Exercises To Increase The Penile Size For Sex

Every man shall wish to have a good-sized penile. After all, the size of the penile shall all matter when one might engage in those sexual activities with the partner. A large-sized penile might give you much-needed confidence and it shall also help in making your sex life happy and perfect. One can simply resort to different sorts of solutions for penile enlargement. However, it is equally important for performing some of the stretches and exercises for enhancing the length and the girth of the penile region.

Below mentions are the 5 exercises of penile enlargement which shall give you all those desirable outcomes:

  • Stretching

As per the expert studies of penile enlargement, this is one of the popular ways while using to get enlarge the penile. Hold the penile right behind the head and pull it down towards the knee. One shall feel a stretch in its shaft. Hold the proper position for 20 to 30 seconds. Bring back the penile and then pull it up towards the belly button. Hold it right again for approx. 20 to 30 seconds. Pull it to the right and left direction for the best. Come back to the original position and relax for a bit.

  • Rotating Stretch

Some other stretching exercise for enlarging the penile is a rotating stretch. Grasp those penile and pull them outwards. Move it in a circular motion while simply sustaining the grip. You can further help by rotating it in a clockwise and then anticlockwise direction for the same.

  • Jelqing

This exercise shall help in enhancing the size and hardness of the penile. Use a lubricant and hold it up you’re penile with your thumb and finer. Simply start moving the hand up of the penile and sustain the pressure. Restrict the hand below the head for completing the jelq. Repeat the exercise well.

  • Kegel

Hold up your pubococcygeus muscle in some contraction position for approx. 5 to 7 seconds and release it well. Repeat this movement as many times as you might wish. In case, you practice this movement regularly, you shall attain a rock-hard boner while foreplay with your partner.

  • Opposite Stretch

This is yet another stretching exercise for the penile size. Hold the penile below the head and sustain the grip. Hold the base of the penile with the other hand. Pull both hands in well opposite directions. Hold the position for approx. 30 seconds and repeat the set.

Try some of these easy exercises practicing along with the medication for enhancing the size of the penile. You shall witness the best outcomes for the same.

Potential Risks And Complications

Being quite too rough with the penile can lead to large tears in the tissues or further, it can damage those ligaments which shall connect to the penile in the body. Some of these injuries can potentially hinder the ability in attaining or sustaining a stiffer penile erection.

When wearing a traction device, one must follow the doctor’s instructions as to how long to wear those. Wearing it any longer can lead to injuries which shall affect the penile function.

After using a pump, do not allow the blood to stay in the penile for more than 30 minutes. While having a stiffer penile erection for more than a few hours, can permanently damage those penile regions.

When will The Outcomes Be Seen?

The results shall all depend on the approach one might take and how consistent you are with the use of these solutions.

Traction devices, like must be used daily often for approx. months along to achieve any noticeable effects.

Anecdotal reports might all suggest that using a penile pump can produce much faster outcomes, but there is not any research supporting this condition.

It is also so unclear as to how much time shall be passed before one might get to learn those outcomes from manual stretching exercises.

The Bottom Line

In case you might have questions or concerns about penis size, talk to the doctor right away. They can help you discuss those options for lengthening and explain how one might do things safely.

Learning the penis responds to stretching and some other forms of stimulation might all help in feeling more comfortable with the body. One might also notice those alterations in appearance or performance over time.

Be sure to follow any of the product directions or some of the guidelines which are all provided by the doctor. In case it is performed incorrectly, stretching can result in an injury or erectile dysfunction (impotence) like issue.

One must seek immediate medical attention in case you have experienced pain or discomfort while stretching, or in case you might notice any change in those erectile functions.

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