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Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

The well-known company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd Founded by Dr. K Anji Reddy on February 24, 1984, holds the company’s portfolio of products and services including, custom pharmaceutical services, generics, biosimilar, and other healthcare formulations.

The major therapeutic areas of this renowned company focus on gastro-intestinal, diabetology, cardiovascular, oncology, pain management, and anti-infective segments.

Manufacturing company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd has started operations in 1984 as a supplier to Indian drug manufacturers. Soon after, it expanded and started exporting to less-regulated markets successfully.

However, by the early 1990s (and after going into the public domain), the company eventually began focusing on achieving approvals from drug regulators for formulations and providing bulk drugs through some of the manufacturing plants in developed economies which including the US and Europe.

The major therapeutic areas that are focused on by the manufacturer and expertise are all listed under TopMedStore. Dr. Reddy does not fail to operate in markets across the globe.

3m Pharmaceuticals
Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Ani Pharmaceuticals Inc
Covis Pharmaceutical
Cipla Pharmaceutical
German Remedies
Transo Pharm Usa Llc
Amedra Pharmaceuticals
Andrx Pharmaceuticals

Andrx Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The trusted pharmaceutical company applies oral controlled-release drug delivery technologies. The research and development team of the company works on generic and brand products.

Andrx Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company has its headquartered in Davie, Florida. It is a pharmaceutical company that uses timed-release drug delivery technologies to facilitate generic versions of popular brand-name drugs. The company administers a generic drug distribution business, selling the third party manufactured products to some 14,000 independent companies to fund the research and development team of the company efforts.

Andrx Pharmaceuticals attempt to maintain a grip over their high-selling branded drugs and involved in lengthy and expensive litigation on a continual basis. The company went public in June 1996, selling 2.53 million shares of common stock at $12 per share.

In the year of 1996, the trusted company established Cybear, a venture that is designed to serve as an Internet Service Provider and Application Services Provider for the healthcare industry. It includes hospital messaging, purchasing, eligibility verification, claims processing, lab results, and prescription writing.

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc focuses on constant innovation to improve the lives of people and healthcare professionals with life-changing solutions in gastroenterology. The leading pharmaceutical company is one of the largest specialty cares in the world. The company is committed to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

The company promotes a deeper understanding of the GI conditions its products treat. It does it by connecting people who use these products. The therapeutic segment of Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc of conditions, include type 2 diabetes, hepatic encephalopathy, irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, opioid-induced constipation, irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, chronic idiopathic constipation and ulcerative colitis.

The company employs devoted and innovative people who are driven to problem-solve. It strives to improve existing solutions, uncover new breakthroughs, and deliver effective medical solutions with life-changing medicines.

Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc is on a mission to improve lives through innovation and to resolve life-changing gastrointestinal (GI) health. Healthcare is more than one of the largest specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world. It operates with integrity, ethics and caring hearts. It is readily available and active to run its corporate social responsibility. It helps the society in various ways to live healthily

STI Pharma LLC

STI Pharma LLC is a well-known pharmaceutical company located in Newtown, PA, was founded in 2008. The company is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development, and marketing of high-quality medicines. The main products with a strategic focus on oncology and injectables. The products include specialty injectables and other products in various delivery formats covering multiple therapeutic areas.

The pharma company has highly experienced staff and they can bring products of the company to market faster and more efficiently. The current and future products of the company are and will be FDA approved and manufactured in FDA approved facilities. All products of STI Pharma LLC comply with all regulatory requirements for the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The products of the company are manufactured at FDA-registered facilities, as identified in FDA-approved NDAs and ANDAs. They are tested to applicable NDA and ANDA specifications.  The company distributes its products in the US and its territories.

The leading company has its own internal capabilities and facilities to develop its own products and to support the required regulatory activities. STI Pharma, LLC focuses on its committed to establish and maintain an effective compliance program, to ensure the highest levels of ethical and legal standards for the people, partners, investors, and employees.

King Pharmaceuticals Inc

King Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the industry. This trusted company is privately owned and has specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing. It offers a diverse variety of health care products, and it is a licensed distributor of medical pharmaceuticals such as prescription as well as over the counter OTC products. It also approaches to provide natural health products.

This leading pharmaceutical company established in 1957 and it has been providing its consumers with quality advice, the cheapest prices, and highly cooperative customer service. King Pharmaceuticals Inc is ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2003, CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003 and CE certified company that holds the expertise over its products.

This leading pharmaceutical company has proprietary products that are available online and in Pharmacies worldwide. These are mainly targeted to the segment of ENT i.e. Ear, Nose & Throat, General physician and Pediatrics.

King Pharmaceuticals Inc strives to achieve its aim to be the virtual pharmacy of choice to offer low price products and value for money, convenience, reliable customer service with fast deliveries. This company delivers to the world the same value and service with exceeded customers’ expectations for around 50 years.  It offers a wide variety of products to suit its consumers’ needs.

PBM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PBM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is one of the growing pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is a privately-owned company in Charlottesville, VA and is a Single Location business. It is categorized under Wholesale Pharmaceutical Products.

The company was established in 2004 and incorporated in Virginia. The current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of approximately 10450601 and employs a staff of approximately 10.

This privately held pharmaceutical company PBM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. focuses on providing people with Rx branded products that improve both their health and quality of life.  The genuine products offered by the company are a product for relief of IBS associated symptoms, Donnatal and an Rx vitamin supplement providing pharmaceutical-grade Omega-3, Folic Acid, Phytosterols, and vitamins B-6, 12.

PBM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is looking forward to set-up the entity of its own to encourage corporate social responsibility. It commits to producing environment-friendly and quality products for its consumers. The company holds experienced staff and experts in the field to review its products and analyze them properly.

The company’s serve an essential role in the prescription drug distribution chain and work on behalf of payers and consumers to decrease drug costs, increase convenience and improve safety. It set the record straight on the essential role PBMs play in negotiating savings for people having different health condition.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of the developing pharmaceutical company. It strives to develop new medicines to improve the lives of people around the world. The trusted company utilizes new technologies, such as genetics and genomics, to inform its drug discovery, clinical trials, and commercial positioning of compounds.

It is working to advance the use of novel approaches to deliver its new medicines to consumers. The leading company was founded in the year 2003 in partnership with Care Capital LLC and BioOne Capital. The one is a prominent biopharmaceuticals-focused investment firm and another one is an investment arm of the Singapore government with a focus on new biomedical enterprises respectively.

The success comes from Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc’s ability to remain consistent. The company has maintained the same high standards throughout the entire product development process, and never lost its ultimate goal that is to improve the lives of people.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc addresses the high unmet medical requirements of consumers. This global biopharmaceutical company strives to focus on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies.

Current commercial products and clinical programs are licensed through the development and commercialization agreements of the company. Its partnership and scientific collaborations are the key elements of its business strategy.

Azurity Pharmaceuticals

Azurity Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical that aims to make safe, high-quality treatments for patients who require a solution of drugs.  The trusted company focuses on the needs of special populations, like children and the old people, for whom customized doses and user-friendly solutions tailored to their needs do not exist.

The company holds a growing portfolio of FDA-approved medicinal products that meet the need of patients. This gives an easy-to-consume medication that meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. It also facilitates convenient FIRST Unit-of-Use Kits. It allows pharmacists to provide people with a product manufactured with high quality and standardization.

The strength of Azurity Pharmaceuticals makes it an industry leader in offering affordable, accessible, quality medicines for people unable to take tablets or capsules. The growing company focuses on pediatric and elderly people across its core therapeutic areas, such as infectious disease, gastroenterology, cardiology, and hematology/oncology.

The broad portfolio of user-friendly and customizable drug solutions, technologies such as ready-to-use liquid formulations, kits for oral liquid reconstitution, and topical preparations. Azurity Pharmaceuticals is fully integrated and internalized operations through-out the whole pharmaceutical value chain, from the development of a drug to commercialization.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. is committed to coordinate people to become parents and to keep mothers and babies healthy, from conception to birth. The one-third of research and development investment of the company goes towards finding innovative treatments in reproductive medicine and maternal health. The trusted company is passionate about producing a difference in people’s health and quality of life through the work in urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and orthopedics.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group that helps people around the world build families and live better lives. It is a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and in specialty areas such as gastroenterology and urology. The company has been developing medications for mothers and babies for over 50 years.

The headquarter of this trusted company is in Saint-Prex, Switzerland. Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. has its own manufacturing units in European countries includes South America, China, India, Israel, and USA. It has acquired Bio-Technology General in 2005, it has capabilities in recombinant biotechnology as well as more traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is one of the growing pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. It is a global, integrated healthcare provider company. It provides customized solutions for hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices worldwide.

The leading pharmaceutical company offers clinically-proven medical solutions and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective products. These products promote supply chain efficiency from hospital to home. Cardinal Health aims to connect people, suppliers, payers, pharmacists, and manufacturers for integrated care coordination and better patient management. The company is backed by approximately 100 years of experience in 46 countries, it ranks among the top 25 on the Fortune 500.

The pharmaceutical company is more than a business, a partner, and a hard worker. The strength of the company flows from its areas of expertise such as logistics, product, business and patient solutions. The global company Cardinal Health embraces new challenges, anticipates trends, and as Wings, supports, speed-ups, and see a mile-high vision to all consumers.

The trusted company delivers exceptional and cost-effective care for patients through its expansive portfolio of high quality, value-oriented products. The manufactured or sourced products of the company are more than 2.5 billion each year including spanning medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, lab, specialty, and nuclear.

Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc

Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company, which is in advanced materials and specialty chemicals. The company provides a range of products and constantly upgrading market solutions. It offers everyday sustainable products for next-generation transportation, efficient, consumer goods, healthcare, and industrial production to easily settle down with every single changing demand.

The innovation quality of the company drives it to work more efficiently. Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been connecting people and scientific minds for 156 years. The trusted company is a science company with an outstanding past, aiming to innovate the future with new technologies.

It anticipates consumers’ demands the company effortlessly challenges and renovate persistently to its product portfolio to target a more sustainable future. It has transformed its strategy that ensures constant growth in 3 major business pillars. These pillars are advanced materials, providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweight, CO2, and energy efficiency.

The heart of the success is the Research and Development team of Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. The trusted company believes technology must evolve to make more things achievable. The company is a family of around 24,500 employees, 21 customer-driven Research & Innovation centers. The global presence of the company is in more than 61 countries.

Specgx LLC Pharmaceutical

Specgx llc Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Mallinckrodt plc that operates its Specialty Generics business. The company has received a Complete Response Letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its New Drug Application in accordance with investigational abuse-deterrent, immediate-release reformulation of Roxicodone tablets, USP for the management of pain severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and for which alternative treatments are inadequate.

The trusted manufacturer has a strong ability to master and manage the complexity of its products. It provides high-quality products that mean value for people suffering from a particular health condition. The leading company has a growing portfolio of specialty medicines that treats a wide variety of health conditions. Specgx llc Pharmaceuticals visions for an innovation-driven specialty pharmaceutical company focused on improving people’s life.

The growing company has invested in the areas that include autoimmune and rare diseases in specialty areas like neurology, rheumatology, nephrology, pulmonology and ophthalmology; immunotherapy and neonatal respiratory critical care therapies; analgesics and gastrointestinal products.

For more than 150 years, Specgx llc Pharmaceuticals has remained focused on producing quality products with integrity and unparalleled service to serve the people across the globe. It provides medical solutions for communities living in remote areas.

