Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is a well-known pharmaceutical company is founded in 1930. The company offers products in over 90 countries. It offers clinically-studied herbal formulations, certified USDA organic Single herbs, and body care products. The company integrates the principles of traditional medicine with modern science. It is a worldwide pioneer in the field of scientifically validated herbal healthcare.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s North American LEED Gold-Certified eco-friendly corporate office and warehouse are situated in Sugar Land, Texas, a community neighboring Houston. The complexity and timing of the entire seed-to-shelf process for Himalaya and for the plants themselves are highlighted by three important mandates: purity, efficacy, and batch-to-batch consistency.

This trusted pharmaceutical company maintains total control over the farming, harvesting, research, manufacturing, and distribution of all products manufactured by it. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare was granted a GMP i.e. Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, issued by the Licensing Authority, Directorate of Indian Systems of Medicine, Bangalore, India. The leading company is the first Ayurvedic facility in India to receive GMP certification.

It has also been granted Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification, which is granted to manufacturing companies that adhere to the toxicity guidelines in nonclinical safety studies.  Only 14 institutions in India have been granted this certificate, where Himalaya is the first herbal company to receive it.

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