Xoma Corporation Biotechnology

Xoma Corporation Biotechnology is a unique pharmaceutical company that helps biotech companies to achieve their goal of improving health of people. It works by acquiring the economic rights to future milestone and royalty payments related to healthcare professionals. Biotech represents the potential great achievement that requires taking risks and investing capital.  The company mitigates single-asset risk by a portfolio approach that builds a portfolio of achievement. The therapeutic assets of the company are unique and developed across multiple therapeutic indications.

With the time the company got licensed antibody assets and technologies to pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies. The company have experts with outstanding experience in particular specialization. The trusted company Xoma Corporation Biotechnology realized the monetization market that has focused on Phase 3 or commercial-stage products.

This leading pharmaceutical company seeks to promote money during the development process faced crucial problems. There have been few options to monetize royalties at a pre-commercial stage for the company.

The company offers an option to the biotech industry to access to non-dilutive, non-recourse capital in exchange for the contractual rights to future milestones and royalties. Xoma Corporation Biotechnology also works towards corporate social responsibilities. It actively takes part in various programs for community welfare.

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