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc is a trusted pharmaceutical company that was acquired by Endo in January 2015. This company is a fully integrated specialty biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and commercializing quality products for specialist people.

The leading company does the work that is inspired by a commitment to its mission, vision, and values.

The mission of the company is to improve the lives of people throughout the world by identifying, developing and commercializing specialty biopharmaceutical products. It is committed to the long-term success of its hardworking employees and shareholders, offering new treatment options to healthcare experts and the welfare of people.

Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc visions to stand as the most successful and admired company within the specialty pharmaceutical industry. The principles that both what the company does and how guides the firm. It is believed as the roadmap for achieving its goals and is driven by our fundamental core values such as a spirit of innovation, personal leadership, performance-driven, focuses on people, integrity, and compliance, and customer commitment.

People in the Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc are bound by a common vision, set of values and a commitment to establish a difference in the lives of people. It strives to cultivate a team-oriented culture and have the opportunity to grow professionally.

Astellas Pharmaceutical

Astellas Pharmaceutical is a well-known pharmaceutical company, which is a U.S. affiliate of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc. Located in Northbrook, Illinois. The trusted company serves as the headquarters for the U.S. The pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the health of people all over the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.

Astellas Pharmaceutical holds a commitment to altering the tomorrow is measured by its focus on bringing innovative and effective new medicines to people and healthcare providers. It is also counted by the importance of the company that has placed on the impact on communities.  Products offered by the company support many causes and have created a better tomorrow for people.

The pharmaceutical company mainly focused on the health of the people. The company makes it as passion and priority.  Astellas Pharmaceutical provides safe and effective medicines that improve people’s lives. It is working for making a difference for its people today and providing them with a brighter future tomorrow. The company’s commitment extends to providing resources for its consumers, its healthcare professionals, and caregivers that help them throughout the life cycle of their condition and beyond.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies. In the company, people are passionate about developing and delivering original products as part of a global holistic commitment to better health.

The company has two main core businesses dedicated to achieving its goals such as a pharmaceutical business and a nutraceutical business. The pharmaceutical business focuses on developing and marketing products for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in areas like the central nervous system, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular.

Whereas the nutraceutical business focuses on maintaining and improving health through the use of foods and beverages that provide extra health benefits in addition to their nutritional value.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical believes in culture and people, which are the differentiators that empower the company to produce breakthrough results. It makes the company a big venture company that takes risks and focuses on unmet medical needs in order to develop new and better therapeutic compounds. Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a highly ethical company that adheres to the highest standards in how the company develops and delivers its products, and in how it treats most valuable assets i.e. Otsuka-people.

Endo Pharmaceuticals

Endo Pharmaceuticals is a highly dedicated generics and specialty branded pharmaceutical company. The company believes in delivering quality medicinal products through excellence in development, manufacturing and commercialization.

The company through its operating companies like Endo Pharmaceuticals, Par Pharmaceutical and Paladin Labs – This Endo is devoted to serve people in need. This company commenced operations in 1997 by acquiring pharmaceutical products.

The strategy of the Endo Pharmaceuticals is to centralize and unify its business, driving productivity improvements. It focuses on organic growth by investing in hard-to-produce generic assets & technologies and transforming the branded business into a highly focused Specialty business.

The company concentrates on differentiated and intelligent product selection to shape the company for long-term success. The internal development, corporate and business development teams evaluate product and company acquisitions time by time. The licenses and strategic alliances also analyze the products in order to create a robust portfolio of quality medicines. Endo Pharmaceuticals has global headquarters at different locations such as Dublin, Ireland and U.S. headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The company is a family of 300 people globally.

Bruno Farmaceutici

Bruno Farmaceutici was founded in 1996 by Dr. Antonio Bruno. He decided to acquire a branch of the pharmaceutical company Aventis, part of the Lepetit group. The acquisition basically was the culmination of a dream and a long-term project by Dr. Antonio Bruno.  This project was followed by a group of Pharmacists, Chemists, Biologists, and Doctors. All members have the same passion for imagination and to make drugs.

For the last some years, the trusted company Bruno Farmaceutici has focused on its potential and has embarked on a path of development in various therapeutic segments, reaching its product portfolio throughout the globe. Its main therapeutic segments such as pain & inflammation, diabetes & obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, infectious, addictions, and supplements.

The leading pharmaceutical company has on the mission to become the strongly oriented manufacturer to the development of effective, safe, low cost and highly used medications. As the corporate social responsibility, the trusted company plays an attentive to supporting research that has set up a Foundation. This foundation aims to carry out activities to raise and support the development of the University and scientific research. It is an independent entity from Bruno Farmaceutici that shares with its value ​​such as ethics, responsibility and social commitment.

ViiV Healthcare Company

ViiV Healthcare Company does things differently with unique origins to innovative medicines. It always pushes the boundaries in HIV treatment and care.  The company pledges to not rest until it leaves no person living with HIV behind.  The company is founded out of a partnership between GSK and Pfizer in 2009. This partnership has joined by Shionogi in 2012. The company is determined to help end the HIV epidemic.

The company is spread over 20 countries in the world with 1100 employees. The trusted company holds talented people with expertise in research, manufacturing, policy and more, all guided by the company’s mission eradicate HIV.

The current portfolio of ViiV Healthcare Company is listed with 14 HIV drugs. It is the first step in fighting back against the infection. It has set up its research center in Branford, Connecticut, which is the world’s only HIV-dedicated facility that focused on finding new innovative medicines to improve the lives of PLHIV.

The particular leading company defines an industry-defining partnership with the HIV Cure Centre at the University of North Carolina. It is the part of a public-private collaboration ‘Qura Therapeutics’. ViiV Healthcare Company has been combining resources and expertise to advance novel breakthroughs and promote the chance of finding an HIV cure.

E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C.

The genuine and leading pharmaceutical company E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C. strives every day to help people to transform their lives through science. It puts together the agility of biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company. It manufactures a global leading biopharma company with talented experts who drive scientific innovation.

The company holds a team of the brightest people in the industry and their diverse experiences and perspectives boost ideas for the company, drive innovation and achieve transformative business results.

All the people belong to the company in the globe work together for the vast populace as the center of everything they do. E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C. has upgraded technology in various specializations for instance in oncology, hematology, immunology, and cardiovascular disease, and they are devoted to assuring people prevail over serious diseases. They have a promising pipeline and innovative scientific platforms.

The company is very apt at its responsibility that goes beyond its business. It raises health equity globally and advances access to effective medicines for everyone disproportionately affected by serious dis. It has accomplished this in part through the E.R. Squibb & Sons, L.L.C. foundation that supports various social groups for community welfare.

Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a trusted pharmaceutical company known for operations consists of the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of therapeutic products. This growing pharmaceutical company has acquired by the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in 1999. Ths company created the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

The parent company Pfizer Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, which has its headquarters in New York City. It is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The leading company Pfizer, which is a parent company of Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has ranked No. 57 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations according to the total revenue.

Pfizer declared a joint merger with UK pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline. Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops and offers medicines, vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, such as cardiology, immunology, oncology, endocrinology, and neurology. The of the company products include the Lipitor, to treat high blood cholesterol; Lyrica for neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia; Diflucan, an oral antifungal medication; antibiotics, erectile dysfunction pills, and an anti-inflammatory drug.

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals founded in 2013. It separated the company from Abbott and shares a common legacy and strong prospects for future success.

The company formed a new kind of enterprise a biopharmaceutical company. It blends the stability, global scale, resources and commercial capabilities of a pharmaceutical company with the focus and culture of biotech. It takes on the toughest health challenges and aims to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

It is a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company with 30,000 employees includes scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing specialists and regulatory experts present around the globe. AbbVie Pharmaceuticals comes up with new approaches to addressing today’s health issues from life-threatening illness to chronic conditions.

The company targets specific difficult-to-cure diseases where it can leverage its core R&D expertise to advance science. It constantly working to create solutions that go beyond treating the illness that impacts positively on people’s lives, on societies and on science itself.

The purpose of the company is profound, and its path is clear. AbbVie Pharmaceuticals embraces the responsibility of making a remarkable impact on people’s lives through innovative medicines and solutions. This is driven by the company’s compassion for people, commitment to innovation or inclusion, service to the community, and uncompromising integrity at the heart of everything the company does.

Impax Laboratories, LLC

In 2018, Impax Laboratories and Amneal Pharmaceuticals came under one corporate parent and now operate as Amneal Pharmaceuticals. This pharmaceutical company is a publicly listed company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Impax Laboratories, LLC is an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company supported by U.S. generics business and a growing branded business. The company is working to build one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical companies in this rapidly changing industry.

The healthcare environment of today demands a new approach and new ideas. The trusted pharmaceutical company Impax Laboratories, LLC stays true to its reputation for quality, service, and value. It is reinventing its processes, playbook and creative partnerships. It mainly focused on delivering outcomes that meet important medical needs, make quality medicines more accessible and more affordable and provide solutions for tomorrow’s health challenges.

The leadership in the company and global colleagues are deeply experienced and forward-thinking. The company holds the capabilities, scale, and resources for growth and success.

The broad portfolio of this Impax Laboratories, LLC l is the foundation from which it makes healthy possible. In the US, its generics portfolio of more than 300 medicines provides people with more affordable access to quality medicines.

Actavis Pharmaceutical

Actavis Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company involved in the development, manufacture, and distribution of its own brand-named pharmaceuticals as well as the manufacture and distribution of generic pharmaceutical products.  The company particularly offers a number of generic products from a company it had acquired, Watson Pharmaceuticals. It markets a number of prescription and over-the-counter medications. The trusted pharmaceutical company’s global headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, and its headquarters in the United States is in New Jersey.

Actavis Pharmaceutical changed its name to Allergan PLC in 2015 to continue its brand products but announced that its generic products would continue under the Actavis label. It is still known as Actavis, Inc. in Europe and Canada. Later in August 2016, Actavis Generics was acquired by leading pharmaceutical, Teva Pharmaceutical Company.

The company manufactures hundreds of different medicinal solutions. Actavis Pharmaceutical was also known for its generic formulations of medications as well as their own brand of medications. Its brand name medicines are still marketed by Allergan and the generic solutions. It has been transferred to Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Some of the notable products of the company are such as Actonel, which is used to treat the complications of osteoporosis, Androderm patch, which is a transdermal patch used to treat issues with low testosterone levels as a result of surgery, disease, or some other disorder. Some generic antidepressant medicines like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants also manufactured by the company.

Usv Pharmaceutical

Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi founded an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, USV Pharmaceutical. based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The leading multinational company chaired by Leena Tewari, daughter of the founder. USV Pharmaceutical started as a joint venture with P Inc. & USV USA, a subsidiary of Revlon. The trusted company is mainly focused on development of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and custom research services for drug development.

The company offers Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, FDF i.e. Fixed Dosages Formulations, Peptides, and Biosimilars and Injectables manufactured in the India. The company also offers in segments like Dermatology, Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals, Gastroenterology and Gynecology. In India USV Ltd is renowned pharmaceutical company for Oral Anti-Diabetic, ranked No. 1 by Rx and Value.

USV Pharmaceutical provides compulsory safety training for both employees and contractors. The company follow Best practices program for safety of employees such as Regular industrial hygiene survey, Health risk management studies, Occupational health centers, Emergency response and crisis management cell, Health and safety. The company follows programs for safe environment in compliance with world standards like Hazardous Waste Management, Air Pollution Control Management, Recovery and Reuse of Solvents, and Effluent Management.

