High Protein Fruits Men Can Have Regularly

Daily intake of protein is essential for your body’s optimal function and overall health. These are the building blocks of the body that are necessary to carry out various functions in your body. Although there are plenty of food sources that can get you the required amount of protein, you can sweetly obtain the protein, so to speak. Some fruits can provide you with small amounts of protein too. Let us have a look at them.      

Fruits That Are Rich In Protein

  • Oranges

Oranges can get you 9 grams of protein in a 100-gram serving. You may think that oranges are primarily known for their vitamin C content, but they can be an amazing source of proteins too. These are packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Daily intake of this fiber-rich fruit can be extremely beneficial for your health as it can reduce the risk of several chronic health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer.

  • Jackfruit

A cup serving of sliced jackfruit can provide you with 2.8 grams of protein. Besides, it is an excellent source of several other compounds like folic acid, vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. This massive fruit has myriad health benefits as it helps manage your blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, improves heart health, and combats inflammation. It is also helpful in reducing oxidative stress which lowers the risk of a chronic condition like type 2 diabetes.

  • Banana

A 100-gram serving of this fruit can obtain 1.1 grams of proteins, which is not that significant but still considerable. It is a go-to fruit that provides an instant boost of stamina. Banana is a rich source of potassium which is a compound that improves your blood circulation. It is also an abundant source of fiber that ensures your gut and colon health.  

  • Guava

This fruit s relatively high in protein as it provides up to 4 grams of protein in a cup serving. This delicious fruit is also packed with several other compounds like vitamins, fibers, and minerals like sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and others. All these compounds make guavas a powerhouse of nutrients. It must be a part of your everyday diet which will help you to keep illnesses and diseases at bay.

  • Avocado

You can get about 2 grams of proteins per 100 grams of an avocado. This fruit is an excellent source of nutrients such as vitamin C, E, and K, along with minerals like potassium and magnesium that offers many health benefits. This fiber-rich fruit is also loaded with high amounts of fat. Having this fruit regularly can improve your cardiovascular health, help maintain proper weight, ward off cancers, and reduce bad cholesterol.

  • Raspberries

A cup of these red-colored fruits may contain up to 1.5 grams of protein. This fruit is loaded with antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and protects your cells from damage. They are great for your heart health and several other chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and others. It can also support the process of DNA repair and prevents further damage.

  • Kiwi Fruit

This tiny-looking fruit is packed with nutritional benefits. A medium-sized kiwi offers up to 0.1 grams of proteins and apart from that it contains vitamin C and potassium which has many health benefits. These tiny fruits are advantageous for health as they are also packed with antioxidants that prevent the risk of diseases.

Last Word

Fruits are not amazing sources of proteins, but they do have substantial amounts of proteins along with several other compounds that are beneficial for your health and well-being. Incorporating these fruits into your regular diet will help you to fulfill your body’s daily protein requirements. Fruits can supplement your diet with proteins and essential nutrients in case your diet lacks it.    

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