How To Help Someone With Depression

Depression is known to be a serious but treatable disorder that known for affecting millions of people, from young to old, and from all walks of life. It might superbly get in the way of everyday life, which is due to tremendous pain, hurting not just those who are suffering from it might also impact everyone who is around them.

In case someone you might love is depressed, you might all be experiencing any number of difficult issues in emotions, which might include helplessness, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, and sadness. These might feel quite well normal. It is also not easy while dealing with a friend or family member’s depression. And in case you neglect your health, it might be well overwhelming.

Recognizing Depression Symptoms In A Loved One

Family and friends are usually the first line of defense in the fight which is put up against depression. That is why it is super important for understanding the signs and symptoms of depression. You might also notice the issue in a depressed loved one before they might be doing so, and you might influence and concern which can motivate them to seek proper help.

Be concerned in case your loved one is depressed:

  • Do not seem to care about anything anymore. You might have lost interest in work, sex, hobbies, and some other pleasurable activities. One might have withdrawn from friends, family, and some other social activities
  • Expresses some bleak or negative outlook on life. This is all uncharacteristically sad, irritable, short-tempered, critical, or moody; while talking about feeling “helpless” or “hopeless.”
  • Frequently complains of some aches and pains like headaches, stomach problems, and back pain. Or complains which might be of feeling tired and drained all the time
  • Sleeps less than usual or oversleeps. As it might have become indecisive, forgetful, disorganized, and “out of it.”
  • Eats more or less than what is usually given, and might have recently gained or lost weight
  • Drinks more or abuses drugs, which includes prescription sleeping pills and painkillers, which might all have a way to self-medicate how they are all feeling

How To Talk To Someone About Depression

Sometimes it is super hard to know what to say when you are speaking to someone about a depression-like condition. You might also fear that in case you bring up your worries the person shall get angry, feel insulted, or ignore all of your concerns. You might also be quite well unsure of what questions to ask or how to be super supportive to them.

Do not expect a single conversation for being the end of it. Depressed people tend to withdraw from others and isolate themselves. You might also need to express your concern and willingness to listen over and over again. Be gentle, yet persistent.

Encouraging The Person To Attain Help

While you cannot just control someone else’s recovery from depression, you can simply start by encouraging the depressed person to seek proper help. Getting a depressed person into treatment can be super difficult. Depression shall sap energy and motivation, so even the act of making an appointment or finding a doctor might be daunting to the loved one. Depression might also involve negative ways of thinking. The depressed person might believe that the situation is just so hopeless and treatment is all so pointless.

Encourage the loved one for making a list of symptoms and ailments for discussion with the doctor. You can even bring up some of the things that one might have noticed as an outside observer, like, you might seem to feel much worse in the mornings, or You might usually get stomach pains before work.

Supporting Loved One’s Treatment

One of the most important things that are to be done, is to help a friend or relative with a condition of depression which gives unconditional love and support throughout the treatment process. This might also involve being compassionate and patient which might not be easy when dealing with the negativity, hostility, and moodiness shall go hand in hand with depression.

Provide whatever assistance the person might need (and is willing to accept). Help the loved one and make keeping appointments, research treatment options, and stay on schedule with any treatment that is prescribed to you.

  • Have Realistic Expectations. It might be quite frustrating while watch a depressed friend or family member struggle, especially in case it might progress is slow or stalled. Having patience is just important. Even with optimal treatment, recovery from depression might not happen overnight.
  • Lead By Example. Encourage the person for leading a healthier, mood-boosting lifestyle by doing it yourself: maintain a positive outlook, eat better, avoid consuming alcohol and drugs, exercise, and lean on others for support.
  • Encourage Activity. Invite the loved one to join while performing some of the uplifting activities, like going to a funny movie or having dinner at a favorite restaurant. Perform exercise and it is especially helpful, for trying to get the depressed loved one moving. Going on casual walks together is one of the easiest options.
  • Pitch In When Needed. Seemingly small tasks might be super hard for someone with depression for managing well. Offer to help out with household responsibilities or chores, but only do what one can do without getting burned out yourself!

Taking Care Of Yourself

There is a natural impulse that one might wish to fix as the issue of people might be cared about. But on the other hand, you cannot control someone else’s depression. You can, however, control how well you might take care of yourself. It is just as important for you to just stay healthy as it might be for the depressed person to get proper treatment, so one might make your well-being a priority to work on.

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