My Boyfriend Has Erectile Dysfunction What Should I Do

By the time men reach their 50s, most of them will have experienced the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree. Erectile dysfunction can be linked to age as it is a symptom of some underlying physiological or psychological cause. Sometimes a combination of both these causes can exacerbate sexual function even more.

Psychological & Physiological Factors

It is observed that the cause of erectile dysfunction in young men is mostly due to psychological reasons. They are stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, esteem issues, and guilt. Whereas erectile dysfunction due to physiological factors like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. is commonly seen in older men.

If a man’s overall health is in optimal condition, then regardless of his age, he is less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, those who are affected by ED will feel embarrassed due to their inability to indulge in sexual activity. As a result, they may feel isolated, which can affect them mentally. And if it is your boyfriend/spouse/partner, you need to understand where they are coming from. Given below are a few tips that can guide you in this situation and help you to find solutions.

What You Can Do   

The following suggestions will provide you with much-needed support and make it easier for you to cope with your partner’s distressing condition.

Do Your Research  

Initially, it might seem confusing as to what is bothering your partner. The Internet is a great source of information that can help you to gain an understanding of how erectile dysfunction happens in males and what are its causes. If your partner is having difficulties with their erection function occasionally. There must be some factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, medicine, or drug responsible for causing it. Managing these factors can prevent the incidental problems of erectile dysfunction.

Chronic Erectile Dysfunction

Chronic erectile dysfunction can be the result of some underlying physical conditions that can impact erection function and cause frequent erection failures. In such cases, you must find out the underlying cause, as treating the underlying cause can help you to alleviate the symptoms of ED. Some cases, it can also reverse ED.

How To Identify ED In Men

A doctor can help you both to identify the root cause of your partner’s ED. They will conduct a physical examination to examine your partner’s health. They will suggest some tests, and based on the results they will find the exact cause of ED and recommend treatment options for that underlying disease which can ultimately improve your erectile difficulties.

Stop Taking Things Personally

Don’t feel sorry for your partner’s behavior. They might have turned distant due to their sexual dysfunction. Their inability to attain and sustain erections can frustrate them and they may isolate themselves because of embarrassment. They may choose to suffer in silence rather than address their sexual issues with someone.

This withdrawal on the part of your partner may cause you to feel ignored or you may even struggle with the notion that you are not attractive to them anymore. This is why you need to hold space for them which will allow them to open up about their sexual problems. Don’t blame yourself for their behavior, instead, be open and supportive and try and understand where they are coming from.

Have an Open Conversation with Your Partner

Your partner might want to talk to you about their sexual dysfunction but could not gather enough strength to do so. They may hesitate to discuss their problem due to the social stigma attached to impotence which can make them feel less of a man. You can make the first move by striking up a conversation with your partner and letting them know how you feel about their difficulty and be empathetic. Do not force the conversation, let it flow. It might take some time for them to share their worries with you.

Tell them ED is quite common among men of all ages and is treatable to a great extent. Allow them to respond without interrupting them. Reassure them that, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of some other underlying cause. And it is not a sign of weakness. Show your partner how supportive and considerate you are.

Accompany Them to the Doctor

Make sure you do not pressurize them to visit the doctor. First, let them know about the importance of consulting a doctor since impotence is an early sign of heart disease. Any other gradually progressing medical illness which is not readily apparent yet.

The doctor can identify the underlying cause of impotence through several tests and examinations. Once the investigation is done, the real reason for erectile dysfunction will be known and the treatment will be followed. Your presence throughout the entire treatment process will be extremely helpful for your partner.

Discuss Healthy Lifestyle Choices Together

Given below are some lifestyle changes that you need to incorporate for a healthy sexual function. You can help your partner by accompanying them which will motivate them and make it easier for them to adopt these choices.

  • Routine Exercise

Aerobic exercises can help to prevent erectile dysfunction. It can include activities as simple as walking for 30 minutes daily, running, swimming, or cycling. Your heart rate and breathing increase during these activities providing the heart, lungs, and circulatory systems enough oxygen to keep the entire system healthy.

Regular exercise helps keep blood pressure under control and boosts the production of nitric oxide in blood vessels for a healthy erection function. The nitric oxide leads to the relaxation of the penile blood vessels which allows abundant blood to flow throughout the chambers inside the penile. Sufficient blood flow to the penile promotes stronger erections.

  • Nutritious Diet

Healthy, nutritious foods provide your body with the essential nutrients for overall well-being. Foods such as leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, dairy products, chicken, eggs, and fishes make up a balanced diet. It can prove to be beneficial for improving your sex life in many ways through nourishing your body, boosting your stamina, and increasing your libido or sex drive.

  • Abstain From Psychoactive Substances  

Psychoactive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs profoundly alter an individual’s mood, behavior, and neuropsychological functioning. These are considered central nervous system depressants due to their mind-altering properties. They have a major impact on an individual’s sexual desire and affect their ability to attain and sustain an erection. It is better to give up their usage for the sake of a healthy sexual function.

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