What Is Good For Diarrhea

Your body tends to lose excessive amounts of water and electrolytes during diarrhea. Which can lead to severe dehydration. This condition can stem from gut flu or stomach flu, happening due to bacterial or viral intrusion through contaminated food or beverages. Besides, it can also occur due to a side effect of some medicine, or allergic reaction, or a gastrointestinal disorder. The condition can be managed with home remedies.    

In this blog, we will look for a few tips that can speed up the recovery from diarrhea

Rehydration is essential

During diarrhea, gut malfunction can lead to frequent passing of stools. Since bowel movements happen persistently, it prevents the stools from binding. As a result, such individuals excrete loose and watery stools more than thrice a day. Moreover, This repeated excretion deprives them of excessive body fluids along with electrolytes. No wonder such individuals develop the symptoms of dehydration. This is why it is necessary to compensate for the fluid as well as electrolyte loss due to diarrhea.      

Oral Rehydration Therapy

Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is the remedy for individuals suffering from diarrhea. The solution contains some potent minerals that can be beneficial in restoring the amounts of lost fluids and electrolytes. However, this practice is limited to some countries.

Those who do have access to ORT can simply increase their water intake. Also, it is necessary to consume liquid foods such as soups, broths, or fruit juices. Which can provide the body with adequate hydration and helps strike a balance of electrolytes.

Avoid exercising for a few days

It is better to not perform any physical activity for a few days until your complete recovery from diarrhea. Already the body is losing too much fluids and electrolytes, exercising can worsen the symptoms of dehydration and potentiate the health risk. This happens because exercising makes you sweat excessively, and it takes up too much energy too. Fast movements and exercise can accelerate dehydration.

Therefore, avoid hitting the gym for a few days. Do not try any physical activity such as cycling, running, brisk walking, etc. either. It can do more harm than good.

Adequate rest is rewarding

Frequent rounds to the toilet can leave you restless. You might experience cramping in your stomach which can strip off your sleep and prevent you from taking enough rest. You may suffer from this exhaustion until you fully recover from diarrhea.

Exhaustion might also result when you engage yourself in some activity instead of giving your body sufficient time to recover. It is necessary to stop forcing your body to perform some activity. These are the cues that your body is trying to communicate. So, listen to your body’s cues and give it enough time to heal itself and recover.

Replenish the gut bacteria

Diarrhea can cause an imbalance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria aid in the process of digestion. But in this condition, frequent bowel movements cause the gut bacteria to get excreted. This imbalance worsens the symptoms of diarrhea. This is why it is necessary to restore the good bacteria in the gut. Which will speed up the recovery from gut malfunction and restore a healthy digestive system function.

Moreover, This can be done with the help of probiotics. Probiotics are live cultures or microorganisms that have incredible health benefits. They promote the health of your gut, by boosting the growth of good bacteria in the gut. They can provide fast relief from diarrhea.  


Yogurt is an excellent probiotic, which is loaded with live cultures. That treats digestive disorders and helps in restoring healthy gut function. It relieves gut irritation and inflammation and improves digestion. The good bacteria regularize bowel movements and eliminate gastrointestinal disorders. Apart from yogurt, you may even go for other prebiotic options like tempeh, kefir, kimchi, sour pickles, and traditional buttermilk.    

Consider bland foods only

Foods that are easy on your gut must be preferred during such conditions. Be careful of what you include in your meals. Too spicey, oily, and hard-to-digest foods can exacerbate diarrhea symptoms. Such foods can irritate the walls of your gut and make the process of digestion difficult. You must consume soft foods that are easily digested and do not lead to persistent bowel movements. Foods you must include:

  • White rice

It is low in fiber and easily digestible. It supports bowel formation by reducing bowel movements. Its starch content makes it an excellent food choice during diarrhea.

  • Banana

It prevents the release of excess fluids during bowel movements. It aids in binding the stools.

  • Boiled potatoes (peeled)

Another great choice for diarrhea. Potatoes increase the electrolyte levels in the body and get easily digested.

  • White bread or toast

Made from refined flour, white bread makes an excellent food choice for diarrhea. It is low in fiber and has starch in it. Which is the stool-binding agent.

  • Eggs

Eggs can provide you with healthy proteins during such conditions. It is easy on the stomach, which can help you with a faster recovery.  

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