Are You Living With The Fear Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an indication of some other health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and similar disorders that directly affect the vascular mechanism. Apart from that, it can also occur due to psychological factors, usage of some mind-altering drugs or could be a side effect of some other medicine.

As they get older, men may experience some symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Because of an underlying problem, which can be physical or psychological. Potential causes of losing an erection midway through intercourse can be fatigue, anxiety, or excessive consumption of alcohol. However, you can still get an erection after losing it by simply initiating sexual stimulation for attaining arousal for the continuation of the session. Some men with healthy sexual functions might fear getting affected by erectile dysfunction in the future. Continue reading to know how to overcome this fear.    

What Causes a Fear of Erectile Dysfunction?  

Sometimes while indulging in sexual interaction, you may struggle to get an erection or sustain it. This could happen because of stress, fatigue, or some substance interference like alcohol or drugs. This erection failure can trigger a bit of anxiety and cause stress in some men. If this happens again, you may become conscious and suffer from performance anxiety which is the extreme nervousness that is felt before or during participation in sexual activity. It affects the ability to perform well during sex.   

Difficulties In Erection

Erection difficulties can make men fearful, and they may even start thinking that they will never regain normal erection function. They fail to acknowledge that erection difficulties can happen due to minor reasons that can be corrected to revive optimal sexual function.  

Another reason for the fear is that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be an early indication of heart disease or cardiovascular dysfunction. You can get yourself checked by talking to a doctor that can identify the real reason behind your erectile failures. In case of any physiological disorder, they may suggest some treatment and help you to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Men’s Age?

Most men start to develop erection problems between the ages of 50 to 59, while others can experience them at 60 to 69 years of their age. Chronic disease and other risk factors majorly contribute to erectile dysfunction, too. However, a healthy male in his 70s with no health issues can have optimal sexual function. It all depends on the overall health, if the body is free of diseases, the erection function is normal.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Moreover, symptoms of erectile dysfunction are controllable to some extent, irrespective of age. If you take proper care of your health by following a clean diet, refraining from bad lifestyle habits, and maintaining a regular exercise routine. You can certainly lower your chances of getting affected by erectile dysfunction no matter what your age is. These habits will not only lower your risk of impotence, but they will also help stay safe against other health problems too. Remember, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of some other health conditions, healthy lifestyle habits. Which ensure your health which prevents erection dysfunction problems due to physiological reasons.   

Is It Normal to Experience Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Males?

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with aging. While it is not common for young and healthy men to have erectile difficulties, it can still happen. Young men can have health conditions. In addition, it can also stem from some injuries in their spinal cord or brain that impairs sexual performance and restricts them from having sexual interaction.      

Confront Your Fears

One such incident of erection failure may cause you to worry and give rise to more such episodes in the future. If it happens occasionally, there is no need to worry about it. But if it repeats frequently, there must be some underlying problem that needs to be diagnosed which can ultimately reverse erectile dysfunction.  

Even if you are struggling with erection function occasional basis, that does not mean that you will be unable to have sex in the future. You should rather shift your focus from the symptoms to the cause and try improving it.    

Engage Your Senses  

Your body is your vehicle that can experience tons of different sensations through emotions, pleasures, and thoughts. By engaging your all senses during lovemaking, you are sidelining the fear and stress of erectile dysfunction. Engaging all your senses while getting intimate makes you feel the sexual pleasures intensely. Being present in the moment ensures the natural flow by bringing your focus from your mind to your body which allows a healthy sexual response.  

Try Kegels for Reproductive Health

Kegels or pelvic floor exercises improve the erection function by restoring the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Such exercises promote urinary continence and ensure sexual health. These exercises can help you to keep your sexual function in the best condition and keep erection problems at bay. These exercises improve blood flow to the reproductive organs by allowing the penile to engorge with blood during an erection, pump during ejaculation, and help empty the urethra after urination. They can also make your orgasms more intense.         

Discuss Your Concerns with Someone

You can address your fears regarding erectile dysfunction with someone. It can be your partner or a close friend. They might help you to overcome your fear of sexual dysfunction. You can also consult a doctor and discuss this issue with them. Living in fear is worse than living with erectile dysfunction. You must understand that erectile dysfunction is treatable to a great extent, and it can also be reversed by using natural remedies.   

Healthy Diet

There is no point in sitting and wondering when and how it will happen. It is necessary to start embracing lifestyle choices like following a healthy diet by eating more

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking more water
  • Avoiding sugar
  • Giving up junk or processed food
  • Regularly exercising
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting enough sleep

A combination of a healthy body and a healthy mind will keep help you ward off physiological and psychological challenges and eliminate the chances of erectile dysfunction.   

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