Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd

In 1995, the top pharmaceutical company, Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd was founded and launched products in two states. In very little time, the trusted company that has managed to launch and operate throughout India. This happened in 2002.  The growing company launched a new segment i.e. Discovery Mankind. In the segment, Discovery Mankind offers unique therapeutic segments such as anti-fungal, metabolic disorders, diabetes, gastro-intestinal, and antibiotics.

The renowned company aspires to assist in formulating, commercializing, developing, accessible and affordable healthcare products that satisfy patients’ unmet needs.  Basically, Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd born in between somewhere 1986 and 1991, but the growing company came into action as a legal corporation from 1995. The company has grown with employees around 14,000.

Mankind Pharma Pvt Ltd had already bagged renowned products like Gas-O-Fast, Manforce condoms, Prega News, Kaloree, Unwanted 72, Addiction, Manforce tablets, and Manforce stay long. The top trusted pharma company awarded with many prestigious awards in recent times, In 2018, like ‘Pitch Top 50 brands’ in the category of gender equality by exchange 4 media and best pharma OTC company of the year & best condom brand of the year. It also won an award organized by Gateway Media Private Limited, The Smart Exporter- Pharmaceuticals in January 2018.

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