How Many Times Can You Have Intercourse After Taking Vidalista

One of the usual-heard rumors about the consumption of the Vidalista medication is that it can simply help one in gaining more power and the capability of men for making love more than once a day.

Well, this is what one might be able to find out here today in this article. We shall first check out what the medication dosage of Vidalista is and then simply check out the possibilities of it playing any possible role in well upgrading and boosting the sexual stamina and capabilities of the same.

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Bursting The Myth

In case you are well wondering if that Vidalista medication or any of the dosages like the Vidalista 20 pills are for upgrading and also boosting sexual stamina then you are completely wrong about it.

Any of the medication of Vidalista or any of the existing dosages is not for you to have intercourse more than once as it is needed. The medication is not even well related to any of these conditions.

Class Of Medication

The medication shall fall into a different class of medication and that is not similar to the class of sexual stamina as boosted up. You might also see if you are well looking to simply raise the lovemaking session potential and boost stamina while being in the bed you might need to simply speak to the doctors for getting a proper pill for the same.

What is the Use of Vidalista Pill?

The medication Vidalista shall help one to recover from impotence issues in men. This medication and all the dosages are used for treating sexual Erectile Dysfunction or impotence which shall occur in men that are known as erectile dysfunction which is known by the name of impotence in men.

The disorder might all relate to men who are not being well eligible for enabling an erection on their own. Somehow despite all of the capabilities, one just cannot allow a sustainable and hard enough penile erection on its own.


The medication Vidalista is a generic solution variant that helps to overcome repeated penile failure in men. It is not an FDA-Approved medication. With the proper content of the substance generic Tadalafil component in it, this is well a substance that is consumed only when the doctors shall approve some people of using the same.

Why Vidalista Fails To Enhance The Intercourse Capabilities?

Using the Vidalista medication is not the medication one might need to use for better sexual stamina or for having lovemaking sessions more than once.

The issue with consuming Vidalista is that they shall in no way influence the intercourse capabilities. It is just some medicine that can help in getting a stiffer and stronger penile erection which is well needed for having enough sustainability.

Dosage Of Vidalista

When one might take a dosage of Vidalista medication as Vidalista 60. The flow of blood through the penile tissues shall help in increasing that shall occur in the presence of the vasodilation agent which is known as nitric oxide.  Due to this, penile sensitivity shall simply rise. This shall all enable the regain of capabilities for being well able to gain a stiffer penile erection.

But the type of penile erection men might need to be simply normal. It might not influence the penile erection which is about the capabilities once you might have early ejaculation. It shall not help one to have lovemaking sessions or remain in bed for a longer time.

Can You Stay Hard Even Post Ejaculating On Using Vidalista Pills?

No, that is just about trying to inform some people. You might look into the issue of using the Vidalista 40 medication which is that it might not be in the way some might influence the erection capabilities to post attaining proper ejaculation. But this might just not seem to be influenced well in any way while consuming the super Vidalista Pills.

Normally this time that one might allow attaining back hard again after premature ejaculating is known as the refractory period-like condition. Moreover, the refractory period is well-dependent for a longer time with some other factors as well. Mostly, it is well relatable for the sexual health of men.

36 Hours Vidalista?

Yes, although some might not mean having a continuous penile erection for approx. 36 hours. Just like all of the PDE5 inhibitors, Tadalafil medicine shall need sexual stimulation for working well – ie: one might attain penile erection only when one might need it.

The following timeline which is mentioned below might have all been well collated from several studies. After consumption of tadalafil:

Initial responders

  • Which is 16 minutes: Some of the impotent men report having an erection as quickly as approx. 16 minutes

Average responders

  • Approx 30 minutes: Most of the men shall feel the complete benefit of Tadalafil post 30 minutes. 52% of patients can simply have a successful lovemaking session in just 30 minutes of consuming this tadalafil-composed pill

Maximum effectiveness

  • Around 2 hours: Post 2 hours, the maximum concentration of the medication is in the bloodstream


  • 5 hours: Tadalafil component might have a 17.5-hour ‘half-life’, which shall mean it takes around 17.5 hours for half the medication to have left the bloodstream well. This long half-life is well the outcome of tadalafil which is super effective over such a long time.

Still effective

  • 36 to 48 hours: Some men can get proper penile erections for approx. 48 hours. This is why the Tadalafil component is sometimes called ‘the weekend pill’ – you can consume the medication on a Friday night and still can make use of it on a Sunday morning!

All gone off

  • 96 hours: After approx. 96 hours tadalafil might have virtually disappeared from the bloodstream.

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