Xoma Corporation Biotechnology

Xoma Corporation Biotechnology is a unique pharmaceutical company that helps biotech companies to achieve their goal of improving health of people. It works by acquiring the economic rights to future milestone and royalty payments related to healthcare professionals. Biotech represents the potential great achievement that requires taking risks and investing capital.  The company mitigates single-asset risk by a portfolio approach that builds a portfolio of achievement. The therapeutic assets of the company are unique and developed across multiple therapeutic indications.

With the time the company got licensed antibody assets and technologies to pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies. The company have experts with outstanding experience in particular specialization. The trusted company Xoma Corporation Biotechnology realized the monetization market that has focused on Phase 3 or commercial-stage products.

This leading pharmaceutical company seeks to promote money during the development process faced crucial problems. There have been few options to monetize royalties at a pre-commercial stage for the company.

The company offers an option to the biotech industry to access to non-dilutive, non-recourse capital in exchange for the contractual rights to future milestones and royalties. Xoma Corporation Biotechnology also works towards corporate social responsibilities. It actively takes part in various programs for community welfare.

Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical

Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company founded in Japan. The company provides innovative products and services to around 20 countries in the world. It holds more than 100 years of scientific expertise, draws upon a rich legacy of innovation and a robust pipeline of promising new medicines to help people suffering from a different health condition.

This well-known pharmaceutical company was founded on September 28, 2005, through the merger of Daiichi Pharmaceutical and Sankyo. Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical delivers innovative products that enhance the lives of millions of people around the world.

The company has launched antihypertensive agent Olmesartan in 2002 and now available in more than 20 countries around the world; the antiplatelet agent prasugrel launched in 2009 for people with acute coronary syndrome undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention, and edoxaban, the first available factor Xa inhibitor in Japan, which launched in 2011 to help prevent venous thromboembolism.

It is a research-based pharmaceutical company that focuses on providing solutions to address the unmet medical needs of people around the world. It operates in a high-risk business sector. It continues to invest in Japanese, U.S., and European core markets, as well as emerging markets in developing and recently industrialized countries. Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical’s diverse portfolio includes innovative and generic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and over-the-counter medicines.

Alvogen Pharmaceutical

Alvogen Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company mainly focused on developing, manufacturing and selling generic, brand, over-the-counter, and biosimilar products. It serves all the people around the world. It has commercial operations in 35 countries that operate five manufacturing and development hubs in the U.S., Romania, Korea and Taiwan.

The company’s leadership team is dedicated to promoting a dynamic change-driven culture committed to fulfill the needs of its customers. The structure is lean and flexible that drives quick and effective decision making. Therefore, the company is enabled to bring new generic products quickly and safely to market.

Alvogen Pharmaceutical has well established business include product development, contract manufacturing and research, and sales of generic medicines, biosimilars and OTC. It gives worthy and trustful solutions to meet the needs of people across the globe.

The portfolio of Alvogen Pharmaceutical consists of a wide range for the treatment of conditions in the areas of oncology, cardiology, respiratory, neurology, and gastroenterology, in addition to a fast-growing portfolio of biosimilars and OTC products.

This unique portfolio of high quality and challenging-to-make pharmaceutical products fuels the company’s targeted growth strategy. It offers high-quality, affordable generic medicines that help reduce healthcare costs around the world.

Prometheus Laboratories Inc

Prometheus Laboratories Inc offers unique health solutions with novel diagnostics. It serves as the leader of healthcare in gastroenterology. It strives for the development and to bring to market diagnostic tests for helping physicians. It provides the highest level of healthcare care.

This trusted pharmaceutical company commits to improving lives through the development and commercialization of sound pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. These products enable healthcare professionals to offer greater individualized care. Prometheus Laboratories Inc has a strategy of the marketing and delivery of quality diagnostic testing services as well as pharmaceutical products. The company believes that it can provide healthcare professionals with targeted solutions to promote care for their targeted people.

Prometheus Laboratories Inc recognizes the value of partnering with physicians in order to offer people with the highest standard of care. It also offers a full complement of advanced therapeutics and laboratory testing services. The goal of this trusted company is to ensure the tools necessary for individualized care and treat the person in every health condition.

It understands that every person has different needs. It approaches to help people and their healthcare providers to learn more about their condition in order to have an accurate diagnosis and access the best possible outcome from treatment.

G. D. Searle Pharmaceutical

G. D. Searle Pharmaceutical is a wholly-owned trademark of growing pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. The company currently operates as a distribution trademark for various pharmaceuticals that were developed by G. D. Searle & Company referred to as Searle. In 1985, a merger with Monsanto, Searle was a company leading in manufacturing of life sciences, specifically pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and animal health.

The Research and Development team of the company G. D. Searle Pharmaceutical files a patent application in 1993 for celecoxib. After developing, it became the first selective COX-2 inhibitor to be approved by the FDA on December 31, 1998. It is the key reason for Pfizer’s acquisition of Pharmacia. The company is most notable for having developed the first female birth control pill, and the artificial sweetener NutraSweet.

The company offers effective drugs and nuclear medicine imaging equipment. G. D. Searle Pharmaceutical is known for its release of Enovid in 1960, which is the first commercial oral contraceptive. The company also powered with its release of the first bulk laxative, Metamucil, in 1934, Dramamine, for motion sickness, the COX-2 inhibitors Celebrex and Bextra, Ambien for insomnia, and NutraSweet, an artificial sweetener, in 1965.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Valeant Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Laval, Canada. Now, the company renamed Bausch Health Companies Inc. It is a multinational specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures pharmaceutical products and branded generic drugs. The global corporate headquarters of the trusted company are located in Laval, Quebec, Canada, and our U.S. headquarters are in Bridgewater, N.J.

Primarily it focuses on skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, eye health, and neurology. It owns Bausch & Lomb, a supplier of eye products. The leading company Valeant Pharmaceuticals focused on improving people’s lives with health care products. It delivers its commitments to people, health care providers, other stakeholders and society, as it is an innovative company devoted to advancing global health.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals manufactures and markets a wide range of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products and medical devices such as contact lenses, intraocular lenses, ophthalmic surgical equipment, and aesthetic devices directly or indirectly in various countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The products offered by the company are used by approximately 150 million people around the world.

Physicians Total Care, Inc

Physicians Total Care, Inc. is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Charleston, SC. This company is a subsidiary of the parent company, Silvermine Opportunity Funding, LLC.  It is categorized under Wholesale Pharmaceutical Products. The trusted company was established in 1986 and incorporated in Oklahoma. According to current estimation, this company has an annual revenue of 7617266 and employs a staff of approximately 20.

The parent company of this growing company comes in the jurisdiction of Connecticut, US and it was founded on 28 June 2012. This company offers some of the premium quality healthcare medicines. All products composed by this well-known company are all supplied over the globe, and the company has also entered the list of some of the top revenue earning pharmaceutical company.

Sensational ultra-modern manufacturing facilities by well-known Physicians Total Care, Inc. strive hard for innovating and solving various medications that do not exist in the pharmaceutical markets. The quality solution might remain as the most essential element for being focused on.

Physicians Total Care, Inc. might turn on a product that is finished and perfectly safe for oral intake by people so as get the best effective solutions. It aims at composing some of the best solitons to rely on and it shall help people to get rid of various health problems.

Apotex Pharmaceutical

Apotex Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company that has the purpose of improving access to medicines for millions of people suffering through various diseases worldwide. It provides affordable, innovative, and high-quality solutions.

The trusted pharmaceutical company was founded in 1974 by Dr. Barry Sherman. It is a Canadian, global pharmaceutical company that produces high-quality, affordable medicines both generic and innovative pharmaceuticals for people across the globe.

The company has successfully grown from only two employees to employ more than 8,000 people worldwide in manufacturing, R&D and commercial operations. Through vertical integration this Apotex Pharmaceutical is comprised of multiple divisions and affiliates such as Apotex Inc., focused on generics, Apobiologix, a division of Apotex Inc. focused on biosimilar development, ApoPharma, focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines, Aveva, an affiliate of Apotex Inc. fully integrated global developer and manufacturer of complete transdermal solutions, and Apotex Consumer Products, a division of Apotex Inc. focused on brand name products.

Beyond this Apotex Pharmaceutical hold Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, a division of Apotex Inc. focused on the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients for Apotex and third parties.  It aims at sustaining values to its culture, which is guided by its core values of collaboration, courage, perseverance, and passion.

Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc

Aurobindo Pharma Limited is one of the trusted manufacturing companies. This company headquartered in HITEC City, Hyderabad, India. It manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The offers effective medical solutions include six major therapeutic/product areas such as antibiotics, antiretrovirals, cardiovascular products, central nervous system products, gastroenterological, and anti-allergics. The company markets these products in over 125 countries with marketing partners AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

The leading company has a mission of adding value through superior customer service in the distribution of a broad line of generic pharmaceuticals, leveraging vertical integration and efficient controlled processes. The company aims to become a consistent top 10 generic pharmaceutical supplier with a reputation for superior customer service, honesty, and transparency.

Aurobindo Pharma expands its products with high-value products in oncology, hormones, biosimilars and novel drug delivery solutions like depot injections, inhalers, patches, and films. The company serves global with new territories like Poland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, and France as generic penetration in these countries is low.

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. is on the eve to purchase the Apotex businesses in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spaina and Belgium. As part of the proposed sale, this entity will enter into a transitional manufacturing and supply arrangement with this leading pharmaceutical company to support the growth plans of these businesses.

Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is one of the leading pharmaceutical company founded in 2013 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is uniquely standing for significant growth organically and through acquisitions, in-licensing and partnerships. It manufactures market-leading treatments in gastroenterology, dermatology and women’s health

Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products and resources to healthcare providers including product samples, patient savings cards, and patient educational materials.  The company is committed to improving people’s lives by innovation new medicines, marketing, and selling differentiated brands of pharmaceuticals for people whose needs are not satisfied

The company’s commercial activities are focused on perfect therapeutic markets in the United States, such as gastroenterology, dermatology and women’s health.  The vision of the company is to create a leading US-focused specialty pharmaceutical company and to improve people’s lives.

Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. focused on acquiring patent-protected, marketed assets within its core therapeutic areas. It aims to serve people across the globe to treat certain challenging health conditions.

Shire US pharmaceuticals

Shire US pharmaceuticals, one of the global pharmaceutical companies, which is a values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical company. The trusted company has headquartered in Japan. This company is committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people by translating science into highly-innovative healthcare products. This leading pharmaceutical company mainly focuses on R&D efforts on therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Gastroenterology, Neuroscience, and Rare Diseases.

The company targets R&D investments in Plasma-Derived Therapies and Vaccinations. Shire US pharmaceuticals develop highly innovative medications, which contributes to forming a difference in the lives of people by upgrading the frontier of new treatment options and benefiting enhanced collaborative R&D engines as well as capabilities. It creates a robust, modality-diverse pipeline. The employees commit to improving the quality of life for people and to working with its partners in health care.

Shire US pharmaceuticals passionately work to provide life-changing treatments for its consumers. The trusted company is deeply rooted in over 230 years of distinguished history in Japan.  It is a self-regulating business that helps to become socially accountable. The company is well aware of corporate social responsibility that can be conscious of the impact on all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental.

Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd

Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd comes into existence in 1996. In 1984 Sunrise Laboratories founded as a wholesale Pharma distributor in Amreli, in 1988. It has started as an Ayurvedic Finished Product formulation. Later it becomes a Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. in 1996.

This company was implanted by Mr. Jaman Malaviya and Mr. Abhishek Malaviya when they started Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of Allopathic, Ayurvedic medicines, and cosmetics products. It has been manufacturing Tablets/capsules, Oral liquid/ suspension.

Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd was established with the vision of providing quality medicines at cost-effective prices to people globally. The company has received WHO-GMP certification that focuses on the result-driven approach strategy by achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

In the general category, medication such as HIV/ARV and hepatocare, cardiac, diabetes, psychiatrists, neurology, erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation, antibiotics-antibacterial, analgesic-anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic & cough remedies, gastric related products, vitamins & nutritional, antimalarial and skincare products are offered by the company.

The popular brand medications are in the International market of this company include Super P Force, Extra Super P Force, Tadarise, Super Tadarise, Extra Super Tadarise, Poxet, Zudena, etc. At the international level, Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd is approved in Kenya under Pharmacy Poison Board, Nairobi, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Uzbekistan.

Heritage Pharmaceuticals

Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc., one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies. It provides generic pharmaceuticals based in Eatontown, New Jersey, United States, and established in 2006. The company has changed its name to Avet pharma (reverse of Teva) to avoid attention in the market place.

The trusted company is the exclusive U.S. commercial operations of Emcure Ltd. Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc shows a rapid growth specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the acquisition, licensing, development, marketing, sale and distribution of generic as well as branded products. The products cover a number of therapeutic categories such that cardiovascular, metabolic disease, anti-infective and pain management.

The business model of the company utilizes a virtually integrated global supply network to profits strategic outsourcing to U.S.F.D.A. approved manufacturing and development organizations. The company provides multisource and high barrier products that continue to introduce new generic products.

Heritage Pharmaceuticals’ business model is the integration of a strong commercial operations and sales team. The company has a global supply chain network, which provides access to low-cost development, materials, and manufacturing. The network of the company provides dedicated services for research and development. It also provides commercial built-in materials and manufacturing cost efficiencies.

Mylan Pharmaceutical

Mylan Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company that commits to set new standards in healthcare and providing around 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine. It offers a growing portfolio of more than 7,500 products such as prescription generic, branded generic, brand-name and biosimilar drugs, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) remedies. It markets its products in more than 165 countries and territories, and approximately 35,000-strong workforce is dedicated to creating better health for a better world.

The company has a mission is grounded in its belief that every person matters and should have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. Mylan Pharmaceutical takes efforts to build a business model consistent with this belief, and through it through impacting people around the world with each passing year.

The pharma company provides universal access to medicine with its core purpose. It always provides access and satisfies the needs of an incredibly diversified global marketplace. At Mylan Pharmaceutical, the commitment is for setting new standards in healthcare. It focuses on work together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high-quality medicine.

The company innovates to satisfy the unmet needs of the large populace, it makes reliability and service excellence a habit and impacts the future through passionate global leadership.

Eli Lilly and Company

The leading pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company was founded in 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly. He was a man committed to creating high-quality medicines that met real needs in an era of unreliable elixirs peddled by questionable characters. He had trained the generations of employees who have followed was this “Take what you find here and make it better and better.”

The company is serving for more than 140 years. It remains committed to the man’s vision through every aspect of their business. This trusted company serves people who take their medicines, and to health care professionals, employees and the communities in the world.

The purpose of the Eli Lilly and Company is uniting the caring with discovery to create medicines that can help life better for people around the world. It has established three core values, such as Integrity, Excellence, and Respect for People.

Eli Lilly and Company conducts business consistent with all applicable laws honest with customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, competitors and the community. It maintains an environment built on mutual respect, openness and individual integrity and respect for people.

Forest Laboratories

The well-known pharmaceutical company Forest Laboratories was incorporated in Delaware, with its principal office in New York City. It was founded in 1956 as a small laboratory service company. This company was known for licensing European pharmaceuticals for sale in the United States. It was acquired Actavis on July 1, 2014.

The company had achieved a degree of success in its niche and found a steady demand for its services during the 1950s. Forest Laboratories, Inc. manufactures, develops, and sells branded and generic forms of effective drug products. Its main products are like Lexapro for the treatment of depression in adults and adolescents, and anxiety disorder in adults; Namenda for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; Bystolic for the treatment of hypertension; and Savella for the management of fibromyalgia.

The company has its own business strategy that involves three elements such as licensing promising new compounds from innovative companies worldwide, conducting rigorous scientific investigation & development of unique, highly effective drug therapies, and executing marketing or sales initiatives to establish products in the industry.

Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a leading pharmaceutical company, which is a subsidiary of PLIVA. It is the fastest-growing specialty pharmaceutical company in the research, development, and commercialization of innovative products to improve the quality of life.

Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has focused on key therapeutic categories include urology, respiratory and central nervous systems. It has recently launched Sanctura, a prescription medicine that is used to treat overactive bladder. The company has more than 80 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals area, PLIVA d.d., headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia.

This parent company is a multinational corporation primarily focused on generic products, with operations across Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the U.S. The parent organization is the largest central and eastern Europe-headquartered company in terms of sales. The most prominent discovery of the company is the blockbuster antibiotic azithromycin, sold under the trademarks of Zithromax, in the U.S. by Pfizer.

The team of the company works by sharing information and ideas more readily because the office layout was designed not only to be appealing but also to improve productivity. The staff of the leading organization Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is enjoying amenities such as a flexible, high-tech training center, ample records storage, huge parking space, a fitness center, and a cafeteria.

Teva Pharmaceutical

Teva Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company established in Jerusalem in 1901. The company is known today as Teva starts out as a small wholesale drug business that distributes imported medications. It was founded by Chaim Salomon, Moshe Levin, and Yitschak Elstein.

In 2010, the company has acquired German Ratiopharm that increases Teva’s market share in Europe. The company has harness ratiopharm’s excellent foundation for biosimilars, branded generics, and tenders. It became the world’s largest medicine cabinet since Teva Pharmaceutical provides medicines to 200 million people around the world every day.

The company has one of the most competitive operational networks in the industry, with sales in approximately 100 global markets and a portfolio of 16,000 products, spanning generics, specialty, and OTC. In the eve of 2011, the leading company has acquired Theramex, European-based women’s health business, that brings the company as a broad Women’s Health and gynecology portfolio, and a unique innovative pipeline.

Teva Pharmaceutical delivers solutions in key therapeutic areas of Central Nervous System, Pain, Respiratory, and Oncology. It has a portfolio of over 1,000 generic molecules that provides treatment options more affordable and accessible to needy people and healthcare providers.

The acquisition strongly reinforces the strategy of the company accelerated the creation of its new business model and opens a new set of responsibilities as well as active functioning. This strategic move nourishes the company to improve capabilities and flexibility in order to provide access to more people throughout the world.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical company focused on drugs for people with rare diseases. This company was brought down to the market by the Northbrook, Illinois-based company developed and manufactured therapeutics. It employed 100 people in four global locations.

In the year of 2017, PTC Therapeutics acquired rights to Marathon Pharmaceuticals’ drug Emflaza containing deflazacort for $140 million. It produced medicines for high-need, small people populations, including people with rare diseases as outlined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Orphan Drug Act.

This leading pharmaceutical company manufactures late-stage drugs, earned regulatory approvals, and then manufactured and commercialized medicines with input from patient advocacy groups. Marathon’s regulatory efforts. It is centered on gaining FDA approval of New Drug Applications (NDA) or Biologic License Applications (BLA).

Marathon Pharmaceuticals offers assistance for eligible people with financial hardship and helped them to secure other assistance through the National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD) and similar patient support groups. This company distributed its products in North America also.

Pharmacia Upjohn

Pharmacia & Upjohn is the global pharmaceutical company emerged after the merger of Sweden-based Pharmacia AB and the American company Upjohn in 1995.  It has its roots in the United States to 1886. The company has grown throughout the 19th century, eventually evolving into an innovative, international company.

The Searle and Hereth Co. was formed by a Gideon Daniel Searle, as an innovative company developing many outstanding products. These include the first bulk laxative, the first motion sickness drug, the first oral contraceptive, the first once-a-day calcium channel blocker to treat high blood pressure., and many other innovative products. The company discovered and introduced aspartame, a hugely successful sugar substitute.

In April 2000, Pharmacia & Upjohn formed a meagered with Monsanto and Searle creating Pharmacia, a dynamic new competitor in the pharmaceutical industry. The trusted company’s innovative medicines and other products saved the lives of many people and enhanced health. After the merger, Pharmacia continued Searle’s agreement with Pfizer to co-promote Celebrex, which was originally co-developed by Searle and Pfizer.

Roerig Div Pfizer Inc

Roerig Div Pfizer Inc is the functional division of Pfizer’s marketing segment. The leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer made an acquisition in 1953 and took over J.B. Roerig & Company. Roerig Div Pfizer Inc is specialized in nutritional supplements that become a division of the company and still plays an integral role in Pfizer’s marketing segment. Other pharmaceutical companies keep their international employees on a short leash but this company gives its international people tremendous autonomy. It enables them to make critical decisions immediately for implementation. It proves to be remarkably successful in the years ahead. The Central Research Division is formed, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical R&D worldwide. It is growing that includes research centers on three continents. In an era of advances in medical discovery, Roerig Div Pfizer Inc provides a long-term investment in research that will pay off years later. The company has also established a microbiology laboratory for soil screening in Nagano, Japan. It is expanded in 1985 into a major discovery laboratory complex so that researchers can play an important part in the laboratory. It has been working on the inflammation process in conditions like arthritis and asthma, and new non-addictive analgesics to manage pain.

Sanofi Pharmaceutical

French pharmaceutical multinational company Sanofi Pharmaceutical headquartered in Paris, France. In 2004, the merger of Aventis and sanofi-synthelabo formed a company as ‘Sanofi-Aventis’. Later, in May 2011, the company changed its name to ‘Sanofi’. This company has acquired full membership of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, Biotechnology Industry Organization, and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

The global company Sanofi Pharmaceutical provides major therapeutic segments such as oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, central nervous system, internal medicine, thrombosis, and vaccines. The leading pharmaceutical company offers unique prescription medications like Autoimmune, Infectious disease, Metabolic, Neurology, and Pain.

In 2005, the vaccine division of Sanofi group, ‘Sanofi Pasteur’ was awarded a $97 million HHS contract. Sanofi Pasteur is a member of EuropaBio, which is Europe’s largest and most influential biotech industry group. The company anchors on Research and development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs in the prescription market.

Recently, in 2018, Sanofi Pharmaceutical launched three major treatments in USA and Europe i.e. Dupixent (dupilumb) for moderate to severe asthma, Libtayo (cemiplimab) for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, which is the second most common skin cancer, Cablivi (caplacizumab), for acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a rare blood clotting disorder.

Watsons’ Health care company

Watsons’ Health care company is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies founded by Watson. Dr. Thomas Boswell Watson was from Scotland, who arrived in the Far East in 1845. He moved to Hong Kong in 1856 and became part-owner of the Hong Kong Dispensary, which was operated from 1828 to 1858.

