How To Stop A Migraine?

Before a migraine happens, it gives several indications. These indications are nothing but pre-migraine symptoms, which let you know that a migraine attack is about to occur very soon.Migraine causes unbearable headaches that interrupt your daily activities.

To stop a migraine from happening, you need to understand and recognize these pre-migraine symptoms. These might include – a heightened sensitivity to light and sounds, mood swings, food cravings, muscle pain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, indigestion, and increased urinary frequency.

If you notice a symptom, know that the migraine is about to happen. It is time to take extra care and try to avoid these triggers. Given below are effective ways in which you can prevent a migraine from surfacing:

Take medications.

Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes intense headaches. It is necessary to seek treatment. Your healthcare provider will prescribe certain medications that can be helpful in preventing migraines. If the medication is taken at the right time, you will be able to stop migraine.

Take pain reliever medications.

The pre-migraine symptoms can be managed with the help of prescription or non-prescription medications. Treating these symptoms will reduce the chances of experiencing a migraine attack. It is better to use prescription medications than some OTC options.

Find a quiet place to relax.

When you see the triggers, you just need to stop and take some rest. It is necessary to rest in a quiet place and while resting, do not use any electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. Which can disturb your peace and worsen the triggers.

While resting you must do some mindful breathing exercises, which will bring calmness to your mind and body. Meditation is touted as the most effective player in headache pain management. It can be beneficial in preventing migraine triggers.

Dim the lights.

Increased sensitivity to light is the most common symptom of migraine. It is also termed photophobia, which makes the person feel uncomfortable in the bright lights. Such people may find it difficult to step out into the sun and sit in a room with bright lights on.

If you are a working professional and have to spend the majority of your time on a computer screen, then make use of anti-glare screens. These screens prevent the bright light of the monitor from affecting you by leading to headaches. The screen disperses the light and reduces its intensity and protects your eyes from straining.

Sip acaffeinated beverage.

Tea or coffee are excellent sources of caffeine, which is a component that can subside the pre-migraine symptoms and eliminate the possibility of migraine attacks. A cup of either coffee or tea can be taken when you start experiencing the pre-migraine triggers.

Do not take more than two cups, otherwise, excessive caffeine intake can lead to withdrawal headaches, which can cause sleep deprivation later.

Take a shower.

Taking a warm or cool bath will be helpful in relieving the triggers that you experience before migraines. Bathing can have a therapeutic effect on the symptoms. It can alleviate the throbbing pain and prevent the progression of it.

Try temperature therapy.

Temperature therapy can be given by compresses. It can have a numbing effect on the pain. You can place the compress on your forehead and on the back of your neck. This will numb the area and alleviate the sensation of pain.

You can use warm or cold compresses. Warm compresses increase the flow of blood and supply nutrients to the area of the body, whereas cold compresses slow the blood flow and help alleviate the pain and swelling.

Do yoga.

Certain yoga postures can relieve migraine triggers. It can also reduce the frequency of migraines and alleviate their severity as well. It is a powerful therapy that slows down your blood pressure and eliminates the stress and tension in the body. To stop the manifestation of a migraine attack,you must do any of the yoga exercises that are listed below:

  • Shavasana (corpse pose)
  • Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend)
  • Shashankasana (Rabbit pose)
  • Shisuasana (Child pose)

Manage stress.

Stress worsens the symptoms of migraine and speeds up the progression of it. It has to be managed by providing an outlet for such negative emotions. You can do so by doing some activities that make you feel calm and relaxed. It can be anything, taking a short walk, listening to some great music, talking to someone, sitting for a few minutes in meditation, etc. Just knowing how to control the stress will be extremely helpful in dodging the migraine.

With the help of these remedies, you will be able to prevent the manifestation of a migraine attack from migraine triggers. You have to become aware of the triggers that you usually experience before it progresses into migraine. You have to note down the various triggers that you suffer, as when they occur again, you will be able to successfully manage them and prevent their progression.

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