Andrx Pharmaceuticals

Andrx Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company. The trusted pharmaceutical company applies oral controlled-release drug delivery technologies. The research and development team of the company works on generic and brand products.

Andrx Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company has its headquartered in Davie, Florida. It is a pharmaceutical company that uses timed-release drug delivery technologies to facilitate generic versions of popular brand-name drugs. The company administers a generic drug distribution business, selling the third party manufactured products to some 14,000 independent companies to fund the research and development team of the company efforts.

Andrx Pharmaceuticals attempt to maintain a grip over their high-selling branded drugs and involved in lengthy and expensive litigation on a continual basis. The company went public in June 1996, selling 2.53 million shares of common stock at $12 per share.

In the year of 1996, the trusted company established Cybear, a venture that is designed to serve as an Internet Service Provider and Application Services Provider for the healthcare industry. It includes hospital messaging, purchasing, eligibility verification, claims processing, lab results, and prescription writing.

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