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Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical is an independent and international pharmaceutical company operated by a non-profit organization. The headquarters of this trusted company in Suresnes, France. It has established its first laboratory in 1954, which is committed to therapeutic progress to serve people’s needs with the help of healthcare providers. This leading company strives to offer future generations of quality healthcare products.

The leading company operates in 149 countries around the world with 22,000 collaborators employed and remarkable turnover. Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical is an independent entity and able to reinvest 25% of its total revenue into Research and Development.

The growth of this growing company has driven by its constant innovative approach in five areas of expertise such as cardiovascular and immune-inflammatory diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, and diabetes. The company’s leading force in cardiology and oncology has become a top priority in recent years. It has also started manufacturing high-quality generic drugs.

This independent company has governed by the Servier International Research Foundation, which is a legal structure of the Laboratoires Servier Pharmaceutical’s group. This trusted company aims for independence, stability, & sustainability, unity & harmony, and being a group of people and not of capital.

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