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Manufacturer: Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical

Megace is composed of active component Megestrol Acetate, which is a man-made form of the hormone progesterone. It is approved for the treatment of breast, and endometrial cancers. It is available on a conventional tablet form in dosages of 40 mg and 160 mg.

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Active Ingredient

The active component of this medicine is Megestrol Acetate. This component a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring female sex hormone called progesterone. It has potential anti-estrogenic and antineoplastic activity. It acts by binding to and activates nuclear progesterone receptors in the reproductive system. This medicine causes the ligand-receptor complex to be translocated to the nucleus where it attaches to and promotes the expression of target genes. It results in an alteration in protein synthesis that modulates cell growth of reproductive tissues.


This medication is indicated for the treatment of breast and endometrial cancers. Megace used as a supportive drug to treat severe loss of appetite, muscle wasting, and significant weight associated with cancer and/or AIDS.

Action Mechanism

It is a hormone therapy that works by stopping the formation of a certain hormone, blocking hormone receptors, or substituting similar agents for the active hormone. This cannot be used by the tumor cell.  Megestrol composed medication Megace interferes with the stimulation of cell growth in estrogen-dependent tumor cells.

This medication leads to an inhibition of ovulation and an alteration in the cervical mucus and endometrium. Without the stimulation of LH, estrogen released from the ovaries is hampered, therefore impedes the growth of estrogen-sensitive tumor cells.


This naturally occurring hormone medication is made available in dosages as mentioned as follows:

  • 40 mg: This tablet must be taken as exactly mentioned in the prescription by the doctor
  • 160 mg: It should be taken as advised by the doctor, do not go against it


This drug should not be used in pregnant women; it may inhibit the growth of the unborn baby.

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