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Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company, which is in advanced materials and specialty chemicals. The company provides a range of products and constantly upgrading market solutions. It offers everyday sustainable products for next-generation transportation, efficient, consumer goods, healthcare, and industrial production to easily settle down with every single changing demand.

The innovation quality of the company drives it to work more efficiently. Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been connecting people and scientific minds for 156 years. The trusted company is a science company with an outstanding past, aiming to innovate the future with new technologies.

It anticipates consumers’ demands the company effortlessly challenges and renovate persistently to its product portfolio to target a more sustainable future. It has transformed its strategy that ensures constant growth in 3 major business pillars. These pillars are advanced materials, providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweight, CO2, and energy efficiency.

The heart of the success is the Research and Development team of Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc. The trusted company believes technology must evolve to make more things achievable. The company is a family of around 24,500 employees, 21 customer-driven Research & Innovation centers. The global presence of the company is in more than 61 countries.

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