Kunnath Pharmaceuticals

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company that works with a passion for manufactured high quality driven products and to meet the unmet needs of people out there around the globe. The company has a production and distribution department that produced Musli Power X-tra is that distributed through a chain of over 10,0000 chemist shops throughout India.

These retailer shops are supervised by a number of super stockists spread all over the nation, as well as abroad. The managing director of the company is Mr. K.C. Abraham, who is the brother of Olympian, Mrs. K.C.Rosakutty an Arjuna Award winner.

The company has an active Research and Development team. This department of Kunnath Pharmaceuticals conducts research on the efficacy of its products like Musli Power X-tra, sexual health, treatment for sexual dysfunction and sex education. The R & D department of the company is headed by Dr. T.V. Mathew, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who was the former HOD, Department of Clinical Psychology, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals’s medical Wing takes care of infertility and sexual problems of both males and females through various medical treatments. The renowned infertility specialist, Dr. Philips Abraham, DGO, MD, Gynecologist is has settled with the charge of this department.

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