What Is The Latest Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction mostly affects men after the age of 40. This condition hugely impacts their ability to get and sustain erections for indulging in sexual activity. Many young people may also experience these symptoms owing to their lifestyle choices.

Researchers are constantly developing new treatments for improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by investing time and huge amounts of money. At present, the treatment options available are prescription medications, constriction rings, vacuum devices, or even surgical procedures. There are new treatment options under development that can help you to restore erection function, what are they? Let us explore them.

Stem Cell Transplant Therapy

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials that can be utilized for repairing damaged tissues of the penile. Stems cells divide and form more cells of numerous types. They can grow under the right conditions. They can be beneficial in repairing diseased and damaged tissues, including penile tissues.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can occur due to the impairment of endothelial cells which form the lining of the penile blood vessels. Damaged endothelial cells affect the normal erection function, thus, making it harder for an individual to attain or sustain erections.

Stem cell therapy is the process of introducing stem cells into the body which get divided and multiplied into endothelial cells that can reverse erectile dysfunction. The research and study in this regard are still in progress.

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Platelets are tiny blood cells that have a crucial role in the processes like tissue regeneration, inflammation, and in the formation of new blood vessels, known as angiogenesis. This therapy involves the injection of platelets into the body for growing new blood vessels and repairing damaged tissues.

According to some researchers, injection of platelet-rich plasma from your blood into your penile may improve your erection function and help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Platelet injections can be beneficial in cases of erectile dysfunction due to nerve injury.

However, there is not enough research backing that can confirm the potency of PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction, some additional studies need to be conducted to support these findings.

Shockwave Therapy

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock treatment can be beneficial for men with mild forms of erectile dysfunction. This therapy involves the use of acoustic waves for generating pressure impulses, which help with vasodilation in the penile for promoting blood circulation. The blood flow caused due to the therapy helps to achieve and maintain stronger erections. However, this technique still requires more studies to test its reliability and safety in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Gene Therapy

This latest treatment method involves the injection of human genetic material, known as the Maxi-K gene, into the penile which can alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and restore erection function. The gene produces a protein that creates a Maxi-K channel which helps with muscle relaxation in the penile blood vessels. This technique allows abundant blood flow throughout the penile shaft, which helps to get and sustain harder erections. More research needs to be done on this type of treatment to be ready for the general public.


Doctors prescribe topical creams as a secondary treatment option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These creams are formulated using alprostadil which is a medication that is usually used as injections or in the form of suppositories. However, alprostadil has not yet been approved by the FDA to be used in the form of a cream.

Some research also suggests that alprostadil cream is a safer alternative to oral ED medications as these medications are PDE5 inhibitors that are contraindicated in men using alpha-blockers, nitrates, and antihypertensive medicines to treat their medical conditions. There needs to be done more research to understand the benefits of this cream on erectile dysfunction.

Melanocortin Activators  

Melanocortin Activators are drugs that improve the erection function by acting through the central nervous system. These drugs are beneficial for individuals with erectile dysfunction that are not seeing any improvement in their erection function by using FDA-approved ED medicines such as Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate).

Penile Implants  

Individuals who do not prefer using ED medications can go for invasive options like penile implants. The researchers are developing these implants using different techniques and materials to decrease infection rates and increase the device’s durability.

The doctor may surgically insert malleable penile implants in small sections of the penile. They may place a hard rod into the penile which will help to sustain the erection. Besides, there are inflatable implants that can be surgically placed in the penile. It can be inflated by the individual for indulging in sexual intercourse. Inflatable implants can be deflated once the sexual activity is over.

ED Medicines

The most used ED medications are a class of drugs categorized as PDE5 inhibitors. Such drugs are made using active ingredients such as Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Avanafil (Stendra). These are the commonly used ED medications but sometimes they may be contraindicated in some individuals diagnosed with chronic medical conditions due to the risk of drug interactions. Therefore, the researchers are persistently looking to introduce new ED medications that have high potential.

Dopaminergic medications are newly introduced ED medicines, they perform their action by targeting dopamine receptors located throughout the body and melanocortin receptor agonists which can improve the impaired erection function and improve your sexual performance. In addition, another medicine known as Alprostadil which is currently available in injectable form along with guanylyl cyclase activators is being analyzed before making it accessible to the public.

The Lowdown  

PDE5 inhibitors have predominantly been in use for the effective treatment of ED as it is a convenient way of restoring the erection function without any invasive surgical procedures. These drugs are FDA-approved which potentiates their safety and reliability. Other treatment methods have not been offered the FDA approval as they are still in the stages of research. And development and for those treatment options to be fully accessible to the public. There needs to be some sort of surety regarding their effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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