How to Get Rid of Body Acne

Summer season might have sprung, bringing with it the same skin issues is common and might occur a lot. Body acne like condition is known to be one of the numerous ills that heat might bring along. Heat and perspiration clog pores which are present all over the body, but breakouts are known to be the most common when occurred on the chest, back, buttocks, where the skin might be rich in sebaceous and sweat glands.


Acne like condition is a multifaceted issue. Certain hormonal elements and androgens might be present in the body which might impact it well. It might also help in flourishing in parts of the body where oil production in the pores which are super high. Use the bathing tips that are mentioned below, as suggested to overcome body acne like condition and feel confident no matter what the season shall be.

Acne can be just so bothersome for most of the people throughout the year, but while summer it might be always having a tendency to worsen as enhanced exposure to UV rays and enhanced sweating might simply lead to some of the bad breakouts. It is well always best for one to change he skincare routine for preventing these episodes, after all summer months are just for beaches and holidays.

In case, you have been battling about the breakouts for a while now, you shall have some well noticed things that might further get worse during summer. But what one might need to understand is that acne does not get worse as the sun exposure might occur, most of the time, it is related to enhanced oil production, sweating and hence clogging of the pores which shall occur with the warmer temperatures.

  • Avoid Getting Hot Baths

Hot water is known to be almost inevitable in the summer, yet it is highly well damaging to all skin types. It might all scalds and peels the skin, which shall lead to overproduce oil and might be well irritated, which shall be about resulting in outbreaks. Since water might be hot in the summer owing to rising temperatures, heating some of the metal pipes, bucket baths with cold water are the only option one might have.

Filling a bucket with water in the morning and letting it all cool for a few hours before one might be bathing shall be about easy method to achieve this. Adding some of the cooled water or ice to the bath water as another option.

In Bath Water Add Some Neem Leaves

Neem is known to be an anti-microbial, which shall help in destroying a wide range of contaminants and germs. It shall help in making it about ideal for fighting illnesses like condition. To reap the advantages, boil crushed neem leaves, filter them well, place them into a container, and add them to the bath water bucket.

Once the water might have well cooled, take a bath with it to rinse off the soap and some use of shower gels. It shall help in treating some current breakouts and one can also prevent new ones while also relieving of the irritation. Remember not to eat it since neem might be well poisonous in some of the large doses.

  • After Showering, Use A Replenishing Non-Oily Moisturizer

Even in case the skin might be sweaty and greasy, one might still moisturize it well as it is requested. While it is well evident that smooth products might all not be well appropriate at this particular time, one might still need water-based hydration. The absence of moisture shall all lead to the skin for producing oil in excess that shall lead to some of the blocked pores that shall contribute to the body acne like condition. The trick might be about using a lotion or gel-based product which is designed for oily skin type.

  • Exfoliate Once A Week

Some of the dead skin cells come which might be about on the surface shall be well about creating a new space for the skin cells as part of the cell which shall be about the turnover process. Well, dead skin might not always shed on its own. They can further clog the pores and shall further cause acne in case you do not remove them.

Exfoliating like condition can help in the removal of dead skin cells, hence, they cannot simply block the pores and leads to acne like condition. It might also help in getting smoother skin. Do not exfoliate the skin more than once a week for best results.

  • Try A Body Massage with Besan and Sandalwood At Times

A besan and Chandan body pack is known to be both cleansing and well refreshing. While sandalwood is too aromatic for the delicate skin on the face, it is well quite excellent for the plump skin on the body once in a while since it is well so cooling and settling.

For making this, combine sandalwood paste, gram flour, and freshly brewed green tea might have been well allowed to cool off. Make sure you spread the mixture to the afflicted region and wait for it to dry. Then, in the shower simply wash it well.

  • Wear Some Loose and Breathable Fabrics

Wearing loose, non-irritating clothes which shall further allow the skin to breathe is just another way for keeping the body acne right at bay. Tight garments can further trap dirt, germs, and oils, causing blotches to appear. For example, wool, nylon, and spandex might simply irritate the skin even more, whereas some of the cotton apparel might be a superb option.


For further getting completely rid of body acne one must try incorporating these easy bathing tips. Additionally, one might remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and consuming proper healthy diet. Also, one must maintain the skin by avoiding squeezing and digging when blemishes appear, since this shall be about resulting in enhanced irritation, scarring, or infection. Consult a dermatologist if case you are having issues in controlling the body acne with the present skincare regimen.

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