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Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi founded an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, USV Pharmaceutical. based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The leading multinational company chaired by Leena Tewari, daughter of the founder. USV Pharmaceutical started as a joint venture with P Inc. & USV USA, a subsidiary of Revlon. The trusted company is mainly focused on development of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and custom research services for drug development.

The company offers APIs i.e. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, FDF i.e. Fixed Dosages Formulations, Peptides, and Biosimilars and Injectables manufactured in the India. The company also offers in segments like Dermatology, Vitamins, Nutrients, Minerals, Gastroenterology and Gynecology. In India USV Ltd is renowned pharmaceutical company for Oral Anti-Diabetic, ranked No. 1 by Rx and Value.

USV Pharmaceutical provides compulsory safety training for both employees and contractors. The company follow Best practices program for safety of employees such as Regular industrial hygiene survey, Health risk management studies, Occupational health centers, Emergency response and crisis management cell, Health and safety. The company follows programs for safe environment in compliance with world standards like Hazardous Waste Management, Air Pollution Control Management, Recovery and Reuse of Solvents, and Effluent Management.

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