How To Lower High Blood Pressure

Individuals may not be aware that they are having high blood pressure, as the condition does not give rise to any symptoms, which makes it hard for them to take preventative measures. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition that leads to gradual health damage. Individuals diagnosed with such a condition can manage this condition by making some effective changes in their lifestyle, alongside blood pressure medicines (as prescribed by their doctor).

This blog will make you aware of some ways to reduce your blood pressure.    

Reduce sodium intake

Salt is one of the biggest sources of sodium. Consuming it in excess can lead to water retention in the body. When your body retains more water, the volume of blood also increases. The rise in the levels of blood will affect blood pressure by exerting more force on the delicate walls of the blood vessels. The walls of the blood vessels experience damage due to such exertion of high pressure.   

Excessive sodium intake enhances the risk of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, you must limit the consumption of salty foods. Usually, fast foods, frozen foods, junk, or processed foods contain high amounts of salt. Individuals diagnosed with blood pressure problems must stop consuming such foods that come with excessive amounts of salt. Reducing its intake will eventually bring down blood pressure.

Daily exercising is necessary

Making exercising a habitual activity will drastically improve the quality of your life. But hypertensive individuals need to talk to their doctor first, as performing high-intensity exercises can put a strain on their heart as well as the blood vessels due to the sudden spike in blood pressure. The strain on the heart and blood vessels can lead to life-threatening consequences, so, it is better to ask the expert about the kind of exercises that are appropriate for hypertensive individuals.   

Even 30 minutes of walking, jogging, brisk walking, running, dancing, and bicycling can be beneficial in lowering your blood pressure. Such simple exercises impact your life in profound ways. It boosts the oxygen levels in the body, improves circulation, and increases your heart’s endurance.

Lose some extra weight

Blood pressure problems are common among overweight individuals. Such individuals have an excess of fat deposited around their bodies. The accumulation of fat can hinder the flow of blood to some organs of the body. Around some parts of the body, the deposition of fat may be high compared to other parts, this can affect the blood flow to that area. This is why such individuals need to get rid of extra fat and try to bring their weight within the normal range.

Overweight individuals need to control their overeating habits. Lack of physical activity leads to more fat deposition, which causes a rise in blood pressure. Such people are more prone to high cholesterol levels, which leads to fat accumulation in the blood vessels, this clogs the blood flow and as a result, they develop metabolic disorders. Therefore, to prevent any health damage, one must stay fit with the help of exercise and a healthy diet.  

Give up smoking

Smoking introduces harmful chemical substances into your body. It also injures the linings of the blood vessels and depletes the levels of nitric oxide in the blood vessels. Nitric oxide is an essential chemical, which is needed for the healthy functioning of the blood vessels. But hazardous chemicals in smoke affect nitric oxide levels and lead to the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. The plaque narrows the vascular passages, which causes an increase in the flow of blood through the vascular passages.

Moreover, High blood pressure conditions are quite common among chronic smokers. It can happen very early among such individuals. It is necessary to abstain from smoking, otherwise, it can give rise to other conditions due to the rise in blood pressure.

Learn to tame stress

Excessive stress can lead to physical and mental disturbance. Some individuals may find it hard to manage stress, which causes the release of the cortisol hormone in their bodies. Excessive cortisol levels can potentiate health risks; therefore, you must learn to cope with stress effectively.

Learn some meditation techniques, which help you to bring your attention to the present moment. Stress causes you to keep thinking about the bad past experiences or it can stem from a worry related to the future. Meditative exercises will help you in eliminating past trauma and future worries and attain peace. Even if you bring your attention to your breath, you will feel calmed almost instantly.

Consume less caffeine

Caffeine beverages can cause a rise in your blood pressure, as the substance has vasoconstricting properties, which causes your blood vessels to become narrow. As the vascular passages become small due to narrowing, the pressure with which the blood flows through the vascular passages increases. Hence, the less you consume caffeinated drinks, the better it is for your health.

Take enough rest

Lack of adequate sleep and relaxation affects your health. Sleep is a restorative activity that is necessary for your overall health. Your body slips into a healing mode during sleep. Poor sleep quality can contribute to high blood pressure. Such individuals show up cranky and irritable behavior which disturbs their mental peace, and their days might get ruined owing to sleepless nights. Therefore, it is necessary to take adequate rest, which will help you in keeping your blood pressure in check.

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