ViiV Healthcare Company

ViiV Healthcare Company does things differently with unique origins to innovative medicines. It always pushes the boundaries in HIV treatment and care.  The company pledges to not rest until it leaves no person living with HIV behind.  The company is founded out of a partnership between GSK and Pfizer in 2009. This partnership has joined by Shionogi in 2012. The company is determined to help end the HIV epidemic.

The company is spread over 20 countries in the world with 1100 employees. The trusted company holds talented people with expertise in research, manufacturing, policy and more, all guided by the company’s mission eradicate HIV.

The current portfolio of ViiV Healthcare Company is listed with 14 HIV drugs. It is the first step in fighting back against the infection. It has set up its research center in Branford, Connecticut, which is the world’s only HIV-dedicated facility that focused on finding new innovative medicines to improve the lives of PLHIV.

The particular leading company defines an industry-defining partnership with the HIV Cure Centre at the University of North Carolina. It is the part of a public-private collaboration ‘Qura Therapeutics’. ViiV Healthcare Company has been combining resources and expertise to advance novel breakthroughs and promote the chance of finding an HIV cure.

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