How To Know If You Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone is known to be a hormone produced by the testicles. Testosterone issues might affect appearance and sexual development, which shall further stimulate sperm production and sex drive, which helps in building muscle and bone mass.

Testosterone production shall typically lower with age. As per the doctor, about 40% of males ages 45 and older might have conditions like low testosterone.

Diagnosing Low Testosterone

Low testosterone-like condition in men is diagnosed by conditions like measuring testosterone levels with a blood test. Testing first thing in the morning is highly recommended as this is when males might usually have the highest level of T on circulation in the body.

A diagnosis of hypogonadism or low T might all need two blood tests which are done on various days. The healthcare provider might further order other lab tests for looking at other times as reversible causes of low testosterone levels.

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone might play a key role in lovemaking sessions, which is also known as libido. Some people might further experience a decline in lovemaking sessions as they might get older, but those with low testosterone shall experience a more drastic drop in such conditions.

Issues in Achieving And Sustaining A Penile Erection

Testosterone helps in achieving and sustaining a stiffer penile erection. It also tells the brain receptors for producing nitric oxide which is a molecule, which shall help in triggering a series of chemical reactions which is needed for a stiffer penile erection.

When testosterone might be on levels are too low, you might also have issues in achieving an erection before the lovemaking session or might have spontaneous erections, like being asleep.

Hot Flashes

Experiencing conditions like hot flashes can be a sign of low testosterone. This might further have a sensation of warmth. This might also experience conditions like sweating, reddening of the skin, and night sweats.

Hair Loss

Testosterone is known for playing a role in various body functions, which might have hair production. Balding-like condition is a natural part of growing old for many men, and while it might be hereditary, those with low testosterone might eventually lose body and facial hair.


Men that are found to be with low testosterone might further report extreme fatigue and lowered energy. You might also have conditions like low testosterone in case you are consistently tired despite getting plenty of sleep or in case you find it hard to be motivated for performing the exercise.

Lowered Muscle Mass

Men with conditions like low testosterone might also notice a decrease in muscle mass, as testosterone might contribute to building muscle. A 2016 review found that testosterone is known for affecting muscle mass but not necessarily it shall strength or function.

Enhanced Body Fat

Men with conditions like low testosterone might also experience enhanced body fat or can develop gynecomastia that is well enlarged with breast tissue. Gynecomastia can further occur when there is an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen present in the body.

Lowered Bone Mass

Osteoporosis is known to be a condition in people which is usually associated with females, but men with low testosterone might also be about experience bone loss. Testosterone can help in producing and strengthening bone, hence men with low testosterone, and older men, might have lower bone volume and be more susceptible to bone fractures that might occur.

Mood Alterations

Men with conditions like low testosterone can simply experience several mood changes. Since testosterone might influence many of the body’s physical processes, it can also influence mood and mental capacity.

Affected Memory

Both testosterone levels and cognitive functions might be about memory, which shall decline with age. As a result, doctors might have theorized that lower testosterone levels might be able to contribute about being affected memory.

Smaller Testicle And Penile Size

The body might need testosterone for developing the penile and testicles, hence low testosterone levels might be able to contribute to a disproportionately smaller penile or testicle. There are some other conditions and circumstances which can lead to a smaller penile and testicles, as well.

Low Blood Counts

Doctors are also well linked with low testosterone which has an enhanced risk for anemia, which is proven in a study in 2017. When the researchers further administered testosterone gel to anemic men with conditions like low testosterone, they also see enhanced blood counts which are compared to men who used a placebo.


Men might experience a gradual lowered in testosterone as they might be older. The older you are, the more likely you will have low testosterone.

A variety of factors can further lead to low testosterone-like conditions. Males with testosterone levels that lies below 300 ng/dL might experience some symptoms. A doctor can further check the testosterone level might have a simple blood test.

In case, you might have low testosterone and the symptoms might also bother you, testosterone replacement therapy is just a common treatment.

In case it might be about knowing the testosterone levels, let’s offer male hormone tests at home at various price points.

The good news: Lower testosterone does not have to happen to you or might be about keeping things to yourself. There are various sets that you can take for eliminating the symptoms and getting to the core of the issue. It might all start with performing a proper diet and performing perfect exercises.

Among the foods which can help in improving natural testosterone production about oysters which are all rich in zinc; fatty fish, like salmon and tuna, which might have high levels of vitamin D; and eggs, which contain cholesterol, the building of a block of testosterone. Some other good foods to prioritize and for enhancing the level of T include onions, garlic, spinach, and broccoli.

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