How Does Cycling Affect Erectile Dysfunction

There are some of the proposed ways that might be occurring during cycling which is thought to contribute to impotence or erectile dysfunction issue in men. An obvious mechanism is simply sitting on a standardized bike seat which shall lead to negative effects on the flow of blood to the penile region.

Further, for simple investigation of this might show that flow of blood shall be greatly lowered while performing cycling that is well associated with the type of saddle and further it shall be in a specific cycling position. You might further have noticed about sitting upright outcomes in the greatest decline in blood flow and it can all be subsequently standing up which shall return to normal condition.

Process Of Cycling

Some of the detailed research is known for being on the shape and design of the bike saddle which might have provided further interesting outcomes. Usually while narrowing some of the saddles are more detrimental when compared to a wider saddle, which shall be more compressive.

Other researchers have all compared to have designs that are well marketed as solutions for penile blood flow compression, like channels, central some of the cutouts, and other noseless saddles. Which all showed being noseless while having designs that shall all be able to prevent significant loss of blood. But this might not mean one might have to simply rush out and immediately alter the noseless saddle-like condition.


Riders who might all be in switching type positions might be right from a racing saddle to a central cutout. Simply downwardly curved noses still might get significant enhancements for those who might not like the idea of a noseless design.

Performing Cycling Is Safe For Men, Yes or No?

In some of the strong defenses of cycling issues, the known is all benefitted in case. It might have cardiovascular fitness potentially which shall have outweighed the harms that have been mentioned above. This cardiovascular fitness-like issue is well crucial for impotence. And it might have been doing sufficient levels for simply improving or maintaining some of the things that might all go below the belt.

Cycling And Erectile Dysfunction

For having some of the counteract about the relationship which shall be well between cycling and erectile dysfunction or impotence. Some of the studies might have all shown that cyclists might all have been less likely to simply experience erectile dysfunction condition. It might have been well argued for being due to some of the possible health benefits which are well provided.

For example, cyclists might all be super likely for being well in good physical health while several rates of act like

  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity is super low under similar conditions.

How Can You Avoid Erectile Dysfunction From Act of Cycling?

In case you might experience some act of regular numbness. Further one might be tingling while riding be sure one might stand up soon while riding over some of the bumpy terrain like condition

  • Make alterations to the riding position

Further being more horizontal from the hips rather than the condition of vertical to simply avoid enhanced compression is an issue

  • Alter your seats

Trial various shapes and styles, one might usually have the wider and shorter having some of the lengths is super better for the condition

  • Make alterations to the bike

If you can simply try keeping those handlebars lower in height than what one might have done to the seat

  • Wear some protective cycling shorts

It shall add padding underneath the scrotum-like issue

  • Considering the weight well from the belly one might not be helping with proper compressive forces which shall be right to the saddle-like issue
  • While one might have erectile dysfunction or impotence and might be about cycling regularly for considering taking a break for a month to further see if this might improve things well. Trial of other activities while performing this time for keeping well fit


If you have had some of the issues for a long time with cycling which shall lead to

  • pain
  • numbness
  • sexual condition

seek proper help from a medical profession which shall be known as a Urologist

Physical Activity

While cycling well is all about the go-to sport and knowing some physical activity. Simply while experimenting with others about the strategies which are all mentioned above. Make sure that you must adjust the bike which is well set up and under that riding posture as to what is right comfortable before something might notch up other kilometers. In case, you might have any questions more, drop some a line here or simply leave us a comment which is well under this blog. Please make sure that you must share this with anyone. You might know that might find some of the information is well useful by simply clicking those popping-up share buttons.

Lower Your Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

With some new modifications, one can still ride for performing exercise and super enjoyment just without sacrificing the love life. Below mentioned are some of the modifications one might make to simply lower the risk of impotence issues in men:

  • Switch out to your narrow bicycle seat for something that goes right wider, with some of the extra paddings. It shall simply help and support the perineum. On the other hand, make sure that you choose a seat without it having a nose (it shall have more of a rectangular shape) to lower the pressure that is attained.
  • Simply leaning forward shall help in lifting your backside off the seat. Further, it shall help in relieving pressure on the perineum if the issue
  • Wearing some sort of extra padding bike shorts will give you an extra layer of protection for the same.
  • Make sure you limit your training intensity and cycle for fewer hours at a time shall help
  • Take timely breaks while performing those long rides. Also, walk around or stand on the pedals periodically for resting well
  • Switch to having a recumbent bike. And in case you are all going to spend a lot of time on those bicycles, reclining is just so gentler on the perineum issue
  • Mix up performing the exercise routine well.

Instead of simply cycling exclusively, one must switch right between the act of

  • SwimmingJogging
  • Jjogging
  • Some other forms of performing some sort of aerobic exercise.

While performing cycling as part of a well-rounded having to a workout program and living well.

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