Watsons’ Health care company

Watsons’ Health care company is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies founded by Watson. Dr. Thomas Boswell Watson was from Scotland, who arrived in the Far East in 1845. He moved to Hong Kong in 1856 and became part-owner of the Hong Kong Dispensary, which was operated from 1828 to 1858.

The Big Medicine Shop, the dispensary was holding customers especially soldiers and sailors. The Dispensary became the leading healthcare company, Watson Health care company. In 1871, the Watson family rent out the company to Dr. John David Humphreys and Dr. Arthur Hunt. From that time, the trading was executed under the name A.S. Watson & Company.

Retail outlets were called Watson the Chemist. This leading company currently owned by Hutchison Group, which was acquired an A.S. Watson & Co., Ltd in 1963. Watson’s Health care company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. in 1983. This particular company holds 75 retail outlets.

The company is well aware of corporate social responsibility. It runs various programs to help people to live a healthy life. The research and development team of the company strives to innovate products that are environment-friendly.

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