How To Spice Up Sex Life

Humans are all known for being “wired” in their own way and novelty. It also applies to being in the bedroom, so when people usually start making love with just one person, the same way, every time, the excitement might just fade up someday.

In case, you are all willing to put in a little effort, you can further transform a humdrum bedroom while being in a sexual paradise that shall all continually delight you and your partner for more.

Try Something New As A Couple

Over a period of time, most of the couples might have seen to adopt a fairly predictable sexual script, which says Needle. For further changing up things, try and do something new. Start with something that is quite simple just like a different position or adding a blind fold to shift the sensory experience. You might also introduce sex toys, some amazing role play, dress up, or alterations in the scenery.

Make Out Like You Are Teenagers

At the beginning of a relationship, couples might simply enjoy deep, sexy kissing, and they might also touch each other in amazing and arousing ways. But as a relationship might mature, that about the lovey-dovey behavior might take a backseat for performing several chores and mundane activities. Channel the inner teenager and kiss, hug, and snuggle the partner just like you might be doing when you first might meet. Doing so shall help in sustaining the marriage and keeping it sexually alive.

Schedule Some Romantic Activities Together

One must take out time to simply spend the partner as it is one of the most loving things one can do for each other. It is also suggested that couples might get a copy of the book 8 Erotic Nights that might offer eight sensual activities that show you and your partner about how one might please each other. One must also take several turns for picking out an activity and you shall further connect more passionately with the partner.

Share Fantasies And Live It

Fantasies are all underutilized by some of the couples as it is said by a sex therapist and adjunct professor and distinguished lecturer at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Sexuality in San Francisco. But it is also important for one to use the imagination and also one must share the most erotic desires with the partner. In case you are feeling shy, set the mood by lighting up some of the candles, turning off electronics, and playing some amazing romantic music. Once you are both feeling relaxed and intimate, open up to the significant other.

Watch A Sexy DVD

It is highly recommended for couples to watch and discuss Better Sex Video Series that is a compilation of sex education pieces. It also shows that real life couples might be about exploring some of the sexual positions and well some techniques that they are all talking about and enjoying. One will also learn Kama Sutra positions, sexual anatomy (which includes the elusive G-spot), erotic massage, and the four fundamentals of foreplay (oral sex, sensual touch, erotic talk, and kissing).

See A Sex Therapist

Are you still feeling stuck in some of the rut? One must consider seeing a certified sex therapist. Therapy is not necessarily reserved for some issues. It can be about some education, growth, and sexual development issues too.

For being inspired about the sexual experimentation, below mentioned are some of the tried-and-true ideas that one must be sure of to simply spice up the sex life.

  • Sex Bucket List – Just Put together a sex bucket list. This shall also help in encouraging some of the experiments in all aspects of the sex life, as might will give various ways, and places for performing it!
  • Hotel Slumber Party – One might have heard right; lovemaking session is just so better in a hotel. Really, lovemaking session is just so better when you might put a little effort while making it feel different and so special. For this is the perfect way that helps in performing both the things well.

Midnight Snack – Experiment that is to be performed with various kinds of tasty treats. In case, you might be simply wondering about how can one spice up lovemaking session, there is no doubt and it will do it for you! And you will get a yummy snack too!

  • Spin The Bottle – One must throe it back to middle school and play a steamy game that shall help in spinning the bottle together. One must just spice up the sex life with various sexual acts that shall help in earning some points for a sexy prize.
  • Sexy Dice Game – These sex dice can take all the guesswork out of experimenting. One can simply roll up the dice and they shall also inform you as what is to be done, where it is to be done, how to do it, and for how long it can go on!
  • Sex Position Countdown – One might simply change up the position while the men might use every night that shall lead to a certain date or holiday.
  • Never Have We Ever – As couple, make sure that you encourage each other for trying something new while performing this fun game that shall all encourage you both for venturing the comfort zones.
  • Sexy Truth Or Dare – Various things might include things that might have the game and can also vouch for the fact which might help in spicing things up. Some of the sticks that are all adventurous can be performed, hence, you might also wish to look through them all and throw out any that are too much for you and the spouse.
  • Love Is Sweet Game – This might be all about a game that is sweeter than candy! It shall also shake up things and can have you to try some new things all during a playful, sexy board game!

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