the condition called Asthma. It makes breathing difficult and leads coughing, wheezing and other breathing problems. In many people, this condition stands as a minor nuisance. But for others, it may contribute as a major problem that disturbs their daily activities and may lead to an Asthma attack which can be a life-threatening.

The condition, Asthma is not curable. We can work on the symptoms. Because the condition often changes with time. Always keep updated with the physician to track the signs and symptoms and make adjusted with treatment as needed for the severity of the condition.

Causes of Asthma

A combination of environmental and genetic factors that are responsible for the condition. List of factors that triggers the condition in one’s life such as, exposure to irritants and allergens i.e. substances that trigger allergies. But, factors can vary from person to person.

  • Airborne substances, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander or particles of cockroach waste
  • Respiratory infections, such as the common cold, sneezing
  • Physical activity, some exercise practices that induced Asthma-like conditions
  • Cold breeze or cool air may affect
  • Air pollutants and irritants, such as smog or smoke
  • Certain medications like ibuprofen, beta-blockers, aspirin, and naproxen
  • Stress and strong emotions
  • Preservatives added foods and beverage such as processed potatoes, shrimp, wine, dried fruit, and beer
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease a health condition in which stomach acids logged into your throat

Diagnosis of Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory system disorder. You need to examine yourself in different ways to diagnose the condition as follows.

  • Physical exam: The doctor may check you physically to conclude about the condition you are facing
  • Respiratory infections: The doctor will discuss signs and symptoms you are observing into exact diagnosis of the condition. You may have some respiratory infections that might look like signs of Asthma
  • Tests to measure lung function: The doctor will examine your lungs and its proper functioning.
  • Lung or pulmonary function: This test needs to perform to determine the air movement and quantity of air moving while breathing
  • Spirometry:  It estimates bronchial tubes that how much it got narrowed. So, how much air you can exhale during deep breath and speed at which you can breathe out
  • Peak flow:  It measures how hard you can breathe out. Lower peak flow readings are signs that the lungs may not be working fine and that Asthma might be getting worse

Additional tests:

Other tests to diagnose the condition like Asthma mentioned below:

  • Methacholine challenge: Methacholine is basically a trigger to the Asthma. If you react to this then you will be tested positive for the given condition
  • Nitric oxide test: It measures the amount of nitric oxide or gas in your breath. The condition depends on the quantity occur
  • Imaging tests: To check the structural abnormalities, you need to go through the tests like CT scan, X-ray, etc.
  • Allergy testing:  Skin or blood test to be performed to check this condition
  • Sputum eosinophils: It checks the saliva and mucus to diagnose Asthmatic condition. Eosinophils are indicators present in the samples when you have the condition
  • Provocative test: It is used for exercise and cold-induced Asthma that measures your airway obstruction before and after the activities

Symptoms of Asthma

Signs and symptoms of Asthma like condition might vary from person to person. There are commonly observed symptoms as mentioned below:

  • Breathing problems like shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Sleeping problems due to shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing
  • Sound while exhaling
  • The respiratory virus can make it worsen in the condition like coughing or wheezing
  • Severe problems while breathing
  • Quick-relief inhaler use more than usual is a sign of the severe condition
  • Condition of air like cool or cold air in exercised induced Asthma
  • The condition can be triggered by workplace containing allergens, pollutants, or dust

Treatment for Asthma

This condition is treated by one of the effective medicine Proventil. This medication is composed of the active component, Albuterol Sulfate and has been manufactured by the trusted pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp Dohme. This is a phenylethanolamine drug that relaxes muscles in the airways, widening them and allowing more air to flow into the lungs.

The leading pharmaceutical company, Merck Sharp & Dohme offered a Singulair Chewable medicine to treat this condition. Montelukast Sodium is an active ingredient used in this medicine. It acts as leukotriene receptor antagonists decrease inflammation and nasal congestion. It prevents reactions to triggers by retaining the airways to the lungs open. This improves symptoms of asthma as well as seasonal and year-round allergies that prevent breathing problems during or after exercise.

Terbutaline Sulfate is an active component, which is used in medicine like Bricanyl. This is manufactured by the trusted pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals. This medication is a bronchodilator drug treats wheezing and shortness of breath from lung problems.

Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals has been manufacturing Theo-24, which contains Theophylline-Etofylline as the main active component. It is a methylxanthine drug that acts by opening the airways in the lungs. It relaxes the muscles and reduces the response to substances that cause airways to constrict.

Spiriva is a popular brand medicine indicated for the treatment of this condition. It has active ingredient Tiotropium Bromide Monohydrate that acts by relaxing the tiny muscles in the airways, helping to get them open and keep them open for a full 24 hours. Boehringer Ingelheims, a leading pharmaceutical company manufactures this medicine.