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Ivabradine is a medicinal drug used as the main active component in the medication for the treatment of the condition of heart failure. This medication is a hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated channel blocker that has negative chronotropic activity. This medication selectively binds to the intracellular portion of the HCN channel pore and blocks HCN channels in the pacemaker cells within the sinoatrial node.

It inhibits the If pacemaker ion current prevents the inward flow and intracellular accumulation of positively charged ions. This also reduces pacemaker activity and slows diastolic depolarization. It reduces heart rate, reduces myocardial oxygen demand and allows more time for blood to flow to the myocardium without affecting cardiac contractility.

Class of Drugs – Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel blockers

Molecular Formula – C27H36N2O5

Molecular Weight – 468.6 g/mol

Working: This given medication belongs to a class of medications called hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel blockers. Ivabradine works by slowing the heart rate so the heart can pump more blood through the body each time it beats.

Uses: This mentioned medication is an active ingredient approved to treat heart failure. Ivabradine is used by adults to help prevent heart failure from getting worse and needing treatment in a hospital. This drug is also used by children who have heart failure due to an enlarged heart. Heart failure is a condition where the heart does not pump blood as well as it should. This drug works by making the heartbeat more slowly.

Popular Brands and Dosages: Given medication is used as the main active component in a popular brand medicine as follows:

  • Corlanor: 5 mg and 7.5 mg

This medicine controls the symptoms of heart failure but does not cure it. Do not stop this medication without consulting with the doctor.