How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

If you have all tackled a bout of a condition like acne and might have come out triumphant, it might all feel to you like a battle that has already been won. However, so many blemishes might leave their mark on the skin after a long breakout that has subsided. The pitted scars and patches of red pigmentation can linger for months – even can go on for years – but some tactics can all be employed to smooth your way back to bright, even when it comes to your skin tone.

What Are Acne Scars?

This is a generalized term, which is about acne scarring that can be used for referring to a multitude of different marks which has a breakout and might leave behind. Acne scars are known to come in various forms, which include rolling, boxcars, and ice-pick scars.

While some types of scarring can be treated with some methods, there is one subset that shall need a specialist treatment, which is known as an aesthetician and founder of West Room Aesthetics Dija Ayodele explains. Be wary that keloid scarring that might be about the darker skin which can be all prone to, which can also make your contraindication to treatment that might work based on inducing a mild trauma to the skin like chemical peels and micro-needling. When you have all gotten this type of scarring, it is just best to visit a doctor or dermatologist that can help by providing steroid shots or advising on removing it with the surgery.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Acne-like condition is known to be a common skin issue that affects approx. 80% of those who are between the ages of 11 and 30 at some point. It might be right on the face, chest, back, and shoulders. It might also seem like an irritation that shall never go away, but it might eventually do. When it shall all vanish, then you might further deal with those remaining scars which are bothersome.

The first line of defense is just so simple as to consult a dermatologist. It can be about asking you to first focus on getting the acne-like condition under complete control. The fewer breakouts one might have, the fewer scars one shall eventually get. The good news is that not all acne scars are permanent.

When the doctor might turn all the attention to the scars your acne might have notably left behind, which shall typically be explored as three main treatment options mentioned below:

Laser Treatments

Vascular-specific lasers are known for targeting the blood vessels which can all help to lighten flat or raised scars which are all pink or purple and it can help to flatten the raised scars. Doctors might usually use fractional or carbon dioxide ablative lasers which shall help in treating acne scars conditions.

Laser treatments are not just for acne. Doctors are known to use these lasers to treat other types of scarring as well. These other types of scars include those burns, skin cancer, and tattoo removal.

Chemical Peels

The dermatologist might just apply a chemical solution to the skin. This might lead to a blister and eventually, it can be peeled off, creating new, regenerated skin that is usually smoother than the old skin.

Peeling like things can usually lead to conditions like redness, and sometimes swelling and cold sores, for up to seven days. This shall all help in treatment which is also less expensive because you typically might need only one treatment session for the same.


This treatment option is also known as collagen induction therapy, which is micro needling that is used either as a fine-needle roller or pen device that shall help in creating tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. This shall further be about procedures that shall stimulate collagen production that shall further help in enhancing the fine lines and skin texture.

Redness-like conditions might occur afterward and it shall typically last for a couple of days. Most people might also need approx. four to six microneedling treatments for best outcomes.

The doctor might further use more than one type of treatment, which shall all depend on the needs of getting it done. For instance, they might also treat some sort of scars with a laser and others with micro needling-like treatment.

It is Never Too Late To Treat Those Scars

Although it is not possible for getting completely rid of acne scars quickly, it is never too late to treat them. Teenage patients might have to eventually wait until their early 20s before undergoing such treatment just to make sure there is a little risk of future acne flare-ups.

While there is just no real way for getting completely rid of acne scars naturally and at home. It is also about there are a few things one can do to reduce the risk of getting acne scars:

  • Quit smoking or do not start smoking like condition
  • Keep the hands off of your face. Resist the urge for further picking pick or squeeze your pimples
  • Treat the acne as soon as it is well possible for lowering the chance of scars

Scarring can occur at any age, no matter in case you are a teenager and your hormones are just changing or you are an adult. Sometimes when adults might lose weight or lose elasticity in their skin as they might age, scarring from years past becomes more evident.

Another treatment that might be well helpful before any of the lasers or peels is called subcision, which is a procedure that might involve releasing a scar that is well bound to the muscle or deeper tissues so that it can further move freely again. Both of these techniques might be well used with deeper scars for getting them to the surface to further enhance their response to the laser, chemical peel, or microneedling-like condition.

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