STI Pharma LLC

STI Pharma LLC is a well-known pharmaceutical company located in Newtown, PA, was founded in 2008. The company is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the acquisition, development, and marketing of high-quality medicines. The main products with a strategic focus on oncology and injectables. The products include specialty injectables and other products in various delivery formats covering multiple therapeutic areas.

The pharma company has highly experienced staff and they can bring products of the company to market faster and more efficiently. The current and future products of the company are and will be FDA approved and manufactured in FDA approved facilities. All products of STI Pharma LLC comply with all regulatory requirements for the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The products of the company are manufactured at FDA-registered facilities, as identified in FDA-approved NDAs and ANDAs. They are tested to applicable NDA and ANDA specifications.  The company distributes its products in the US and its territories.

The leading company has its own internal capabilities and facilities to develop its own products and to support the required regulatory activities. STI Pharma, LLC focuses on its committed to establish and maintain an effective compliance program, to ensure the highest levels of ethical and legal standards for the people, partners, investors, and employees.

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