Novartis Pharmaceutical

A merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz formed a renowned pharmaceutical company Novartis in 1996. The trusted company has rich history of developing innovative products mainly in the production of synthetic fabric dyes. The company shows a passion for marketing and developing quality products that contribute to progressive healthcare products.

The leading company Novartis Pharmaceutical focuses on science-based innovation to address some world’s most challenging healthcare issues. It has introduced Behaviors and Values that describe the behaviors of professionals that the company expects from its employees.

The company collaborate diversity and inclusion with high performing teams. The company performs by making and prioritizing things happen with urgency. Employees of the company have courage and right to speak up. The company has set its own ethics and integrity by applying and advocating standards every day.

Basically, Novartis Pharmaceutical is a science-based and patient-oriented healthcare company that striving to be a global leader in growing areas of healthcare. The company offers products focused in retail generics, biopharmaceuticals & oncology injectables, and anti-infectives. The company has expanded access to healthcare. The company cares for its associates, contribute to our local communities, and strive to operate with high integrity and transparency.

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