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Sorafenib Tosylate is an active component, a synthetic compound targeting growth and angiogenesis. This active component acts by blocking the enzyme RAF kinase, a critical component of the ERK signaling pathway, which controls cell division and proliferation. Additionally, it inhibits the VEGFR-2/PDGFR-beta signaling cascade to block tumor angiogenesis. It is an organosulfonate salt that contains sorafenib.

Class of Drugs – Kinase inhibitor drugs

Molecular Formula – C28H24ClF3N4O6S

Molecular Weight – 637 g/mol

Working: This medication may block some of the enzymes essential for tumor cell growth. Restricting the enzymes may help the immune system perform better. Granzyme B is a biomarker, which is used to measure how well the immune system is working. This active immune system fights against the cancerous cells in the body to treat liver cancer, thyroid cancer, or kidney cancer.

Uses: This mentioned medication is an effective solution for the treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and in people with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Sorafenib Tosylate can also be used in the treatment of locally recurrent or metastatic, progressive, differentiated thyroid carcinoma that is refractory to radioactive iodine treatment.

Popular Brands and Dosages: It is available in a popular brand medicine as the main active component. The medicine is as mentioned below:

  • Nexavar: 200 mg

This drug can be absorbed through the skin and lungs. It may harm an unborn baby; pregnant women are advised to not handle this drug or breathe the dust from the tablets. It should not be used in nursing mother; may affect the growth of a nursing infant.