Do You Know What The Latest Treatment Is For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence in men is a common sexual performance condition that can lead to men of all ages and some backgrounds. In case you might have impotence, you shall also find issues in attaining or sustaining, or maintaining a normal penile erection, even when you might feel sexual arousal. This can have a noticeable negative impact on the love life, relationships, and overall quality of life which shall be led by a man.

Impotence issue has long been an issue for men. As such, a large amount of time and some money might also be put towards evolving solutions for erectile dysfunction or impotence over the past few decades. Currently, the latest treatment options for impotence shall include some oral medications, vacuum erection devices, and even other surgical procedures for repairing damage to the tissue of the penile that might also attain and sustain a stiffer penile erection issue.

Below, it is discussed how some of the treatment options shall work, as well as other options one might wish to consider that you are one of the estimated 30 million men in the US well affected by some form of impotence issue in men.

New ED Treatments

So, what is new and upcoming? Well, developing some of the new treatments for other medical conditions including impotence shall take proper time and money and a lot of both. This shall also means that some of the new technologies can all take up years for going from being in a research phase to being publicly available solutions.

As erectile function condition is just so common, some experts are just so well constantly looking into other new ways the treatment of conditions like erectile dysfunction or impotence. Some of the New treatments which shall be under development are mentioned below:

  • Low-Intensity Shock Treatment

A thing called extracorporeal low-intensity shockwave therapy, or some of the LIST, shall involve the use of some acoustic waves for simply generating some of the pressure impulses that can vascularize the tissue inside the penile and it shall all promote proper flow of blood in the penile region.

While this might also sound scary, some experts believe that the effects of some of these waves might also help people in getting and sustaining a stiffer penile erection.

As promising as low-intensity shock treatment seems, it is also important to keep in mind that it is still very much in the early phase of research. As such, a lot more scientific research is well needed to properly assess some of the effectiveness and well safety that is needed.

  • Gene Therapy

Also in several research stages, some of the injecting genetic material which shall be in the penile might all help in enhancing erectile function and sexual performance at the same time.

One small-scale study which also involves 11 patients showed properly encouraging outcomes when a single dose of DNA was well injected into the penile region. Although no adverse effects were reported, only 11 people in a single-dose study are not simple enough in calling this type of treatment which is well ready for the general public.

  • Stem Cell Transplant Therapy

The therapy of stem cells is known to be widely used for the repair of damaged tissues, and there have been some promising outcomes when the stem cells are well injected into the penile tissue of animals which further failed to respond for some older forms of treatment for PE-like conditions.

As stem cells can notably grow into some of the numerous types of cells, it is also further believed they similar things can help in repairing damaged or diseased tissues, which includes tissue present inside the penile region.

Although human clinical studies into stem cell therapy as a form of treatment for impotence are well limited, which is a small that is well carried out in Korea shows promising results in adult men with diabetes.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Platelets that are found in the blood, are known for playing an important role in the processes of tissue regeneration, which is inflammation and angiogenesis

Some of the early research have all suggested that injecting platelets and plasma proteins right from the own blood into the penile might be helpful for the treatment of impotence, particularly in case you might have a form of nerve injury.

However, the total amount of research right into those PRP for impotence is limited, meaning we will need more studies before one might know in case this is a reliable treatment issue.

  • New Impotence or ED Medications

Currently, some of the most common medications for impotence are PDE5 inhibitors, which are a class of drugs that have been discussed in proper detail further down the page.

Other researchers are constantly looking into some of the new forms of medication that help in managing impotence, and recent research has revealed several options with some real potential.

Some other medications which are well under investigation shall include topical agents including alprostadil (which is a medication that is well currently available in cream and injectable form), which shall be guanylyl cyclase activators.

The Bottom Line on New ED Treatments

Science is always been evolving, and some medical conditions including impotence shall affect many men, other new treatments shall always be pursued. Other future treatments for impotence might all appear for having real potential for better penile erection and more reliable sexual action.

However, for the past several decades, PDE5 inhibitors might have primarily been the first choice for doctors when it comes to medical treatments for erectile dysfunction or impotence.

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