Are There Any Limits To The Growth Of The Penis

Mostly, the penile grows during puberty and it continues to grow all the way till the early 20s. Males hit puberty between 9 and 14 years of age and usually, the penile grows rapidly during adolescence due to the surge of hormones. By the time males reach their early 20s, their penile has grown to full size. The thickness and the size of the penile vary in every individual depending on their hormones during the period of adolescence.

Timeline for Penile Growth

During puberty, males experience many physiological changes which happen because of an increase in hormonal levels. Young males may start getting erections when sexually aroused, or when they are asleep, and they may even get spontaneous erections for no apparent reason. Their testicles develop larger in size and their pubic hair will also grow.     

Penile Size

Throughout puberty, the penile size increases suddenly and the growth is very fast. For a healthy male, puberty occurs between the ages of 9 to 14 and the period lasts for up to 4 years within which the penile attains its size, length, and girth rapidly. At first, it grows in length, and then it attains the girth or width and becomes thick.  

Body Changes After Puberty

After puberty, the penile grows slowly till the teenage years, and once males reach 20, their penile stops growing. However, the rate at which the penile grows varies from one individual to another. Some changes a male body goes through during adolescence include:

  • Growth of pubic hair around the genitals
  • Testicular enlargement
  • Thinning of the scrotum
  • Nocturnal semen ejections or nightfall
  • Frequent and spontaneous erections and ejaculations   

What is the Average Penile Size?

The penile size differs in every individual. The average size of erect penile measures around 4.5 inches to 5 inches long. The size of a flaccid penile is smaller than the erect one. Depending on the heredity, penises vary in size, shape, and color. There is nothing that you can do to change anything about your penile.

Factors Influencing the Penile Growth   

The levels of hormones in the body, such as the male sex hormone, testosterone influence its growth. Genetics and heredity majorly affect penile growth. Sometimes, the development of the penile may also get affected due to the lack of adequate nutrition for the male child when it is in its mother’s womb. Thus, it is a play of both genetics as well as hormones.

Can Penile Size Be Increased in Adults?    

In most males, the penile get fully developed in size between the ages of 18 to 21. After that, the penile stops growing in length and width altogether. Some men may not feel satisfied with the size of their penile and they may even feel intimidated to indulge in sexual activity due to esteem issues.

The unhappiness and concern owing to their small size can affect their sexual performance big time which can make them avoid sexual interactions. Men with smaller penile assume that a longer-sized penile increases sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Sexual Satisfaction

However, they need to understand that several other factors such as

  • Open and honest communication
  • Intimacy
  • Arousal
  • Ejaculation can also influence satisfaction

Hence, sexual satisfaction does not depend only on your penile size.  

Some Penile Stretching Exercises

You can try doing some penile stretching exercises using your hands or devices for increasing the length of your penile. Some exercise can help you to naturally achieve some length. You can simply massage your penile by making use of a lubricant. Let us explore some exercises that can help you to achieve bigger penile.

  • Massage Exercise

You have to manually perform this exercise. It involves massaging your penile by starting from the base of the penile to the girth and all the way to the head of the penile. While doing it, you need to stretch the skin of your penile by applying gentle pressure. Make sure you use a lubricant while performing this exercise.  

  • Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing is a penile stretching exercise that involves applying gentle pressure and massaging the penile to make the organ grow in length and girth. It involves pulling and squeezing the shaft of the penile which enhances the blood flow to the organ. It can be performed either with your hand or with the help of a specifically designed jelqing device.

This method trains the penile to accommodate abundant blood in the penile shaft for promoting harder erections. These pulling and stretching motions cause tiny tears around the penile tissue, as new cells are produced to repair these tears that help increase the size of the penile. Make sure you use a good-quality lubricant.    

  • Penis Pumps or Vacuum Devices

Penis pumps, also known as vacuum devices, are either manually operated or battery-operated, or both. These devices are helpful in attaining and maintaining an erection and it increases the size of the penile temporarily by making it appear bigger and wider.     


A pump is designed to help the penile to become erect and the band attached to it helps to sustain the erection for a longer duration. All you need to do is insert your penile inside the tube and start pumping to get the air out of the cylinder so that the vacuum is created. The vacuum suction pulls more blood into the vessels to promote a harder erection which is larger than usual. Always use a lubricant for making the band movement easy.

Penile Enlargement Supplements

Moreover, there is a range of penile enlargement supplements and products available in the market that claim to increase the size of your penile. Men that are unhappy with the size of their penile might consider buying these products without checking their credibility. Since these products are not regulated by the FDA, there is a high chance that the ingredients listed on the packaging might be incomplete.

Counterfeit Products

There is a high chance that such counterfeit products contain undisclosed ingredients that can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is necessary to not give in to such unregulated products that just look attractive but are not worth trying. Instead, focus on improving the other aspects of attaining sexual pleasure and not get bothered by the size of your penile.

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