The Big Medicine Shop, the dispensary was holding customers especially soldiers and sailors. The Dispensary became the leading healthcare company, Watson Health care company. In 1871, the Watson family rent out the company to Dr. John David Humphreys and Dr. Arthur Hunt. From that time, the trading was executed under the name A.S. Watson & Company.

Retail outlets were called Watson the Chemist. This leading company currently owned by Hutchison Group, which was acquired an A.S. Watson & Co., Ltd in 1963. Watson’s Health care company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. in 1983. This particular company holds 75 retail outlets.

The company is well aware of corporate social responsibility. It runs various programs to help people to live a healthy life. The research and development team of the company strives to innovate products that are environment-friendly.

Ortho Mcneil Pharmaceutical Inc

The leading company Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc was formed after the merger of Ortho Pharmaceutical and McNeil Pharmaceutical in the year 1993. These two pharmaceutical companies are leaders in various therapeutic segments like pain management, acid reflux disease, and infectious diseases. Within the Johnson & Johnson company, two companies Ortho-McNeil and Janssen Pharmaceutica together formed a group Ortho-McNeil-Janssen group. The company headquartered in Raritan, New Jersey, United States.

The leading company believes that sound health is the foundation of active lives, booming communities, and forward progress. The company has aimed to keep people healthy at every age and every stage of life. Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc is the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, which is committed to using its reach and size for good. It also aims to improve access and affordability, form healthier communities, a healthy mind or body, and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc is a part of The Johnson & Johnson Family that offers the world’s largest range of consumer healthcare products. It offers baby care, skin care, oral care, wound care, over-the-counter and women’s health products. It is a brand trusted by customers and healthcare professionals worldwide. It anticipates needs and creates solutions to help people live healthy, active lives.

Allergan Pharmaceuticals

Allergan Pharmaceuticals is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company with its colleagues and commercial operations located in approximately 100 countries. It is committed to working with physicians, healthcare providers and people to deliver innovative treatments. It is actively helping people around the world to live longer and healthier lives.

The headquarter of the Allergan Pharmaceuticals is in Dublin, Ireland. The entity is a global pharmaceutical leader focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing branded pharmaceutical, device, biologic, surgical and regenerative medicine products for people across the world.

This trusted company markets a portfolio of leading brands and best-in-class products primarily focused on four key therapeutic areas such as medical aesthetics, eye care, central nervous system, and gastroenterology. As part of its approach to delivering innovation for better patient care, the company has built one of the broadest pharmaceutical and device research & development pipelines in the industry.

Allergan Pharmaceuticals is bold for life. The given phrase inspires its employees to do what is best for their customers and patients. The company is well connected to its customers and patients. It believes in teamwork and partnership that makes it stronger. Better. Bolder.

Novartis Pharmaceutical

A merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz formed a renowned pharmaceutical company Novartis in 1996. The trusted company has rich history of developing innovative products mainly in the production of synthetic fabric dyes. The company shows a passion for marketing and developing quality products that contribute to progressive healthcare products.

The leading company Novartis Pharmaceutical focuses on science-based innovation to address some world’s most challenging healthcare issues. It has introduced Behaviors and Values that describe the behaviors of professionals that the company expects from its employees.

The company collaborate diversity and inclusion with high performing teams. The company performs by making and prioritizing things happen with urgency. Employees of the company have courage and right to speak up. The company has set its own ethics and integrity by applying and advocating standards every day.

Basically, Novartis Pharmaceutical is a science-based and patient-oriented healthcare company that striving to be a global leader in growing areas of healthcare. The company offers products focused in retail generics, biopharmaceuticals & oncology injectables, and anti-infectives. The company has expanded access to healthcare. The company cares for its associates, contribute to our local communities, and strive to operate with high integrity and transparency.

Genzyme Corporation

A merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz formed a renowned pharmaceutical company Novartis in 1996. The trusted company has rich history of developing innovative products mainly in the production of synthetic fabric dyes. The company shows a passion for marketing and developing quality products that contribute to progressive healthcare products.

The leading company Novartis Pharmaceutical focuses on science-based innovation to address some world’s most challenging healthcare issues. It has introduced Behaviors and Values that describe the behaviors of professionals that the company expects from its employees.

The company collaborate diversity and inclusion with high performing teams. The company performs by making and prioritizing things happen with urgency. Employees of the company have courage and right to speak up. The company has set its own ethics and integrity by applying and advocating standards every day.

Basically, Novartis Pharmaceutical is a science-based and patient-oriented healthcare company that striving to be a global leader in growing areas of healthcare. The company offers products focused in retail generics, biopharmaceuticals & oncology injectables, and anti-infectives. The company has expanded access to healthcare. The company cares for its associates, contribute to our local communities, and strive to operate with high integrity and transparency.

Merck Sharp Dohme

In 1668, Friedrich Jacob Merck founded Merck Limited in Darmstadt, Germany. Merck is devoted to make available research and production to populace. The company has provided unique personalized application and engineering expertise to industries across the globe. The expertise of the company has areas such as, Pharmaceutical, Academic, Government, Industrial, Clinical, and Research.

The growing company provides Services with Specific Product Area like IVD/OEM materials and reagents, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial microbiology, life science research, analytics and sample preparation, small molecule pharmaceuticals, and water purification. The leading company has world-class experts’ scientists and engineers with upgraded technologies, lab materials, and services.

In 2015, Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich together form an extended global footprint with broad portfolio of 300,000 products and ecommerce platform i.e. SigmaAldrich.com. Merk aims to help people to improve health and life of communities and environment, with commitment of providing fascinating life science products and services. As recognition of the leading company’s integrated strategy while addressing the medical needs of unnerved and underserved populations, Merk ranked 4th in 2018 Access to medicine Index.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical

The purpose and values of AstraZeneca are to help and explain why they exist, what they hope to accomplish, the behaviors they value, how they shall achieve goals and promise of the brand to their stakeholders.

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is known to be one of the world’s most exciting bio-pharmaceutical companies. Right from scientists to sales, lab techs to legal they are on a mission so as to turn ideas into life-changing medicines that shall further improve patients’ lives and it might benefit the society. The company is constantly moving forward agile and purposeful in work.

The main purpose of AstraZeneca is underpinning every performance. It also gives a great reason so as to come to work every day. It might remind as to why they exist as a company. It shall also help in delivering benefits to patients and create certain value for the shareholders.

The values of this manufacturing company determine as to how one might work together and the behavior might be integral to drive for success. The values guides are the decision making, defining beliefs and foster a strong AstraZeneca culture.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company. This leading company is one of the global group of companies embracing many cultures and diverse societies. The company aims to improve the health and quality of life of humans and animals is the goal of the research-driven aspects. The main focus of the company is doing so is on conditions for which no satisfactory treatment option exists to date.

It concentrates on developing innovative therapies that can extend people’s lives. It also cares for animal health and stands for advanced prevention for animals. Human health care segment of the company offers effective solutions for different conditions include Cardiovascular, Oncology, Respiratory, Central Nervous System, Metabolic Diseases, and Immunology.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma desires to serve mankind by improving human and animal health. The company has its own long history of philanthropy and social responsibility. This company is a family-owned since its founding in 1885. It also feels a special responsibility for its communities and respect for resources. As the company continues to develop breakthrough therapies and healthcare solutions in areas of unmet medical need, access is core to the company’s business and values.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma aspires to the sustainable delivery of sound health to humans, animals, and communities around the world by providing unique initiatives, both commercial and philanthropic, based on partnerships and local empowerment

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) headquartered in Brentford, London, is a British multinational pharmaceutical company.  In 2000, by the merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham, the GlaxoSmithKline established. In 2015, GSK ranked sixth among the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. On March 2017, the first female CEO of the company, Emma Walmsley acquired the position.

GSK offers unique products like Avodart, Advair, Flovent, Augmentin, Lovaza and Lamictal, toothpastes such as Sensodyne and Aquafresh, Horlicks, Abreva, Breathe Right nasal strips, Nicoderm and Nicorette, and Night Nurse. Essential Medicines listed in the World health organization, such as amoxicillin, mercaptopurine, pyrimethamine and zidovudine were developed by GSK.

GlaxoSmithKline has leading three global business vaccines, innovative pharmaceutical medicines and consumer products that manufacture, research and develop. The leading pharmaceutical company aims to be the world’s most innovative, trusted healthcare and best performing companies.

The company has set its own values such as Transparency, Patient focus, Integrity, Respect and its own expectation such as Accountability, Courage, Teamwork, and Development. High-quality, differentiated and needed healthcare products are promised by the company with its leading global businesses, scientific and technical experts and talented work force. The most trusted global company offers broad portfolio of innovative medicines in the segments, respiratory and HIV.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals

Lupin Pharmaceuticals is the most trusted and finest Indian pharmaceutical company founded on auspicious Gauddi Padwa’ Day in 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta. The name ‘Lupin’ is influenced by flower Lupin, which is known to nourish the soil it grows in and to be tolerant of infertile or barren land. This quality of the flower is at the center of the company. It endeavors to build solutions for society across the globe.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals has developed advanced drug delivery program especially focused on advance technologies, which provide a clinical benefit to facilitate patient’s convenience and experience. The company has built pipelines of branded products across the globe.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals awarded with Indian Pharmaceutical Company of the year 2010 by Frost & saliva India Excellence in healthcare Awards and Best Drug Development Company, Asia by The New Economy Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare awards in 2010.   The renowned company mainly focuses on its values such as Integrity, Teamwork, Respect & Care, Customer Focus, Entrepreneurial spirit, and Passion for excellence. The company has matchless position in the US, Japan, and India due to its excellent manufacturing qualities, research work and well-established supply chain across the globe.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical

The most trusted pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb works every day to transform people’s lives through science. It combines the agility of biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company. It creates a global leading biopharma company with the help of talented individuals who drive scientific innovation.

The company has the brightest people in the industry and believes that their diverse experiences and perspectives can bring out the company’s best ideas, drive innovation and achieve transformative business results.

Employees in the company across the world work together for people as the center of everything they do. Bristol-Myers Squibb has the advancements in various specializations such as in oncology, hematology, immunology, and cardiovascular disease, and they are dedicated to helping people prevail over serious diseases. They have a diverse and promising pipeline and new scientific platforms.

The company is very much aware of its responsibility that goes beyond medicine. It promotes health equity globally and increases access to life-saving medicines for the populace disproportionately affected by serious health conditions. It has achieved this in part through the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation that supports community-based programs to promote cancer awareness, screening, care and support among high-risk populations.

AdvaCare Pharma USA

AdvaCare Pharma USA is a unique kind of pharmaceutical company. This healthcare company is an American managed company focusing on the developing world. It works with the highest levels of government and local distributors alike and aims to not only expand its business scale or scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer. It requires its products the most. The company serves on 4 continents with an expanding product range to meet the demand of its main markets.

AdvaCare Pharma USA is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company with over 400 branded pharmaceutical-veterinary products and 5 medical device divisions with over 200 products sold worldwide. The trusted company supplies distributors, hospitals and governments. It offers pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, supplements, and a wide variety of medical devices. The leading company always focuses on the best value for its consumers while upholding the highest quality standards.

The pharmaceutical company is responsible and its business makes a valuable contribution to society. It aims to be open and transparent about how it operates. AdvaCare Pharma USA is committed to corporate responsibility and has been taken a special interest in addressing the health needs of the developing world.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Bayer Zydus Pharma is a joint venture company in India. Bayer Healthcare and Zydus Cadila came together to form Bayer Zydus Pharma, which focuses on meeting up patients need. Key elements of Bayer Zudus pharma in the Indian market are metabolic disorders, women’s healthcare, diagnostic imaging, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and anti-diabetic treatments.

