How To Remove Fungal Infection Marks From The Skin

In general, Fungal infections can leave stubborn marks and spots on the skin. Since the skin is responsible for protecting your body from infections, it is prone to the attack of fungus, germs, and bacteria. Skin’s exposure to such infectious pathogens makes it susceptible to infections, which affect the surface and makes it appear uneven.

These skin problems can be taken care of with simple home remedies. With the help of home remedies, managing such skin conditions is easier, and guess what, they are all-natural ingredients, so, you need not worry about any side reactions after usage.         

Here are some remedies you can try regularly and make use of in getting rid of those stubborn spots and marks on your skin.    

Turmeric even tones your skin

In general, Turmeric is a panacea for all types of skin issues. It has excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which kill off infectious bacteria and prevents them from causing more damage to the skin. It has incredible skin healing properties that treat all kinds of skin ailments. Turmeric is a potent skin-lightening agent too.

Turmeric helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Melanin is a substance that causes hyperpigmentation, but turmeric clears out the blemishes and spots from the skin and makes it appear healthy and radiant. It does so by inhibiting the melanin production in the skin, which lightens the dark spots and evens out the skin.   

Directions to use

You can use turmeric in powdered form (grounded), or you can also make a paste of the raw turmeric and mix it with some water or milk and apply it on the areas of your skin which you want to lighten. Once it gets dry, wash it off with water.   

Aloe vera heals your skin

Aloe vera has strong anti-inflammatory properties, that soothe your skin and hydrates it. It helps in reducing the pigmentation or dark spots on the surface and adds moisture to the skin. Its potent anti-microbial properties prevent skin infections from worsening and spreading. With its regular usage, it can treat all skin ailments. In addition to removing the infection-causing bacteria, aloe vera offers deep moisturization to the skin, which rejuvenates it, thereby improving the quality and health of your skin.     

Directions to use

Take an aloe vera leaf, scoop out its pulp, and blend it to make it a paste. And then, Apply this transparent paste on your skin and let it sit for around 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it off with water. Repeat this daily.

Lemon reduces hyperpigmentation

Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants. It is a strong bleaching agent that reduces the dark spots and helps you get even-toned skin. Its antibacterial properties ward off any skin infection and clear out your skin.

Directions to use

You should never apply lemon directly to your skin. Doing so can lead to an allergic reaction due to its highly acidic nature. You need to use it with some other ingredients, such as turmeric, yogurt, or honey. Mix any one of these ingredients with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the surface. Let this face mask sit for up to 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with a mild face wash.

Honey increases your skin’s moisture

Raw honey has incredible healing properties, which penetrate the skin and removes all impurities. It eliminates all types of skin ailments. Honey is a powerful skin-healing agent as it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a compound that kills microbes and bacteria and protects your skin from any damage.

Note that, while getting honey, do not go for pasteurized one, as it might not be as effective as raw honey due to the absence of antioxidants and skin health-enhancing nutrients. So, always use raw honey for skin treatments.

Directions to use

You can apply honey directly to the affected surfaces and leave it for as long as you want. Wash it off with water after a few hours of application. Also, you can use honey in face masks, by mixing it with turmeric and adding some yogurt to it. Let this face mask sit for around 20 to 30 minutes and rinse it off with normal water.

Coconut oil lightens the marks on your skin

Moreover, Coconut oil is enriched with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Along with preventing infections, it can also provide deep moisturization to the skin. The skin cells that were damaged due to the infections start healing with the application of coconut oil. This oil also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which have a soothing effect on the skin.

Directions to use

Apply a few drops of coconut oil on the affected areas of your skin. You can reapply it afterward. You have to use it thrice a day and need not remove it or wash it. The oil dries off after a few hours, you can apply it again.    

Ice packs reduce dark spots

Ice can be an effective remedy for your skin issues. It can increase blood circulation in the affected areas and helps to get rid of skin impurities by constricting the skin.   

Directions to use

You just have to take ice cubes and wrap them in a soft cotton cloth and massage the affected areas.  

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