Are You Interested In Becoming More Sexually Active

Couples in long-term relationships experience dullness in their relationship at some point. This dullness results as they get inundated due to day-to-day activities and consequently, they struggle to keep their sexual passion alive.

Loss of interest in intimacy grows because of decreased desire towards each other. Interestingly, introducing creative ideas while getting intimate can be extremely helpful for becoming more sexually active. All you need to do is explore some great ideas for enhancing your intimacy and include some habits to make your experience even better. Read on to learn the techniques to give a boost to your sex life.           

Spend More Time Together

You deserve all the excitement your relationship has to offer, and so does your spouse. If you plan things together, you will be able to make effective decisions about your relationship. You can deepen your bond by engaging in some basic day-to-day activities like cooking, hitting the gym, exercising, and having meals together. Performing them together can multiply the fun and make everyday activities less boring. It helps deepen your connection even more.          

Be Playful

Learn to let loose and introduce light heartedness in your relationship. Playfulness and fun make your intimate experience more exciting. Seriousness destroys all enthusiasm as the mind is focused on the outcome rather than the experience. Intimacy is all about the journey rather than the destination, let yourself enjoy the joy of passionate lovemaking.

The more you stress about your sexual performance, the less enjoyable it is for both of you, so it is better to enjoy the process by staying in the present moment. A little bit of flirting and teasing can make it easier to avoid stress and by doing so, you are utilizing the energy of mystery and longing.

Be Present

Sex must not be about rushing into orgasms, instead, it should be a slow burner that consumes the mind and involves the body, and makes you feel every bodily sensation intensely. Learn to immerse yourself fully in sexual activity by engaging your senses, slow breathing, and getting into the mood, and this is exactly how you can practice mindfulness during sex. There are many benefits of being fully present while indulging in sexual activity, they may include:    

  • Establishes a deep intimate connection
  • Increasing pleasure
  • Engages mind, body, and spirit
  • Makes you feel intense bodily sensations
  • Better orgasms

Rekindle Your Romance from Time-to-time

Indulging in sexual activity more often makes you more passionate and sexually active. A fulfilling sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy and closeness. Both partners should make time for getting intimate which will help strengthen the bond even more. Arousal is an outcome of desire which gets ignited owing to physical affection. Get to know your partner’s likes and understand their love language. Plan some adventurous outings, fun activities, and date nights, and surprise each other with warm gestures to invigorate your passion and include more enthusiasm.         

Lifestyle Changes for an Active Sex Life

Lifestyle changes can be a game changer when it comes to improving your sex life. A healthy lifestyle is vital for enjoying a fulfilling sexual connection, which requires your overall health and cardiovascular system to be functioning in optimal condition. Lifestyle changes and healthy habits can have several benefits including a healthy sex drive, improved intimacy, and better sexual function. Following are some changes you must include to improve your sexual health and ultimately overall well-being.

  • Keep Your Body in Shape   

When you are fit you feel confident about your body. This confidence boosts your self-image and makes you feel more attractive. You feel desirable. Being in a good shape not only makes your sexual intimacy better but also enjoyable. Regular exercise prevents the risk of health conditions and diseases. It also avoids weight gain or helps maintain a perfect body mass index (BMI).

When you perform some physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories get burned which helps you to increase the oxygen content in your blood. Besides, you must try Kegels for keeping your reproductive organs healthy which ensures optimal sexual health.        

You can start with aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, running, swimming, and cycling can improve blood circulation, which results in lowered blood pressure and heart rate. It helps you to prevent health complications such as obesity and diabetes. These exercises rely on energy stored in your body from carbs, proteins, and fat, as well as the oxygen you breathe.    

  • Consuming a Nutritious Diet

Healthy meals are those that provide your body with the essential nutrients to sustain your overall well-being and maintain enough energy or stamina. Carbohydrates, water, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals-rich foods make up a healthy, balanced diet. A nutritious diet can prove to be beneficial for improving your sex life in many ways including improving blood flow, and heart health, boosting your stamina, and providing a boost to your libido or sex drive.      

Start by replacing meat and processed food with foods that deliver the essential nutrients to your body for performing the optimal function. You must include Legumes, such as peas, lentils, beans, nuts, fish, eggs, whole grains, lots of fruits, and plenty of dark leafy green vegetables, meat, and poultry in your diet.    

  • Abstain From the Things That Offer Short-term Delight

Alcohol, cigarettes, and recreational drugs are classified as a depressant, and it has strong mind-altering properties that interrupt the working of the central nervous system and affect your sexual response. It can gradually damage your reproductive health by leading to long-term erection difficulties. The nervous system is responsible for releasing nitric oxide, which is a potent substance that triggers and sustains stronger erections. Excessive consumption of these depresses the central nervous system and causes it to function inappropriately. As a result, it affects your sexual function and affects your sex life.

Moreover, smoking can also majorly contribute to sexual problems. An erection is only induced when the blood vessels in the penile expand and enlarge to allow more blood. The hazardous chemicals found in smoke damage and injure the penile blood vessels. Hence, for a healthy sex life, giving up on these substances is an excellent idea.    


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