In the General Medicine unit, the company offers products for prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke, control of high blood pressure, for diabetes management and also, offers active ingredients to treat respiratory and urinary tract infections i.e. bacterial infections. The Bayer Zydus Pharma Company is a world leader in the Women’s Healthcare business unit on three main categories such as menopause management, contraception, gynecological therapies, and female hormonal oral contraceptives.

Bayer Zydus Pharma is active towards a social cause. The company runs programs such as Improving Lives and Enabling Better Treatment, Patient Assistance Program, and Happy Life Initiative, etc. Through programs, the company works for different issues.

Improving Lives and Enabling Better Treatment program by the company, mainly makes innovative medicines available to fight against neglected diseases and helps in modern family planning. Another program by the company, Patient Assistance Program (PAP) reduces the cost of the monthly treatment.

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories, one of the leading and trusted healthcare companies in America was founded in 1888, headquartered in Lake Bluff, Illinois. It was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott. Abbott has branded generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products. The first HIV blood screening test was developed by the company in 1985.

Hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, and physician offices use Abbott’s medical tests and diagnostic instrument to diagnose and monitor diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, cancer, heart failure, and metabolic disorders. Abbott is known for offering unique medicinal products like Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Diagnostics, Neuromodulation, Nutrition, and Pharmaceuticals. Abbott works on core therapeutic areas such as Gastroenterology, Women’s Health, Cardiovascular, Pain/Central Nervous System, Respiratory, and Influenza Vaccine.

Abbott has designed customized devices according to the diseases patient faces such as spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for the treatment of chronic pain, dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation for treatment of causalgia in Neuromodulation. Abbott made personalized medicine a reality. This company can provide real-time, lab-quality results to the patient with the help of portable, hand-held blood analyzers to make easy decisions and ensure the desired care when needed.

Janssen Pharmaceutical

Janssen Pharmaceutical is one of the trusted pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company is entrusted with one of the most important jobs in the world. It aspires to transform lives by bringing life-saving and life-changing solutions to people who need them. It is committed to providing safe and effective medicines as well as the services-support to contribute to healthy outcomes.

The company calls for the best science practices and most creative minds as well as an openness to collaborate with researchers, governments and patient organizations at every stage. Janssen Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company in the United States that focuses on innovation on some of the most devastating diseases and the most complex medical challenges with therapeutic areas include Cardiovascular & Metabolism, Immunology, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, Neuroscience, Oncology, and Pulmonary Hypertension.

The company Janssen is named after Dr. Paul Janssen, a leading pharmaceutical researcher, pharmacologist, and general practitioner. The company headquartered in Titusville, New Jersey. This company, Janssen Pharmaceutical, joined the Johnson & Johnson family of companies in 1961. This leading company has grown over the years to serve the changing needs of its consumers and the healthcare industry.


Lederle Laboratories

Lederle Laboratories is an arm of American Cyanamid, which was bought by Wyeth and later in turn was acquired by Pfizer Ltd. The company Pfizer was founded by Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart in the year of 1849. The headquarters of the company is in New York City, whereas research headquarters in Groton, Connecticut. The Fortune 500 list of largest United States corporations on terms of revenue, Pfizer Inc. ranked 57th.

Lederle Laboratories helps the parent company to manufacture, develop healthcare solutions, and vaccines for various areas like cardiology, endocrinology immunology, neurology, and oncology. The company provides effective medicinal drugs like Lipitor (atorvastatin), used to lower LDL blood cholesterol; Lyrica (pregabalin) for neuropathic pain; Diflucan (fluconazole), Viagra (sildenafil) for erectile dysfunction; and fibromyalgia; Zithromax (azithromycin), an antibiotic; an oral antifungal medication; and Celebrex, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Lederle Laboratories with pfizer ltd. strives to focus on areas like vaccines, internal medicines, inflammation & immunology, rare disease, oncology, and anti-infective. The company offers funds for an external NGOs, and programs that provides education about health condition, health screening, advocacy for disease awareness, and access to care facilities.

Sun Pharmaceutical

The most trusted pharmaceutical company, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited was founded by Mr. Dilip Shanghavi in 1983 headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was established in Vapi, Gujarat with 5 psychiatry ailments. The growing company introduced Cardiology products and gastroenterology products in 1987 and 1989 respectively. Now, Sun pharma is the leader in neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, and ophthalmology.

The company has acquired Ranbaxy in 2014 and became the largest pharmaceutical company in India, 5th largest specialty generic company globally, and largest Indian pharmaceutical company in USA. The company is known to offer unique therapeutic segments like cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, diabetology and Active Pharmaceutical ingredients like warfarin, carbamazepine, etodolac, and clorazepate, as well as anti-cancers, steroids, peptides, and sex hormones. Sun pharma sells its products mainly in India and US.

In 2004, the company’s first joint venture manufacturing unit has commissioned in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The leading company also signed an agreement with National Institute of Virology, India to fight Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue in 2017. Sun pharma promised for affordable and accessible good health to underprivileged and populace at large.

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Roche Pharmaceuticals was founded at a time when industrial revolution was on its high tip of Europe. On October 1, 1896. It is founded by Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche at the age of 28 as the successor company to Hoffmann, Traub & Co in Basel, Switzerland.  The founder was among the first to recognize that the industrial manufacture of pharmaceutical products would be a huge advance in the fight against health condition.

The leading company Roche Pharmaceuticals has grown into one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. the first head of research was Pharmacist Carl Schaerges, together with chemist Emil C. Barell demonstrate the presence of iodine in thyroid extracts. It was the first patent and scientific publications.

The company has marked its Orange-flavored success. It produces a non-prescription cough syrup containing its own active ingredient, Thiocol. It was the orange-flavored syrup bagged an immediate success for the company. It was launched under the name Sirolin in 1898, which was then remains on the market for over 60 years.

In 1945 this leading company enters into the cosmetics sector. It establishes Pantene Corporation and affiliate cosmetic companies. It employs 4,000 – 1,200 alone in Basel and 2,000 in Nutley, USA. Roche Pharmaceuticals starts to tighten its organizational structure and forwarded creating separate business units.

Advanz Pharma

One of the growing pharmaceutical company, Advanz Pharma was founded in 1963. It has headquarters at Mississauga in Canada. Graeme Duncan is the CEO, and Adeel Ahmad is the CFO of this leading company. The pharma company is committed to helping people lead healthier, better lives by revitalizing and innovating niche established medicines.

Over the many years, Advanz has been providing medicines, it has built a commercial platform across over 90 countries. The company is the first pharma company in the world to achieve an ISO 37001 accreditation for its comprehensive compliance management system.

Operational headquarters of the company is in London (UK) supported by a center of excellence in Mumbai (India), and regional hubs in Europe, Australia and the U.S. The company is committed to serving the needs of people and healthcare providers across the world by operating at the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its work.

The trusted company believes in providing medicines safely and effectively, all to the highest quality standards. It aspires to be open, transparent and collaborative in all its relationships and believes in the power of partnership to build trust. Advanz Pharma encourages to save the environment and takes Social & Governance responsibilities very seriously.

Fortune Healthcare

Renowned manufacturer, Fortune HealthCare is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. The founder of this company, in particular, is a pharmacy Graduate from L.M. College of Pharmacy. It is well-known for offering a wide range of medicines such as Alopecia, antacids, Anti-emetic, Anti-bacterial, Anti cold, Antibiotics, Anti-depressant, Anti-Allergic, Antiseptic, herbal, Ayurvedic, and Cardiovascular medicines, etc. The leading company is also known for exporting and trading a wide range of high international standard pharmaceutical products.

The trusted company maintains friendly infrastructure and ultra-modern manufacturing facilities that offered all WHO-GMP certified products, which are highly safe oral consumption and effective outcomes. The company Fortune HealthCare exports its products to various countries like the Philippines, Seychelles, and Vietnam.

The warehousing facility of the growing company Fortune Healthcare supports stocking some of the products under the safe and secured storage conditions. It attempts right from scratch by developing this medicine, so as to keep it safe under appropriate storage. The company is amongst the established healthcare providers that offer the best quality medication at pocket-friendly rates. The drug composed by this trusted pharmaceutical serves the best compositions for the medicines that might help in delivering guaranteed satisfactory results on oral administration.

Genentech Biotechnology company

Genentech Biotechnology company is considered as the founder of the industry. It is now a member of the Roche Group that delivers on the promise of biotechnology for more than 40 years.

This pharmaceutical company, a biotechnology company devoted to pursuing groundbreaking science to discover and develop medicines for people with life-threatening conditions. The company’s transformational discoveries include the first targeted antibody for cancer and the first medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

The company after the merger agreement, Roche and Genentech Biotechnology company combined its pharmaceutical operations in the United States. The headquarter of the company located in South San Francisco now serves as the headquarters for Roche pharmaceutical operations in the United States.

Genentech Biotechnology company engages in research, development, manufacture, and marketing of biotechnology products for life-threatening health conditions. As a fundamental part of its corporate mission and values, the company is committed to the highest standards of behavior.

These mentioned high standards are important to its success and represent how it operates as a business. The standards, which the company pronouns the U.S. Pharma Code of Conduct, apply to its officers and employees, as well as to the directors in their activities on the company’s behalf. The company works hard to train its employees and to prevent, detect, and correct instances of non-compliance.

Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the trusted pharmaceutical entity that manufactures, markets and distributes more than 14 drugs in the United States. The company is an international specialty pharmaceutical company with a wide variety of pharmaceutical portfolio of more than 200 patented and off-patent products.

The company offers these products in more than 90 countries. Additionally, the company is focused on innovating, shaping and growing the specialty, off-patent sector in Europe. The company operates out of facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, and its subsidiaries, operate out of facilities in Bridgetown, Barbados; London, England, and Mumbai, India.

The parent company of Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is Advanz Pharma is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical development company that dedicates its efforts to bring its portfolio of niche medications to people in over 100 countries across the world.

Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the outcome of the acquisition by Concordia International Corp of the AMCo group. The group of talents is highly complementary and it has fueled the considerable growth of Advanz Pharma over the last few years. This parent company plans to continue this trend of acquiring more brands to build a truly global pharmaceutical company.

Schering pharmaceuticals

Schering pharmaceutical is a research-oriented German multinational pharmaceutical company. The headquarters of this trusted company is in Wedding, Berlin. This company has operated as an independent company from 1851 to 2006. It was bought by Bayer AG in 2006 and merged to form the Bayer subsidiary named as Bayer Schering Pharma AG. Then, it was renamed as Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals in 2011.

Schering pharmaceutical, is the American pharmaceutical company formerly known as the Schering Corporation. It is one of fastest growing company in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the Berlin, two factories are also located in Russia with over 1,000 employees and a plant in Great Britain. This company offers products such as salicylic acid, the antigout preparation atophan, sleeping and disinfecting agents.

Schering pharmaceutical focused on the therapeutic areas such as gynaecology, andrology, multiple sclerosis, oncology, and contrast agents. It is best-known products are brands of combined oral contraceptive pills. Key products are the interferon-beta brand Betaferon and the paramagnetic contrast agent Magnevist.

