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Calcium Acetate is a naturally occurring mineral salt that treats high phosphate level in people who are undergoing dialysis due to severe kidney disease. It decreases the blood phosphate level that helps to keep the bones strong, to prevent unsafe buildup of minerals in the body. Also, it decreases the risk of heart disease and strokes which can caused due to high phosphate level.

Class of Drugs – Mineral

Molecular Formula – Ca(C2H3O2)2

Molecular Weight – 158.17 g/mol

Working: This given ingredient holds onto phosphate from the diet so that it can pass out of the body. It reduces phosphate levels in people who are suffering from advanced kidney disease. The high phosphate level leads to hyperphosphatemia and results into hyperparathyroidism, abnormal bone formation and calcium deposits in tissues. It combines with phosphate in food when taken with meals. Then, it forms calcium phosphate, which is absorbed in very less quantity and excreted through faces. This binding phosphate present in the intestine reduces the absorption of phosphate into the body.

Uses: Calcium Acetate is used in the treatment of people who are on dialysis. It is used to reduce blood phosphate levels in people with end-stage kidney disorders or failure. Especially, the people who are on dialysis and have high phosphate level in the body.

Popular Brands and Dosages:

Calcium Acetate drug used as active ingredient in popular brandsThe brand medicine is made available in dosages such as:

  • PhosLo 667 mg
  • Phoslyra 667 mg
  • Calphron 667 mg
  • PhosLo Gelcap 667 mg

This drug is prescribed by the doctor on the basis of requirement and the condition. Always follow the instructions mentioned on the prescription by the doctor.