Bruno Farmaceutici

Bruno Farmaceutici was founded in 1996 by Dr. Antonio Bruno. He decided to acquire a branch of the pharmaceutical company Aventis, part of the Lepetit group. The acquisition basically was the culmination of a dream and a long-term project by Dr. Antonio Bruno.  This project was followed by a group of Pharmacists, Chemists, Biologists, and Doctors. All members have the same passion for imagination and to make drugs.

For the last some years, the trusted company Bruno Farmaceutici has focused on its potential and has embarked on a path of development in various therapeutic segments, reaching its product portfolio throughout the globe. Its main therapeutic segments such as pain & inflammation, diabetes & obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, infectious, addictions, and supplements.

The leading pharmaceutical company has on the mission to become the strongly oriented manufacturer to the development of effective, safe, low cost and highly used medications. As the corporate social responsibility, the trusted company plays an attentive to supporting research that has set up a Foundation. This foundation aims to carry out activities to raise and support the development of the University and scientific research. It is an independent entity from Bruno Farmaceutici that shares with its value ​​such as ethics, responsibility and social commitment.

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