Need To Embrace Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s Day campaign was launched in 2012 for awareness of the condition.  September 2019 is the 8th world Alzheimer’s month.  The initiative has been taken to aware people about the condition and dementia associated with Alzheimer’s. Stigma around the condition and lack of awareness is a global problem, and World’s Alzheimer’s day started. People have misconception about the condition that it comes with old age. Age can be a risk factor, since most of the patients with the health conditions are 65 years older or more.

The condition is a biggest challenge for caregivers. Right from communication to the effective treatment. It became more challenging when a person is living with dementia. Because dementia makes a person nasty and mean. It usually frustrates people that Alzheimer’s is a terminal disease. Except for people with the condition positively.

We can prevent the condition by following simple lifestyle tricks. Healthy habits gift you a healthy brain and body. Majorly people ignore their sleeping patterns and timings. But here they are mistaken. Follow the nature’s direction, sleep at dark and wake up in the daylight. This shall help yourself to stay away from the Alzheimer.

Change in lifestyle reduces risk of the condition by 60%. Make life more interesting with learning new things. It creates new synapses in the brain. Happiness is beneficial for the brain. Happiness makes one forget stress in personal or professional life. Stress can affect on brain tissue that is linked to inflammation of the brain. It leads to Alzheimer’s disease. People with Alzheimer’s should learn to manage stress.

Being socially active always helps to keep a distance from the condition. Friends in life bring joy into life. Friends means not digital friends but real-life friends. Loneliness or isolation from society may increaser a risk for this condition. Performing daily exercise and having healthy diet is a key to healthy life. Feed yourself with vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, fish, and olive oil. It is good for the heart and brain. Also such food decreases the risk for the condition.

Medications like Citicoline, Razadyne, Namenda, Dinagen, and Nitoman are popular and effective solutions that treat Alzheimer’s disease. The medicines increase brain chemical like phosphatidylcholine. Effectiveness from these medicines can be seen in three months of the treatment. It is advisable to consult the doctor before consuming the mentioned medications.

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