Fight The Consequences Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is disruptive. It is not caused by itself, instead, it is a symptom of some other health issue which might be physical or psychological. It can adversely impact your sex life and rack off your sexual health. Its symptoms develop gradually over time and its consequences can have significant effects on men’s personal life. Some possible complications are given below along with tips on how to deal with those.  

Challenges Faced Due to Erectile Dysfunction  

Unsatisfactory Sex life  

Erectile dysfunction limits men from engaging in sexual activities. They may find it difficult to get an erection or sustain it despite complete arousal. It can build up their frustrations which can add up to their stress. Not being able to express their sexual desires leaves them unsatisfied with their sex life. When you feel distressed because of sexual dysfunction, there is a kind of inertia that operates around sexual intimacy.  

What You Can Do About It

You can try prescription ED medicines or other things such as constriction rings or penile pumps that can help you to get and sustain erections. It is equally important to prioritize your intimate time together. The longer you go without sharing it due to your sexual dysfunction, the easier it feels to just avoid having it. Along the way, you realize you cannot even remember the last time the two of you got intimate. The first thing you can do is to just tell your partner that intimacy needs prioritizing. Sexual arousal plummets when you are distracted or stressed.

Low Self Esteem

Not being able to perform well sexually can crush your confidence and badly impact your self-esteem. Usually, men with sexual difficulties feel intimidated due to their weakness and disability to indulge in sexual interaction. They may even beat themselves up for this reason.  

What You Can Do About It

You need to understand that erectile dysfunction is a common condition that can affect men at any age. The causes of erectile dysfunction due to physiological factors are quite common in older men that are above 50 years of age whereas younger men are more prone to it because of psychological factors. The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be overcome by treatment of underlying physiological or psychological factors.

Anxiety and Stress

Impotence can cause stress among individuals. Their inability to attain stronger erections the way they used to can lead to the piling up of stress which builds up to result in anxiety. Anxiety is persistent stress that is experienced regularly.

What You Can Do About It

Rather than worrying about your sexual difficulty, get some help. Ask the healthcare professional about the treatment methods. Even if you manage to get an erection you might not be able to sustain it due to performance anxiety. You can perform some deep breathing mindful exercises to relieve your anxiety and stress.

Relationship Challenges

Erectile dysfunction can destroy your sexual relationship with your partner. Lack of sexual intimacy might cause distance in relationships. Intimacy allows you to connect with your partner on a physical as well as an emotional level. But those struggling with sexual difficulties cannot experience sexual pleasure with their partner which can affect the bond.   

What You Can Do About It

As the sexual difficulty progresses the intimacy starts fading. Therefore, to keep your intimacy intact, you need to build your romance throughout the day and keep it alive. Send your partner a random text message or call them and encourage them that erectile dysfunction cannot weaken their relationship. Most importantly, prioritize your intimate time and put all your worries away to experience your precious time together.    

Inability to Give Birth to a Child

Impotence affects men’s ability to get their partners pregnant. Conception happens when the sperm meets the ovum. But here, the inability to attain erection even after sexual arousal impacts the ejaculatory function. The seminal fluids get ejected from the penile only after erection. But erectile dysfunction affects the ability to ejaculate which is why they cannot produce children.

Treatment Methods for Erectile Dysfunction   

Treatment of impotence issues has never been so easy. Fortunately, prescription ED medications have come to the aid of men with erectile dysfunction. The use of ED medicines allows sexually aroused men to attain desired outcomes with improved sexual intimacy for a prolonged duration. Besides, there is an availability of alternative methods of treating impotence using constriction rings, vacuum pumps, herbal supplements, stimulants like vitamins, and surgical implants. However, ED medications are preferable as they do not cause any injury to the penile. But they do have potential side effects, this is why it is necessary to talk to your doctor to prevent any side reactions or allergies. 

If you are confused about which treatment method you should opt for for your sexual dysfunction then consult a medical expert and discuss your concerns with them. You might feel nervous or shy about talking about your sexual problems. It is quite obvious but opening up about your concerns is the first step to getting help.

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