How To Help A Migraine

A migraine attack does not happen suddenly, it gives several indications before it finally begins. These indications are the triggers that progress and worsen with time and lead to migraine headaches. During a migraine attack, the person experiences intense headaches. The throbbing pain negatively impacts the person’s life by affecting their day-to-day activities.

To prevent migraines from happening, one needs to become aware of when certain triggers appear. These triggers are the warning signs that a migraine is about to happen. Identification of triggers is necessary to avoid migraines. Given below are some ways in which you can reverse a migraine quickly and effectively deal with it:

Take some rest.

If a migraine happens while you are doing some work, then stop doing it right away and take a rest. You can continue doing the activity once you manage the condition and overcome it. When you are in a public place, then find some quiet place to sit and relax. Resting is essential, otherwise, it may become intense because of rapid movements or continual activity.

Give yourself a massage.

Gently massage your forehead, temples, and neck area in a circular motion. Massaging will relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Focus on the areas that are causing throbbing pain. Application of pressure on these areas will alleviate the pain. You can also get to know about some acupressure points that can relieve the pain and bring relief.

Use medications.

You can make use of some over the counter (OTC) medicine, which will subside the pain. It is better to seek treatment in case you are experiencing severe symptoms of migraines. Your healthcare provider will prescribe some medications that can prevent the worsening of the headaches.

Drink some water.

Dehydration can be a potential reason for migraines. You must drink some water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. This will reduce the frequency of migraines. Carry a bottle of water with you. When you start experiencing the symptoms of a migraine, sip some water first.

Sip a cup of coffee or tea.

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is a component that can help with pain management. Caffeine has vasoconstrictive properties, which cause the blood vessels in the brain to become narrow and limit the flow of blood. This leads to the reduction of the pain.

Turn off the lights.

Keep your mobile phone aside for a while or if you are working on a computer, just shut it down until you recover from the migraine pain. The lights from the screen can exacerbate the throbbing pain even more.

Bright light can make the symptoms worse, so, dim the lights or it is even better to sit in a dark room for some time. Since a person with migraine develops high sensitivity to light. Therefore, avoiding sunlight or bright lights while you are experiencing triggers is necessary.

Use temperature therapy.

Cold and warm compresses are highly beneficial. You can use either of these. You just have to place the pack on your forehead and the back of your neck. This will produce a soothing and numbing effect and the pain will get reduced to a greater degree and eventually, it will disappear.

Stop chewing for some time.

Chewing can cause continuous movement of your jaw, which can make the headaches intense. You have to sit still without moving your jaw. Chewing gums must be avoided during such a situation, otherwise, the continuous and persistent movement of the jaw can make migraines more frequent.

Do some meditation.

Meditation involves mindful breathing exercises, which calm the mind and the body. As you focus on your breathing, your attention will automatically get shifted and you forget about the pain. Meditation relieves stress and alleviates pain. You just have to bring your awareness to your breathwork and breathe deeply. This will enhance relaxation and reverse migraine.

After trying every remedy that is listed above, if you are still unable to overcome the throbbing pain due to migraines, then it is better to see your healthcare provider. They will prescribe you some medications based on the severity of your condition. One can manage mild to moderate degrees of migraine with this technique, but in case of severe migraines, it is necessary to seek treatment in combination with these remedies.

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