How To Prevent Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of lung infection that causes the deposition of mucus or pus in the air sacs. It gives rise to breathing problems. After contracting this infection, the person develops flu-like symptoms that cause mild symptoms. It might produce mild to serious to life-threatening infections, which can also potentiate the risk of death in some individuals having underlying conditions. This is why it is necessary to take safety measures, which will reduce the risk of contracting such a dangerous infection. Given below are some effective ways to prevent pneumonia infection:  

Get yourself vaccinated

The pneumonia vaccine will reduce the risk of getting affected by exposure to infectious pathogens that potentiate the risk of pneumonia. As per the American lung association, getting a flu shot every year can be beneficial in eliminating the risk of seasonal influenza. The flu is a common contributor to this fatal lung infection. So, prevention of it through vaccination will keep you safe from the attack of opportunistic infectious pathogens.   

Utter care must be taken in the case of infants, children, adults older than 65 years, people with weak immune systems, and those with chronic medical conditions. These individuals need to get vaccinated every year. One must talk to their healthcare provider and become aware of the vaccinations that are available for keeping you safe and protected against infectious viruses. Get to know about the preventative measures from them.   

Strengthen your immunity

Include immunity booster foods such as citrus fruits, broccoli, red bell peppers, spinach, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and many others in your diet. Always eat clean and nutritious foods that offer essential nutrients and minerals to your body. Along with healthy eating habits, you must remain physically active. You must exercise regularly, which will also help you in keeping your weight in check.

Besides, getting enough sleep is extremely important for boosting your immune system response, because sleep is a restorative activity, that has a crucial role in strengthening your immunity and ability to ward off any infection.

Give up smoking

Smoking introduces hazardous chemicals to your body. The harmful effects of tobacco bring down your immunity and deteriorate your ability to fight off life-threatening infections. Chronic smokers are highly likely to develop lung-related or pulmonary infections. The smoke enters the respiratory tract and majorly affects the lungs. It also potentiates the risk of developing lung cancer.

Avoiding tobacco is the only option, which will reduce the possibility of catching the flu and pneumonia. This infection can easily be manifested among chronic smokers. So, such individuals must give up their smoking habits, otherwise, it can lead to severe damage to their immunity and overall health. 

Maintain proper hygiene

It is essential to prioritize your hygiene, which involves washing your hands several times a day and bathing every day. While being out, you might not even realize which surface you come into contact with has infectious germs, or the person you shake your hands with has the infection, and so on. Therefore, you must sanitize your hands often. Also, take a shower in the morning and after coming home.

 After arriving home, do not touch any object or any member of your family without washing your hands properly. Because this will prevent the transfer of germs. Bathing twice and using hand sanitizer several times a day will wash off the impurities from your body and maintain your hygiene.   

Keep a safe distance from the affected individual

Proximity can lead to the transmission of infection. So, try to maintain a safe distance from an individual who has the infection. The infection can be spread via air, as pneumonia is an air-borne infection, which transmits when the infected individual releases droplets in the air through exhaling, sneezing, or coughing. If the healthy individual gets exposed to the infectious bacteria by being too close to the infected individual, then their chances of catching the infection increase.     

Get timely treatment for the common cold

Common colds can worsen and contribute to pneumonia. Getting it treated in time will prevent it from getting any worse. Try some home remedies to alleviate the symptoms and use some OTC medications. If the symptoms of a cold start becoming severe then it is necessary to seek medical treatment. The healthcare professional will prescribe some medications that will improve your condition and help you with a speedy recovery. During this time, complete bed rest is extremely important.   

Receive treatment for health conditions

Health conditions like diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other immunity-weakening diseases, can enhance the risk of pneumonia. Getting proper diagnosis and treatments for such chronic conditions will reduce the chances of pneumonia. Common flu can easily manifest into pneumonia infection among such individuals. Therefore, receiving medical treatment for managing such chronic conditions will reduce the risk of developing pneumonia.  

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