Roerig Div Pfizer Inc

Roerig Div Pfizer Inc is the functional division of Pfizer’s marketing segment. The leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer made an acquisition in 1953 and took over J.B. Roerig & Company. Roerig Div Pfizer Inc is specialized in nutritional supplements that become a division of the company and still plays an integral role in Pfizer’s marketing segment. Other pharmaceutical companies keep their international employees on a short leash but this company gives its international people tremendous autonomy. It enables them to make critical decisions immediately for implementation. It proves to be remarkably successful in the years ahead. The Central Research Division is formed, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical R&D worldwide. It is growing that includes research centers on three continents. In an era of advances in medical discovery, Roerig Div Pfizer Inc provides a long-term investment in research that will pay off years later. The company has also established a microbiology laboratory for soil screening in Nagano, Japan. It is expanded in 1985 into a major discovery laboratory complex so that researchers can play an important part in the laboratory. It has been working on the inflammation process in conditions like arthritis and asthma, and new non-addictive analgesics to manage pain.

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