Amgen Pharmaceuticals

Amgen Pharmaceuticals is a renowned pharmaceutical company that has a mission to serve people with challenging health conditions. The company is serving the right thing with values of being ethical, trusting and respecting each other, ensuring quality and being science-based.

The company focused on helping people with serious diseases and believed in commitment to integrity and compliance.  It strives to serve people by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into the best solutions or therapies with the power to restore health or save lives.

The company has its own set of values includes Science-Based innovations, Competence, Values for staff and stockholders, Strong ethics, Trust and respect for each other, and Teamwork. Amgen Pharmaceuticals’ success depends on superior scientific innovation, integrity and continuous improvement in all aspects.

The business of the company runs through the application of the scientific method that has a multi-step process right from designing the right experiment, collecting and analyzing data and rational decision making. The company is relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to its products, services, and communications. The Amgen Pharmaceuticals attracts diverse, capable and committed people and provides an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, individual responsibility, and values diversity.

Gilead Sciences, Inc

Gilead Sciences, Inc. aims at a mission to transform the assurance of science and technology into the power to cure, prevent or treat health conditions and revolutionize the standard of care. The company enters into the future and strive to keep providing positive social and environmental change across the supply chain of itself. It has built a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that mainly acts for the people with some health conditions, the society, the planet, and business practices.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. approaches supervising the impact to ensure everything the company does reflects the company’s commitment to integrity and excellence. Internal and external stakeholders aim to find the effectiveness of the company’s management approach to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

The trusted company has a Code of Ethics that requires employees’ compliance with fair dealing in all instances. Violations of the Code of Ethics by employees are not entertained in the firm. It can lead to disciplinary action like termination of employment and referral for criminal prosecution.

As part of Gilead Sciences, Inc.’s commitment to promoting products free from violations of all types of ethical standards, it implements a plan to update its Code of Ethics and employee training such as provisions to address human slavery and trafficking.

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Gilead Sciences, Inc. transforms the assurance of science and technology into the power to cure, prevent or treat health conditions. Explore Gilead Sciences, Inc.!

Leadiant Biosciences Pharmaceutical

Leadiant Biosciences Pharmaceutical a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leadiant Biosciences S.p.A., is a research-based pharmaceutical company. This trusted company dedicates considerable scientific and financial resources to the research, development, and distribution of novel and effective therapies that meet the unmet needs of the people living with health disorders.

This company is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The leading pharmaceutical company has brought novel therapies to market that transform the lives of those affected by the disease. It recognizes that people extend far beyond medicine, it supports people and their families throughout their journeys by providing education and resources.

The company’s commitment to medication access begins with its experienced and passionate team that knows how to deliver treatments to people who need them. It is a private company; its primary focus is on serving its customers. It reinvests in research to develop novel therapies that offer real clinical value.

Employees in the Leadiant Biosciences Pharmaceutical work with rare dedication to provide therapies for people with rare health conditions. The company holds with patient communities, physicians, and researchers worldwide to overcome challenges.

Sunovion Pharmaceutical

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals company was known as Sepracor, Inc. until October 12, 2010, later it is acquired by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma of Japan. So, it is named as Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. It is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1984 by Timothy J. Barberich, Steve Matson, and Bob Bratzler and was originally located in Princeton, New Jersey. It is then re-located to Marlborough, Massachusetts. The company has headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts, London, England, Mississauga, Ontario Canada, and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals’ mainly focused on the treatment of central nervous system and respiratory disorders, which was directed by Gunnar Aberg, and John McCullough. The Xopenex franchise of drugs is the primary source of revenue for the company. In 2004, insomnia drug Lunesta was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, which was launched in April 2005.

This growing company offers many effective solutions for the treatment of challenging health conditions. In February 2006 the company has introduced a new drug Brovana to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Time-by-time it works to innovate the best solutions.

The company announced the acquisition of Cynapsus Therapeutics for approximately $624 million in 2016. The deal added the Parkinson’s disease candidate drug to the list of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals products.

Wyeth Pharmaceutical

Wyeth Pharma is a company that was purchased by Pfizer in 2009. This company was initially founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1860 as John Wyeth and Brother. It was later called as an American Home Product before being renamed as Wyeth in 2002. The headquarters moved to Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and Madison, New Jersey, before its headquarters were consolidated with Pfizer’s in New York City after the 2009 merger. The infant and other maternal nutrition business were later acquired by Nestlé in late 2012.

Well known Wyeth Pharma is known for bringing out to the world pharmaceutical and healthcare products so as to enhance the lives and further deliver outstanding value to customers and their shareholders. The vision of this manufacturer is to lead the way to a healthier world. By simply carrying out this particular vision at every level of organization, it will be recognized by employees, customers, and shareholders as the best pharmaceutical company from around the world, which will be further resulting in value for all.

Wyeth Pharma is majorly known for Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals, and products thereof) business from approx. 13 years and currently, company operations are quite active. Current board members & directors are named as PRAJEET NAIR and SAMIR SALAUDDIN KAZI.

Servier Pharmaceutical

Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical is an independent and international pharmaceutical company operated by a non-profit organization. The headquarters of this trusted company in Suresnes, France. It has established its first laboratory in 1954, which is committed to therapeutic progress to serve people’s needs with the help of healthcare providers. This leading company strives to offer future generations of quality healthcare products.

The leading company operates in 149 countries around the world with 22,000 collaborators employed and remarkable turnover. Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical is an independent entity and able to reinvest 25% of its total revenue into Research and Development.

The growth of this growing company has driven by its constant innovative approach in five areas of expertise such as cardiovascular and immune-inflammatory diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, and diabetes. The company’s leading force in cardiology and oncology has become a top priority in recent years. It has also started manufacturing high-quality generic drugs.

This independent company has governed by the Servier International Research Foundation, which is a legal structure of the Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical’s group. This trusted company aims for independence, stability, & sustainability, unity & harmony, and being a group of people and not of capital.

Takeda Pharmaceutical

Takeda Pharmaceutical is an outcome of selling traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal medicines in 1781. In Doshomachi, the Chobei Takeda I begin selling in the district of Osaka, Japan. The founder gained a reputation for business integrity and quality products and services. These values continue through the years and become implanted into its corporate philosophy, which still guide the company today.

The company is a consumer-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company that is committed to bring better health. The company is  present in approximately 80 countries in leading positions, includes Japan and the U.S. In the U.S. it has first largest pharmaceutical market in the world. Takeda Pharmaceutical delivers highly innovative medicines and care for huge populace across the globe.

Logo of Takeda Pharmaceutical mark for overseas is an updated and modern version with ‘Embracing Mountains’ (Dakiyama) mark. The leading company merged with Zydus pharmaceuticals to form a new 100% export-oriented unit.

Combinedly the both companies have two manufacturing plants, active pharmaceutical ingredients Plant and KSM Plant. The global team of researchers and scientists are partners to harness the cutting-edge science that push the boundaries of transformation with life-changing therapies.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is one of the growing pharmaceutical company that drives for the change to defeat diabetes and other chronic diseases. This trusted company is a global pharmaceutical company with more than 95 years of experience. It strives for innovative ideas and leadership to cure diabetes. The heritage has gifted experience and capabilities in the industry that also help people to fight against other serious chronic diseases such as hemophilia, growth disorders and obesity.

The leading company headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk that employs around 42,200 people in 80 countries and markets its products across the globe. Novo Nordisk has an exciting story before 90 years. The company has begun with the two small Danish companies Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium and Novo Terapeutisk Laboratorium founded in 1923 and 1925, respectively. These two firms started producing the new drug insulin that had just been discovered.

The mentioned two companies started focusing on the development of products to benefit people with diabetes. These companies developed as the best organizations in their field. Finally, they came together in 1989, and Novo Nordisk happened. It has been expanding rapidly ever since with a leading position in diabetes care, obesity care, hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

Romark Laboratories L.c

Romark Laboratories, L.C is a leading pharmaceutical company, founded on innovation. It strives for problem-solving, research and development since its establishment. The trusted pharmaceutical company aims at completing its mission to passionately impact the lives of people across the globe.

This company uniquely works, which has the main focus on the research.

This well-known company is vertically integrated that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets its own manufactured pharmaceutical products. Romark Laboratories, L.C approaches a global population and located in the US, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Australia. It works by passion about health, medicine, and people living with different health conditions. The trusted company shows a positive impact on the lives of people worldwide by its quality products.

This particular company is blessed with leadership with lifelong innovators and committed industry veterans so as to bring a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to the business of the company.

Romark Laboratories, L.C has denied the one-bug-one-drug antiviral approach and took an initiative to accept the challenge of treating illnesses caused by the innate immune response of the body to a broad range of challenging and rapidly changing viruses. The company targets activity against a wide range of respiratory viruses, suppressive pro-inflammatory cytokines that cause symptoms of respiratory virus infections and plague traditional direct-acting antivirals.

Validus Pharmaceuticals

Validus Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company. It focused on acquiring, reformulating, and marketing prescription medications in specialty therapeutic areas. The business of this company is based on the acquisition of established products that are FDA-approved and satisfy unmet clinical needs.

Validus Pharmaceuticals welcomes inquiries from business development executives who would like to derive value from their well-known brands through licensing partnerships. It addresses all business development inquiries to John Kinney, CEO.

Validus Pharmaceuticals has coordinated with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to form Marplan available to people in the U.S. who are in desperate need of relief from their illness. The trusted company has imported another manufacturer’s Marplan for the U.S. market. This medical solution is manufactured and marketed in Denmark by MediLink.

Validus Pharmaceuticals is a Parsippany, New Jersey-based specialty pharmaceutical company, which provides FDA-approved prescription products that satisfy unmet medical needs.  It strives to fulfill its mission; the company seeks out and acquires marketed products that have well-established safety profiles as well as significant clinical benefits.

UCB, Inc. Pharmaceutical

UCB, Inc. Pharmaceutical works with experts in the industry to meet the unmet needs of people and caregivers. It helps the populace to achieve their aims and to live the lives they want. The leading pharmaceutical company has set a mission to become the people-preferred biopharma leader by providing medicines and solutions that improve lives.

UCB, Inc. Pharmaceutical commits for the value of its medicinal values. It promises to bring together the talent, expertise, tools and scientific methods that required to serve people’s needs. The business of the company is strong with revenue of €4.6 billion in 2018.

This company has 7,500 people working with it in all four corners of the globe, aspired by people and driven by science. The ambition of the organization is to reconstruct the lives of people living with some serious health conditions. Mainly the company stressed neurology and immunology disorders – considering people at the center of the world. It is Inspired by people who use its products and driven by Science.

The company is persistently working to advance science and embrace new knowledge. It is getting benefits of scientific advances and skills in areas like genetics, biomarkers and human biology. UCB, Inc. Pharmaceutical believes that radical changes coming in the game of the eco-system of care and that the company needs to evolve so as to deliver its vision.

Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(Pfizer)

Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Pfizer) was founded as a small-scale business in the Pharma industry. This small-scale firm was grown up at a tremendous rate. It has dedicated its grand success to all employees in the company.

The trusted company believes in innovation as its passion. It appreciates all the challenges as it helps the company to grow competitively. It creates more focus on future plans. The strength is its team and its proactive efforts that make all plans successful. The vision of the company is to achieve a global presence in every aspect of pharmaceuticals products.

Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Pfizer) enriches life with safe, effective and quality medicinal products. It aims to distribute its wide range of products to every corner of the industry and bring outstanding results. It will add more value to Monarch Pharmaceuticals and its valued customers.

