How To Cure Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a type of pulmonary infection, which occurs due to the invasion of bacteria, viruses, or fungi in the body. These infectious pathogens usually enter the body through the respiratory tract. They can live inside the nasal cavity and throat, later they can reach down to the lungs and affect their function. Pneumonia can cause breathing difficulties and give rise to flu-like symptoms. Untreated pneumonia can have life-threatening consequences. It requires treatment. The ways to cure pneumonia are given below:


Antibiotics are medications that weaken the pathogens that have led to pneumonia. After entering the body, the bacteria pass from the nostrils to the throat, to the windpipe, and finally to the lungs. These bacteria lodge in the large airways and small airways of the lungs and start growing and multiplying rapidly. To resist their multiplication and inhibit their growth, the immune system causes inflammation in the lungs.

Antibiotic medications support the immune system in fighting off the infection. The effects of these medications contribute to the weakening of these bacteria, which increases the efficiency of the immune system. Therefore, antibiotics are the first-line treatment for pneumonia

Talk to your healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider will conduct your physical examinations and ask you several general questions regarding your condition. For the identification of the kind of pathogen that has caused the infection, they will suggest you get some tests done. Once the test results are obtained, this will reveal the type of pathogen that has led to this infection. It can be due to bacteria, viruses, or some fungi. Once it is revealed, they will prescribe some medications.

If the infection is caused because of bacteria, then they will prescribe antibacterial drugs, in case of viral pneumonia, they will prescribe antiviral drugs, and in case of fungal pneumonia, antifungal drugs will be suggested.   

No smoking

The harmful effects of smoking exacerbate lung infection and make the bacteria more powerful over the immune system. Smoking contributes to the weakening of the immune system. The smoke of cigarettes reaches down to the lungs, and from there, it gets released into the bloodstream, which gives rise to many illnesses and health problems. Chronic smokers have a high likelihood to develop lung infections, as their lungs get exposed to toxic chemicals persistently.

Smoking must be completely avoided during pneumonia, as it strengthens the bacteria and make them worsen the infection even more. Giving it up will speed up the recovery time.

Boost your immunity

Your health depends on your immune system’s response in fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses. The higher your immunity the better will be your body’s defense mechanism. An excellent way to enhance your immunity is through food. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is necessary. You must include more leafy greens, citrus fruits, root vegetables, garlic, probiotics, nuts, seeds, etc. Eat foods that are good sources of antioxidants.

Apart from food, you can provide a boost to your immunity through regular physical activity, adequate rest, and a healthy weight. Lifestyle factors play a crucial role, as they impact your overall health and well-being.

Consume plenty of fluids

During pneumonia, the individual needs more hydration than usual. The condition can cause chills and fever. It is necessary to consume something warm such as warm water, warm tea, or soups such as chicken broth. Chicken broth soup can also be beneficial in boosting your immune system response. It strengthens the weak immune system.

The symptoms experienced during pneumonia lead to dehydration. The lost fluids can be relished with the intake of more fluids. As per the medical information on the Healthline website, fenugreek tea can be beneficial in providing relief from fever, ginger tea can soothe aches and pains, and turmeric tea can help in fighting off the infection efficiently.   

Take enough rest

Resting and sleep are essential during pneumonia. Sleep is a kind of restorative activity for your body. When you sleep, your mind becomes calm and most of your functions shut down, which is advantageous for the healing process happening inside your body. This can improve the immune system response, as its ability to kill the bacteria improves. All your energy is focused on killing off the infection. Therefore, adequate resting and sleeping are necessary for curing the condition.

Breathing exercises

Pneumonia primarily causes breathing problems. To ease these problems, one must perform some breathing exercises. While doing this, try to breathe deeply and cough forcefully. This will help in getting rid of the accumulated phlegm. Cough up to eliminate the mucus from the lungs.   

Use warm compress

A warm compress can be used for alleviating the fever. It helps bring down the high temperature which results due to fever. It provides relief from fever to a great extent. In addition, do not bathe in cold water. You must use warm water to bathe, otherwise, your fever might worsen.  

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