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Otsuka Pharmaceutical is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies. In the company, people are passionate about developing and delivering original products as part of a global holistic commitment to better health.

The company has two main core businesses dedicated to achieving its goals such as a pharmaceutical business and a nutraceutical business. The pharmaceutical business focuses on developing and marketing products for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in areas like the central nervous system, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular.

Whereas the nutraceutical business focuses on maintaining and improving health through the use of foods and beverages that provide extra health benefits in addition to their nutritional value.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical believes in culture and people, which are the differentiators that empower the company to produce breakthrough results. It makes the company a big venture company that takes risks and focuses on unmet medical needs in order to develop new and better therapeutic compounds. Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a highly ethical company that adheres to the highest standards in how the company develops and delivers its products, and in how it treats most valuable assets i.e. Otsuka-people.

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