This leading pharmaceutical company sets its standards to design and to meet the requirements of various regulatory firms in the industry. The objective of Monarch Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Pfizer) in terms of maintaining quality is to exceed customer expectations.

It believes in commitment to perfection in product quality and loyalty to a stringent delivery schedule. The trusted company covers all aspects to maintain product quality, operational quality, and environmental quality such as comprehensive procedures and relevant documentation. It always aims to have customer satisfaction.

Centurion Laboratories Private Limited

The Centurion Laboratories Private Limited established in the year 2006 known as a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical products. The company deals with inclusive of Allopathic Medicines, Erectile Dysfunction Medicines, Antiseptic Ointments, Antibacterial and Antibiotics, Anti T.B. Medicines and Cardiovascular Medicines, etc.

Centurion Laboratories Private Limited offered a wide range of medicines that are manufactured under the supervision of experts following the set norms and guidelines of the industry. The company aims to offer quality medicinal products to the customers quality controllers closely examined on various parameters.

The company has developed an effective and sophisticated infrastructure. The facility in the company armed with all the essential technology and machines required for a smooth and planned production. The company looking forward to maintaining a hassle-free production process and a higher production rate. It calibrates and upgrades all these machines and techniques on a regular time interval.

Centurion Laboratories Private Limited has appointed a team of diligent and dexterous professionals to carry out the trade activities and maintain the highest quality standards of the pharmaceutical drugs manufactured by the company. It ensures the timely delivery of all products to the customers’ disposal. the company has created a niche for itself in the market owing to the striven efforts of its employees, advanced processing facilities and transparent business policies.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a well-known pharmaceutical company is founded in 1930. The company offers products in over 90 countries. It offers clinically-studied herbal formulations, certified USDA organic Single herbs, and body care products. The company integrates the principles of traditional medicine with modern science. It is a worldwide pioneer in the field of scientifically validated herbal healthcare.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s North American LEED Gold-Certified eco-friendly corporate office and warehouse are situated in Sugar Land, Texas, a community neighboring Houston. The complexity and timing of the entire seed-to-shelf process for Himalaya and for the plants themselves are highlighted by three important mandates: purity, efficacy, and batch-to-batch consistency.

This trusted pharmaceutical company maintains total control over the farming, harvesting, research, manufacturing, and distribution of all products manufactured by it. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare was granted a GMP i.e. Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, issued by the Licensing Authority, Directorate of Indian Systems of Medicine, Bangalore, India. The leading company is the first Ayurvedic facility in India to receive GMP certification.

It has also been granted Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification, which is granted to manufacturing companies that adhere to the toxicity guidelines in nonclinical safety studies.  Only 14 institutions in India have been granted this certificate, where Himalaya is the first herbal company to receive it.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company that works with a passion for manufactured high quality driven products and to meet the unmet needs of people out there around the globe. The company has a production and distribution department that produced Musli Power X-tra is that distributed through a chain of over 10,0000 chemist shops throughout India.

These retailer shops are supervised by a number of super stockists spread all over the nation, as well as abroad. The managing director of the company is Mr. K.C. Abraham, who is the brother of Olympian, Mrs. K.C.Rosakutty an Arjuna Award winner.

The company has an active Research and Development team. This department of Kunnath Pharmaceuticals conducts research on the efficacy of its products like Musli Power X-tra, sexual health, treatment for sexual dysfunction and sex education. The R & D department of the company is headed by Dr. T.V. Mathew, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who was the former HOD, Department of Clinical Psychology, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals’s medical Wing takes care of infertility and sexual problems of both males and females through various medical treatments. The renowned infertility specialist, Dr. Philips Abraham, DGO, MD, Gynecologist is has settled with the charge of this department.

Dharam Pharma Distributors

Dharam Pharma Distributors is one of the most proficient manufacturers, traders and exporters of the quality pharmaceutical products. The products offered by the company are such as Sildenafil Citrate Tablets, Tadalafil, Zhewitra, Snovitra Super Power, Sildigra Prof Sublinul, etc

These products are made by using finest quality raw material and ingredients. The expert in the company analyst stringently test the whole product range by applying various quality parameters. So the products are widely used by the consumers for their effectiveness, longer shell life, safety and efficiency.

Dharam Pharma Distributors has been able to increase the sales volume from 10 million by meeting highest customer satisfaction in the market. The trusted pharmaceutical company manufactures intimate cosmetics, health products, medications for the genitourinary system and sex hormones, medications for nervous system, antimicrobial medications for regular use, weight-loss pills, antineoplastic and immunomodulating medications, dermatological substances, phyto products, hormone medications for regular use, and erotic products.

Since past 6 years, Dharam Pharma Distributors have been serving people as an eminent manufacturer, exporter and trader of quality products. The company provides a wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations. All product range is fabricated using high quality material that are procured from reliable and authorized vendors of the market.

Ranbaxy Laboratories

Ranbaxy Laboratories was established early in 1961. The manufacturer is a research-based international pharmaceutical company serving customers in approx. 150 countries and it has eventually experienced more than 50 years in providing high quality, which is affordable medicine that is all trusted by healthcare professionals and patients.

Ranbaxy Laboratories is known for operating in approx. 43 countries and 21 manufacturing facilities that are spread evenly approx. eight countries. The company is known for covering all the top 25 pharmaceutical markets of the world that might have a robust that was present across both developed and emerging markets. Driven by some of the innovation and those might continue focus on research and development (R&D), this manufacturing company has achieved various regulatory approvals in both developed and emerging in the market for serving the needy.

A major part of such effort might have been well-establishment of the company’s own research and development center that was enabled the company so as to begin for entering some new Chemical Entities (NCE) and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) markets. In the mid-2000s, the company might have had a number of NCEs in progress, and they might have already launched its first NDDS product, which is a single daily dosage formulation of ciprofloxacin.

Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd

In 1995, the top pharmaceutical company, Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd was founded and launched products in two states. In very little time, the trusted company that has managed to launch and operate throughout India. This happened in 2002.  The growing company launched a new segment i.e. Discovery Mankind. In the segment, Discovery Mankind offers unique therapeutic segments such as anti-fungal, metabolic disorders, diabetes, gastro-intestinal, and antibiotics.

The renowned company aspires to assist in formulating, commercializing, developing, accessible and affordable healthcare products that satisfy patients’ unmet needs.  Basically, Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd born in between somewhere 1986 and 1991, but the growing company came into action as a legal corporation from 1995. The company has grown with employees around 14,000.

Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd had already bagged renowned products like Gas-O-Fast, Manforce condoms, Prega News, Kaloree, Unwanted 72, Addiction, Manforce tablets, and Manforce stay long. The top trusted pharma company awarded with many prestigious awards in recent times, In 2018, like ‘Pitch Top 50 brands’ in the category of gender equality by exchange 4 media and best pharma OTC company of the year & best condom brand of the year. It also won an award organized by Gateway Media Private Limited, The Smart Exporter- Pharmaceuticals in January 2018.

RSM Enterprises

RSM Enterprises is one of the trusted exporters and suppliers of various pharmaceutical bulk medicines. The products include Oral Jelly, Male Sex Enhancement Capsule, Female Sex, Enhancement Tablets, Sex Drive Enhancers Tablets, and Pharmaceutical Tablet.

The company is guided by the CEO, Mr. Dipen, who has helped the company in achieving a niche in this industry. Wide knowledge of the CEO has facilitated the company to find out the outstanding active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The company holds an expert team with it. The team is highly experienced and qualified in their particular domain. The team always comprises of quality controllers, sales and marketing personnel, warehouses, professionals, and procuring agents.

RSM Enterprises also offers customized solutions of its products at specific demands of its customers. Products offered by the company are manufactured efficiently by its experts and are prepared under their inspection to meet the actual demand of consumers. All the products are available at industry leading prices and are appreciated for purity, effective and no side effects.

The trusted company RSM Enterprises has state-of-the-state infrastructure handled by its team of qualified experts comprises of efficient technicians, doctors, and skilled technicians. All experts have expertise in their domain and have vast experience and knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals. The production unit is equipped with all the upgraded technologies and machinery.

Zydus pharmaceutical

A leading Indian Pharmaceutical company was founded by Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel in the year 1952.  The founder was formerly a lecturer in the L.M. College of Pharmacy and first-generation entrepreneurs & doyen in the field of Indian Pharmaceuticals. The leading company has it’s headquarter at Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of western India. The Company is a fully integrated and global healthcare provider. Zydus Pharmaceutical offers active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations, wellness products, and animal healthcare products, also; it has earned reputation for providing complete and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Zydus Pharmaceutical various pharmaceuticals products, diagnostics, herbal products, skin care products, and other OTC products and manufactures its active pharmaceutical ingredients at three sites in India, Ankleshwar plants, Vadodara plant, and Patalganga plant. The growing company dedicated to dimensions like good health, evolution, happiness, joy, growth, discovery, togetherness, learning, exploration, transformation, and aspirations.

Zydus Pharmaceutical has taken a global initiative regarding CSR program such as Health – Swaasthya, Education – Shiksha, Research – Shodh and Outreach – Saath for a mission to create healthier communities. Thomsun Reuters declared Zydus Pvt. Ltd as the most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company. In 2017, Zydus was amongst top 3 finalists in the category of Global Manufacturer for the year at the Time India Awards.

Alkermes Pharmaceuticals

Alkermes Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company known for its innovative medicines that fulfill the unmet needs and challenges of people living with debilitating diseases. It is a fully integrated global biopharmaceutical company that applies its scientific expertise, proprietary technologies and global resources to develop products. These products are designed to make a meaningful difference in the way people manage their disease.

The company has proven scientific, development and manufacturing capabilities through their records. Alkermes Pharmaceuticals is uniquely positioned to be the leader of innovative treatments for major clinical conditions mainly focused on central nervous system conditions like schizophrenia, depression, addiction, and multiple sclerosis.

The success of the leading company is reflected in its records that have proven its expertise in a diversified commercial product portfolio, known for a pipeline of novel product candidates focused on CNS diseases in clinical development, proprietary science, and technology.

The company has a commitment to developing new solutions for major diseases with people’s needs in mind. Combined with its resources and strong global presence, the position of Alkermes Pharmaceuticals as a leading innovator in the global pharmaceutical market, today and for the future.

Ajanta Pharmaceutical

Ajanta Pharmaceutical is a renowned pharmaceutical company focused in development, manufacturing and marketing of quality products. It is striving to serve people across the world for their health care needs. The trusted company produces a range of specialty products targeting different therapeutic segments. The leading company also offers customized to each market it markets its products.

The company understands its consumers’ need and advanced technology to manufacture innovative solutions. Ajanta Pharmaceutical offers branded generics in emerging markets of Asia and Africa, USA and Institution sales. The business is expanding more than 30 emerging countries across Africa, CIS, the Middle East and South East Asia.

The company offers main therapeutic segments such as cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and pain management. It is able to offer consistently innovative products for peoples’ convenience and compliance.

The trusted company offers products for a variety of markets and serve wide range of therapeutic products such as, Gynecology, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Biotic Cardiology, Orthopedics, Pediatric, Respiratory & General Health products.

Ajanta Pharmaceutical slowly building a noticeable presence in the US market with its selective product portfolio. Tis portfolio has complex technology products to get the competitive advantage in the market place. It is expecting US market to be its key growth driver in the future years.

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